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Google rebrands AdWords and DoubleClick under new ‘Google Ads’ platform

Google’s ad system is getting a major overhaul this week that will see its flagship AdWords and DoubleClick advertising products renamed under a new streamlined platform.


28/06/2018  |  Full story...

Google Digital Audio Ads go live: Spotify, TuneIn and Soundcloud open to DoubleClick network

Google has begun the global roll out of Digital Audio Ads on DoubleClick Bid Manager, letting advertisers send radio-style programmatic ads to Google Play Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn and soon Pandora.


01/06/2018  |  Full story...

Google takes display ads to London's billboards

Google is bringing DoubleClick to billboard ads for the first time, a move that could revolutionise outdoor advertising.

04/11/2015  |  Full story...

Google revamps ‘viewability reporting’ for video ad analytics

Google will start telling US advertisers and publishers to what extent their digital video ads are being seen, keeping with the Media Rating Concil's standard.

08/01/2015  |  Full story...

Google ad server outage: ‘Bannergate’ hits nearly 60,000 websites

In a stark reminder of how reliant modern business is on digital marketing, a Google DFP power outage on Wednesday night affected 55,185 sites and cost millions of pounds in lost revenues for publishers.

14/11/2014  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence October 2014

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence October 2014

Mobile strategies got a boost this month as Facebook's Hyper Local ads took geo-targeting to a new level.

New research shows Europeans value their personal data at £140, but if you're a trusted brand looking to get access the price could be lower. For 2015 strategies, smartwatches are about to make intelligent homes even smarter, and connected cars will create a wealth of new touchpoints.

- Facebook's 'auto-play' video strategy pays, as video uploads set to surpass YouTube
- Apple Pay: Goes live in the US
- Mobile video ad spend: Triples in the UK
- YouTube: new 'Preferred' format shakes up media planning
- Twitter: TV ratings now offered through dual-screening

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Google's 'biggest search competitor' is Amazon, says former boss

Google considers Amazon as its biggest search competitor, ahead of traditional rivals like Yahoo and Bing, as people looking to buy something are more likely to search on the online retailer’s website.

14/10/2014  |  Full story...

Yahoo, AOL and DoubleClick join Microsoft for ‘ad safety’ certificates

Google’s DoubleClick, Yahoo and AOL have joined Microsoft Advertising in being awarded seals confirming they meet industry-agreed standards to protect brands’ safety online. Twenty companies have now been issued seals in the UK.

14/10/2014  |  Full story...

Facebook ads will now follow users around the web

Facebook ads have started appearing on other sites based on each user’s behaviour, as the social network looks to rival Google with a new level of targeting for brands.

29/09/2014  |  Full story...

Facebook to launch DoubleClick rival next week?

Facebook will reportedly launch a new online ad service next week that will track users across the web, letting brands target them on the social network based on their internet habits.

24/09/2014  |  Full story...

Facebook planning DoubleClick rival: Can it rival Google in display ad revenue?

Facebook is reportedly readying a new ad strategy to challenge Google’s dominance of the display ad sector, as the social network continues to expand.

27/08/2014  |  Full story...

The rise of programmatic ads: Forget Mad Men- we now need ‘math men’

With a staggering 90% of the world's data created in the last two years alone, it’s little surprise that advertisers are turning to automated trading platforms to make sense of the flood of consumer data- but jargon and lack of knowledge still hampers industry growth. As one of the biggest players in the ‘big data’ revolution, Google held its first UK conference on programmatic ads last week to shed more light on the fast-growing industry. Robin Langford, Editor at Digital Intelligence, was there to report on their take on the future of ad trading.

17/07/2014  |  Full story...

Google to launch premium programmatic video exchange

Google will create a premium, programmatic Web video ad exchange to capitalize on shifting ad budgets and further entrench itself into the digital-video space.

11/06/2014  |  Full story...

Google and Yandex unite for real-time bidding ad scheme

Russia’s largest search engine, Yandex, has struck a real-time bidding (RTB) partnership with Google, granting its ad clients access to Google’s DoubleClick AdExchange.

28/02/2014  |  Full story...

Google partners comScore to measure ad effectiveness across platforms

Google has partnered with comScore to offer advertisers real-time data to measure how effective campaigns are across all types of computer screens and mobile devices.

19/02/2014  |  Full story...

Google to charge advertisers "only for ads that are seen"

Google has revamped its display ads so that advertisers pay only for adverts that are actually seen online.

13/12/2013  |  Full story...

Facebook Ad Exchange to include Google’s DoubleClick ads for first time

In a major U-turn, Facebook is finally allowing Google to run is Doubleclick display ads on its ad exchange.

21/10/2013  |  Full story...

Google runs skippable video ads in games: Gameloft, Activision and Miniclip sign up

Google is letting games developers use its DoubleClick Ad Exchange, allowing them to bid for TrueView's "skippable" pre-, mid- and post-roll video ads.

22/08/2013  |  Full story...

Google debuts DoubleClick tool for publishing rich media ads

Google has launched DoubleClick Studio Layouts, a new production tool for building and publishing rich media and HTML5 ads.

15/08/2013  |  Full story...

Video ads on news sites ‘tripled last year’ (DoubleClick infographic)

News publishers are running three times more video ads this year than last, with huge rises in investment coming from the automotive, sports and shopping sectors, according to new data from Google’s DoubleClick ad network.

12/06/2013  |  Full story...

Google tests DIY real time bidding platform ‘Open Bidder’

Google is testing a new tool that helps companies build their own customisable real-time bidding platforms using its cloud and DoubleClick services.

24/05/2013  |  Full story...

Atlas acquisition: Is Facebook planning a ‘DoubleClick for social media’?

After its rocky IPO last year, Facebook has started to see success with its mobile and web ad revenues- and Atlas could help it develop an ad network for social media to rival Google’s DoubleClick.

18/03/2013  |  Full story...

Channel 4 ‘data baby’ to expose modern ad tracking techniques

Channel 4 has launched ‘Data Baby’, a new experiment that will monitor how an individual web user’s habits are tracked and used by online advertisers. The experiment will look at how technology such as Google’s DoubleClick has become more sophisticated, moving from traditional cookie tracking to location, frequency and device monitoring techniques.

Watch a Channel 4 video explaining the project below:

07/03/2013  |  Full story...

Facebook to ramp up display ads with Atlas buy

Facebook is reportedly planning to buy advertising platform Atlas from Microsoft, as the social network looks to overtake Google in the display ad sector.

21/02/2013  |  Full story...

Which countries generate the most ad impressions: Global

2011 saw American publishers account for the highest percentage of online impressions. However, the chart shows that throughout 2011, the Asia-Pacific publishers in China and Japan progressed sigificantly ahead of their Northern European counterparts.

Which countries generate the most ad impressions: Global. 2011 saw American publishers account for the highest percentage of online impressions. However, the chart shows that throughout 2011, the Asia-Pacific publishers in China and Japan progressed sigificantly ahead of their Northern European counterparts.

(Click on the headline to view a larger image)

01/06/2012  |  Full story...

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