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Domino's teams with Ford for self-driving pizza delivery cars

Domino's is trialling self-driving delivery cars in the US, following a partnership with Ford.


30/08/2017  |  Full story...

Ford poster ads target people based on mobile data

Ford is the first brand to take advantage of a combined offering between Primesight and RadiumOne that integrates out-of-home and mobile advertising so that advertisers can target people based on both their location and their content sharing behaviour.


01/08/2017  |  Full story...

Ford invests $1bn in self-driving AI start-up

Ford is investing $1bn (£800m) over the next five years in artificial intelligence (AI) company Argo, as the car giant looks to expand into self driving cars.


15/02/2017  |  Full story...

Google woos auto-makers to help self-driving car project

Google is urging car manufacturers to get on board its self-driving car project as it looks to expand beyond road tests.

15/01/2016  |  Full story...

Ford adds Spotfiy to car radios

Ford has struck a deal with Spotify that will see the car maker bring streaming music to its dashboard radios.

Watch this demo video from Ford here:

28/02/2013  |  Full story...

Windows 8- how are brands using in-app advertising?

Following the launch of Windows 8 Ads-in-Apps (AiA) Microsoft has unveiled the latest campaigns to make use of its new cross-platform ad formats.

15/02/2013  |  Full story...

Top ad execs blast Microsoft for 'Do Not Track' defaults in IE 10

In an open letter, an influential US-based lobbying group for the advertising industry has criticised Microsoft's decision to enable Do Not Track as the default setting in Internet Explorer 10. The Association of National Advertisers wrote a letter to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, saying the "do not track" default setting would "undercut the effectiveness of our members’ advertising..." and ultimately "harm consumers, hurt competition, and undermine American innovation and leadership in the Internet economy."

04/10/2012  |  Full story...

General Motors to return to Facebook paid marketing?

General Motors is discussing the prospect of restarting paid Facebook advertising, following its controversial pull out from the social network's ad schemes two months ago, according to a news report. The move comes after the car maker’s high-profile abandonment of the social network’s paid marketing in May, which came as a blow to Facebook just ahead of its $100bn IPO fiasco. The automaker maintained its free brand pages on the site but said its $10 million Facebook ad budget wasn't delivering an adequate financial return.

06/07/2012  |  Full story...

General Motors pulls 'ineffective' Facebook ads

In a shock move ahead of Facebook's IPO this week, General Motors is reportedly pulling all of its $10m- worth of ads from the social network saying that paid ads are 'ineffective' on the platform. The report, from The Wall Street Journal, cites people familiar with the matter Facebook, saying the car giant still intends to do marketing through Facebook but that's not going to put any money in Facebook's pocketbook.

17/05/2012  |  Full story...

Fords runs reality TV series on Yahoo to promote Green Car

Ford is launching an online reality TV show in partnership with Yahoo in the US. The car maker will promote its Focus Electric model during an online reality program called “Plugged In.” The online program will begin in May, when Ford’s Focus Electric model will be available in some U.S. markets. It will be broadcast exclusively on Yahoo! Screen.

12/04/2012  |  Full story...

Ford hires comedy talent for social media puppet campaign ‘Doug’

Car giant Ford has embarked on a new social media campaign, featuring a puppet named Doug and some of the talent behind major US comedy shows, including The Simpsons, The Office: An American Workplace and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Doug, is a ‘spokespuppet’ with an obnoxious attitude that often lands the Ford Execs that hired him in trouble. The character was created to be a provocateur, to attract people's attention that might not know about the All-New 2012 Focus, or who would never have considered it.


05/04/2011  |  Full story...

Ford launches car shopping site

Car maker Ford has launched, a new car buying website that lets shoppers buy cars over the web, via email or telephone transactions. The site is run by Ford retail, and was set up as a response to growing demand for wanting to buy a car without going to a dealership. said it has found that a large proportion of internet shoppers, nearly 40% (37%) in fact, are prepared to purchase vehicles without a test drive. This allows to grow fast as it removes one of the final barriers to online selling of vehicles, the company claims.


22/06/2010  |  Full story...

Ford launches first ‘Twitter car’ with web apps

Ford has unveiled new technology that could allow drivers to use Twitter, stream online radio and search the web from behind the wheel.The technology, Called MyFord Touch, the system is powered by Ford's SYNC technology and has been designed with Microsoft. It was revealed last week by Ford's chief executive Alan Mulally at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Mulally said: 'We are bringing the internet to the car. All the applications you can get on mobile phones, we'll bring in the car. It will all be absolutely hands-free and voice activated – keeping the driver focused on the road'. Some of the applications promised by Mulally include Wi-Fi connectivity for up to five users in the car, text messages or tweets read aloud to drivers, and the ability to stream internet radio.


11/01/2010  |  Full story...

Major brands join forces for UK's biggest in-game advertising trial

Ford, Nike, Unilever and Samsung are all taking part in the UK's biggest ever in-game advertising trial, writes The three-month trial will include games for the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox 360 Live and PC platforms. Ford is promoting its new Fiesta ST model with ads in racing games Need for Speed Carbon, TOCA3 and Trackmedia Sunrise. Ads for Nike, Samsung and Unilever's Sure for Men will be featured in a selection of shoot-'em-up games. Media agency MindShare Interaction brokered the deals in conjunction with Microsoft-owned in-game specialist Massive. Research firm TNS will measure page impressions during the trial - here defined as the duration a player sees an ad.
According to figures from Microsoft the in-game ad market was worth $56m (£28.4m) in 2005 and is set to reach $1.8bn (£912.1m) by 2010. A further forecast from eMarketer echoes Microsoft's view. eMarketer estimate that the global combined video game ad market will increase at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 23% over the next five years, reaching almost $2bn (£1.01bn) by 2011.
From, 05/04/2007


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