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Facebook lets users upload all photos to Google

Facebook has launched a new tool that lest users bulk-export all their photos and videos to another service or social network in just a couple of clicks, starting with Google Photos.


03/12/2019  |  Full story...

Facebook losing users in Germany and France faster than anticipated

Facebook users in France and Germany are leaving the platform even faster than expected, according to new research.


27/11/2019  |  Full story...

The Sun opens Facebook page to advertisers with new video format

News UK has launched ‘The Sun Social Studio’ a new Facebook video ad format, with The Perfume Shop as its first client.


27/11/2019  |  Full story...

Instagram takes on TikTok with Reels

Instagram has launched a new short 15-second video tool, as the social media app looks to emulate the growing popularity of China's TikTok.


13/11/2019  |  Full story...

Facebook fights off criticism to beat profit expectations

Facebook saw its stock rise by more than three per cent after beating expectations in the third quarter as it continues to fight its constant criticism from governments and the public.


01/11/2019  |  Full story...

Facebook agrees to pay £500k fine over political data scandal

Facebook has agreed to pay a £500,000 fine imposed by the UK's data protection watchdog for its role in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.


30/10/2019  |  Full story...

Facebook partners publishers for separate ‘News’ tab

Facebook plans to roll out its News tab across US markets as it looks to retain users on its ever-growing platform.


28/10/2019  |  Full story...

Zuckerberg vs Congress: Facebook CEO grilled on fake news and Libra currency

US lawmakers have criticised Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg about the firm's policy not to fact check political ads in the upcoming 2020 US election.


25/10/2019  |  Full story...

UK consumers 'more likely to ditch Facebook services than Huawei products'

Nearly a third of Brits (32%) are considering ditching Facebook over privacy concerns, compared to just 11% have similar issues with Huawei, according to new research.


18/10/2019  |  Full story...

More payments giants quit Facebook's Libra digital currency project

Mastercard, Visa, eBay and payments firm Stripe have pulled out of Facebook’s embattled cryptocurrency project, Libra, following a similar move from PayPal last week.


14/10/2019  |  Full story...

PayPal drop out of Facebook cryptocurrency plan Libra

PayPal has pulled out of Libra, the Facebook-led effort to build a global digital currency, while other members are also considering leaving the scheme, according to reports.


08/10/2019  |  Full story...

Social media giants can now be ordered to remove posts worldwide

Facebook and similar apps and websites can be ordered to take down illegal posts worldwide after a landmark ruling from the EU's highest court.


07/10/2019  |  Full story...

Zuckerberg fears Warren presidency an ‘existential’ threat to Facebook- report

A leaked audio recording of Mark Zuckerberg reveals that the Facebook founder and CEO fears US presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren is an “existential” threat to his company.


02/10/2019  |  Full story...

Ready Player One? Facebook outlines social VR future with 'Horizon'

Facebook has revealed its plans for a social media universe exclusively for Oculus headsets, in what it hopes will be the next generation for its platform.


26/09/2019  |  Full story...

Facebook buys 'mind reading' wristband company

Facebook has bought a start-up making devices that can pick up electrical signals from the brain and transmit them to a computer.


26/09/2019  |  Full story...

Google overtakes Facebook for user app installs (while TikTok rises)

For the first time Google has surpassed Facebook in the total number of attributed installs, meaning Google Ads has powered more app installs over the 6 month period than Facebook Ads, according to new research.


26/09/2019  |  Full story...

Facebook to launch oversight board to judge controversial content

Facebook has revealed a board of 40 people who will come up with the rules to govern controversial content on the social network, with powers to overrule even CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg himself.


18/09/2019  |  Full story...

Facebook and Instagram awarded JICWEBS Brand Safety Certification

Digital ad standards industry body JICWEBS has awarded Facebook, Facebook Audience Network and Instagram the DTSG Brand Safety Certification following an independent audit of their advertising processes against JICWEBS’ DTSG Good Practice Principles.


17/09/2019  |  Full story...

Snap, Facebook and MTV run workshops to inspire young digital pioneers

Snap, Facebook, MTV Breaks and more digital brands are coming together to support this year’s Digital Disruptors programme, aimed at inspiring the younger generation in the digital industry.


10/09/2019  |  Full story...

Facebook halts facial recognition by default to tag photos

Facebook will stop using facial recognition technology to automatically tag people in photos unless the user has opted in.


04/09/2019  |  Full story...

Facebook lets users see and control ‘off-site’ ad tracking with new privacy tool

Facebook has launched a new privacy tool "Off-Facebook Activity" in a bid to win back the trust of its users after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal last year.

Facebook lets users see and control ‘off-site’ ad tracking with new privacy tool

21/08/2019  |  Full story...

Facebook losing younger users in Germany and France

eMarketer has downgraded Facebook user growth in both France and Germany, due to declines among younger age groups as they shift their usage to other platforms.


20/08/2019  |  Full story...

Facebook paid workers to transcribe Messenger conversations

Facebook has been paying hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe voice chats carried out using the company's Messenger app, according to a news report.

Facebook paid workers to transcribe Messenger conversations

15/08/2019  |  Full story...

Instagram bans ad partner for 'secretly tracking user data and locations' - report

Instagram has banned marketing company Hyp3r as an ad partner after allegedly scraping public data about users' locations which would normally have been deleted within 24 hours, according to a news report.


12/08/2019  |  Full story...

Facebook influences buying decisions ‘7 times more than other social platforms combined’

Consumers’ interactions with brands on social media influence their buying decisions  —  67% of consumers have made a purchase after seeing an advertisement on social media. However, a new survey finds that not all platforms hold the same weight in people’s buying decisions.

Facebook influences buying decisions ‘7 times more than other social platforms combined’

09/08/2019  |  Full story...

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