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Twitter users hit half a billion: Top 20 countries revealed

Twitter has reached the half billion accounts mark in June 2012, including more than 140 million in the US alone, according to new research. The study, from Semiocast, indicates that user-base growth is slowing in Japan and Korea, yet Japan remains one of the most active countries. In June 2012, the top three cities by number of tweets were Jakarta, Tokyo and London.

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Olympic opening ceremony breaks iPlayer records

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games has set the record for the most number of views in a single day on the BBC’s iPlayer catch-up platform. Originally aired on Friday night, the Danny Boyle-directed ceremony was requested on the iPlayer 925,000 times on Saturday, the BBC said. Over the course of the weekend, it was requested a total of 1.7 million times.

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Global ecommerce trends- How online shopping varies around the world

Brits, Americans and Germans beat Monday blues with e-tail therapy; Brazilians most likely to shop online at work, while the French soothe stresses of childcare with some internet shopping, according to new research looking into online shopping trends around the world. Online retailer Rakuten used data mined from traffic and sales through its global online marketplaces (including in the UK), to look at how local differences shape the online shopping habits of consumers across the globe.

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Facebook: 955m active users but shares still fall

Facebook has announced Q2 revenues of $1.18bn (£750m), a 32% year-on-year increase from $895m (£570m) a year ago. Despite this, payments to staff share schemes following its IPO meant that the firm posted a total loss of $157m (£100m). If taken into account, adjusted figures would have shown earnings of $295m (£188m).

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Ad spend growth 2011-2012: Global

This chart depicts the yearly growth of media in terms of advertising spend. Global internet ad spend outpaced other media formats between Q1 2011 and Q1 2012 with over 12% growth.

Digital Intelligence - Ad spend growth 2011-2012: Global

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Global ad spend 2012- Internet outpaces other media with 12% growth

Global internet ad spend growth has outpaced all other media by a large margin this year, while magazines have seen the only fall, according to new research. The findings, from Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report, indicate that TV continues to attract the majority of advertising dollars. However, Internet advertising saw the biggest increases, with advertisers spending 12.1 percent more in Q1 2012 than one year prior.

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Cannes Cyber Lions winners revealed- Judges award brands for actions, not words

Sportswear brand Nike and a Swedish tourism campaign have scooped the top digital prizes at the 59th Annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the largest and most coveted awards in the industry’s calendar. A key theme that the judges found this year was a shift from storytelling to behaviour, with the most successful campaigns showcasing what a brand can do, rather than via ‘stunts’ or clever messages that create buzz but have little substance or relation to the brand.

Watch the Nike+ FuelBand team talk about the inspiration behind the campaign here:

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Digital Intelligence special report: Facebook

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence - Special report: Facebook

Facebook has revolutionised social media, changed the way marketers communicate and blended paid, owned and earn media into one platform.

Successful social conversation strategies demand the right consumer insights and effective reading of the social landscape.

To keep you on top of how Facebook is changing, this special report lists key developments, research and case studies from the last year - full stories and data on click-through.

Read the Digital Intelligence Facebook special report

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Digital ‘to account for 35% of UK ad spend this year’ as TV revenue growth forecast halved

UK internet advertising spend is forecast to grow 10.3% this year, accounting for more than a third of all UK ad spend, according to a new report. Media buying network ZenithOptimedia raised its full-year forecast for internet growth from 9.3% to 10.3%, marking a rise of £200m. UK internet advertising spend reached £4.78bn in 2011 to account for 28% of total advertising spend in the UK, according to figures compiled by the Internet Advertising Bureau.

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WPP snaps up digital agency AKQA

Advertising giant WPP has bought independent digital agency AKQA for an undisclosed sum. Founded in 2001, AKQA provides digital communications campaigns, spanning social media, mobile, interactive experiences, gaming and content creation. Clients include Delta, Diageo, EDF, GAP, Google, Microsoft Xbox, Nike, Target, Unilever and Virgin Money and many others.

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Global Facebook audience growth over past 5 years- Latin America leads the way

Facebook’s reach amongst the total internet audience has continued to increase over the past five years across all regions, according to research from comScore. Globally, Facebook reached 12 percent of the internet audience in December 2007 and as of December 2011 the social network reached over half of the internet audience, 55 percent (43 percentage point rise).

19/06/2012  |  Full story...

Facebook’s growth rate ‘slowing down’

Social networking giant Facebook’s growth appears to be slowing down, especially in the United States, according to a report. A report, from ComScore, said that US visitors to the social media site rose five cent in April to 158 million. That’s the slowest growth rate since comScore started tracking data in 2008.

18/06/2012  |  Full story...

Top brands battle for new domain names - Amazon and Google fight over ‘.cloud’ and ‘.music’

The full list of submissions for new internet address endings, allowing firms to create their own '.brand' on the web, has been published. Requests to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the global organisation co-ordinating the expansion, include .porn, .ninja, and .ferrari.

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Mobile adspend reaches $5.3bn in 2011- Asia Pacific leads the way

About $5.3 billion was spent on mobile advertising in 2011, according to the first industry-sponsored measure of the lucrative market. The survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau with its IAB Europe affiliate and the research firm IHS found the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 35.9% of global revenues.

08/06/2012  |  Full story...

The state of the web in 2012 (slideshow)

As digital technology becomes ever-more entrenched in modern life, just how deeply has it impacted traditional media, and what are the next trends? This slide presentation from Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker takes a global view on the web’s impact on society.

View the slide presentation in full below:

KPCB Internet Trends 2012

08/06/2012  |  Full story...

Which countries generate the most ad impressions: Global

2011 saw American publishers account for the highest percentage of online impressions. However, the chart shows that throughout 2011, the Asia-Pacific publishers in China and Japan progressed sigificantly ahead of their Northern European counterparts.

Which countries generate the most ad impressions: Global. 2011 saw American publishers account for the highest percentage of online impressions. However, the chart shows that throughout 2011, the Asia-Pacific publishers in China and Japan progressed sigificantly ahead of their Northern European counterparts.

(Click on the headline to view a larger image)

01/06/2012  |  Full story...

Which online ad sizes are growing in popularity: Global

Mobile optimised ad sizes experience record growth (119%) among publishers, while traditional ad sizes fall out of favour.

Which online ad sizes are growing in popularity: Global. Mobile optimised ad sizes experience record growth (119%) among publishers, while raditional ad sizes fall out of favour.

(Click on the headline to view a larger image below.)

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Top countries by display ad impressions- US, China and Japan top list

The US accounts for nearly a quarter of all display ad impressions in the world, followed by China and Japan, according to new data revealed by Google. The research, from Google’s display ad properties, including DoubleClick for publishers, the DoubleClick ad exchange and the Google adsense network.

30/05/2012  |  Full story...

Infographic- Top 100 most valuable global brands

Apple is the most valuable brand in terms of dollar value, while Facebook is the fastest growing brand, making it to No. 19. This infographic looks at the key stats behind the biggest brands in the world.

29/05/2012  |  Full story...

Top 10 global brands: Facebook fastest riser after record IPO

Apple is remains the most valuable brand in terms of dollar value, while Facebook is the fastest growing brand, making it to No. 19. The world’s biggest brands have continued to grow in value during the current economic uncertainty, according to WPP company Millward Brown’s annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study.

23/05/2012  |  Full story...

Chrome 'overtakes Internet Explorer as world's top browser'

Google's Chrome browser has surpassed longtime frontrunner Internet Explorer as the most popular browser in the world, accoding to new data. The results have been contested by Microsoft, which claims the findings are based on flawed data.

23/05/2012  |  Full story...

Top 12 countries in terms of Facebook reach

More than two out of three Americans that were active online visited Facebook during March 2012, equalling roughly 152 million unique US visitors, according to new research. The findings, from Nielsen, found that internet audiences in Brazil, New Zealand and Italy were even more engaged than in the US, underscoring Facebook’s transcendence of borders around the world – and on the world wide web.

21/05/2012  |  Full story...

Top global brands on Facebook- Fan engagement highest in emerging markets (infographic)

Just days before the most anticipated initial public offering in history, new data looks at how powerful the 901 million-member Facebook platform is for big brands looking to expand their global footprint and penetrate emerging markets. The study, from social media analytics provider Socialbakers, found that Kraft had the fastest growing brands globally, with three products (Halls, Trident and Chiclets) in the top 5 movers.

16/05/2012  |  Full story...

Social search overtakes traditional directories for new customer acquisition

In the digitally advanced markets, social is moving ahead of directories as the main way small businesses get new customers. Latest research in the UK shows the scale of the channel shift, with more than a third of small firms are using Facebook for marketing (vs 27% using local directories). Twitter is also playing a growing role, with around a sixth of firms claiming they actively use it to recruit customers. The newness of social channels for small firms is under-researched in most countries, but findings from the UK could be indicative for other digitally advanced markets.

16/05/2012  |  Full story...

Top 5 smartphone makers in the world: Samsung leads the way

Samsung leads the way as the top smartphone seller in the world, followed by Apple, according to new research. The data, from research firm IDC, indicates that Samsung sold 42.2 million smartphones worldwide during the first quarter of 2012, earning it a 29.1% market share. Apple sold 35.1 million iPhones, helping it to secure a 24.2% market share.

04/05/2012  |  Full story...

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