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Global internet behaviour trends October - November 2008

% change October 2008 to November 2008

Digital Strategy data- Global internet behaviour trends October - November 2008. % change October 2008 to November 2008

Source: Nielsen Online, 2009
Nielsen Online:


Internet racks up 1 billion users worldwide

The world's internet population passed the 1bn user mark in December 2008, according to new data from comScore World Metrix, reports eMarketer. comScore's figure discounts users under the age of 15 and those who go online through internet cafes, mobile phones or PDAs.
In contrast, eMarketer's own estimate does not discount by age or location and puts the world's online audience at 1.172bn. eMarketer's figures also predict that India will eventually overtake Germany, Japan and the US to become the world's second biggest internet country after China.
eMarketer:, 17/02/2009


Worldwide Active Internet Home Users, October 2008

Worldwide active home users

Digital Strategy data -Worldwide Active Internet Home Users, October 2008. Worldwide active home users

Source: Nielsen/NetRatings
Nielsen Online:


1 billion users go online in December

New data from comScore shows that the global web audience surpassed 1bn visitors during December 2008. Asia-Pacific represented 41% of web users, followed by Europe (28%), North America (18%), Latin America (7%), and the Middle East and Africa (5%).
China came top of the national league with 18% of the global internet audience, followed by the US (16.2%0, Japan (6%), Germany (3.7% and the UK (3.6%).
Google sites reached over three quarters of all internet users during the month, receiving 777.9m visits. Microsoft (647.9m visitors) and Yahoo! sites (562.6m) were second and third respectively.
comScore's figures only include web users aged 15 and above and do not include traffic from public computers or mobile devices.
comScore press release:, 23/01/2009


Global mobile markets 2009: Reasons to be cheerful

2009 has been billed as a year of doom and gloom, but there are opportunities available for investors, operators and vendors in the global mobile industry, according to a new report. Released this week, the Informa Telecoms & Media Global Mobile Market Outlook report forecasts that emerging markets hold the best potential from growth for the mobile sector in 2009. "Like any sector, those companies that can most clearly and effectively differentiate their services from those of their competitors, and build their brand, will win out by retaining existing custom(at a time when an increasing number of consumers will review their spending plans) and by winning new business. The global mobile industry will be no different - indeed, understanding and managing customer needs will be the key to ensuring customer loyalty, which will prove to be a priceless commodity in 2009" explains Principal Analyst, Nicholas Jotischky.

16/01/2009  |  Full story...

Annual mobile revenues on course for $1tr by 2012

The global mobile phone market will generate annual revenues of $1tr by 2012, as global subscriptions grow beyond 5.3bn, reports Informa Telecoms & Media. Revenues will grow 33.9% from 2007's figure of $769bn. From the end of 2007 to the end of 2013 global mobile subscriptions will grow 56% (from 3bn). Subscriptions should overtake 5bn by 2011.
78% of all growth will come from the Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America regions. More specifically 47% of the 1.9bn net additions will come from just five markets: India, China, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia.
Worldwide, average penetration rates will reach 75% mark in 2013, with some countries pushing beyond 150%: Romania (152%), Russia (153%), Italy (168%), Ukraine (173%) and Greece (183%).
Informa Telecoms & Media:, 05/01/2009


Digital Intelligence December 2008

Digital Intelligence December 2008

We hope you have enjoyed this year's editions of Digital Intelligence and in this final monthly review we show you how despite tough times on the high street online retail continues to break new records. In China online adspend continues to show extremely strong growth - no real surprise considering the majority of under-25s now spend half their time online. Further news from the broadcasting sector also continues to emphasise how the worlds of television, radio and online continue to converge and blur.

Best wishes for the holiday season from all of us here at Digital.
Read December 2008


Mobile revenues on course for $1bn by 2013

The latest forecast from Informa Telecoms & Media predicts that annual revenues for the global mobile market will surpass $1.03tn by 2013, with total worldwide subscriptions passing 5.3bn, writes The firm estimates that the world's mobile market will increase by 56% between the end of 2007 and the end of 2013. While it took over 20 years for the world to reach 3bn mobile subscriptions, a further 1.9bn additional subscriptions are expected in only six years, with the 5bn point being crossed in 2011. According to Informa 78% of global net additions between 2007 and 2013 will come from Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America. Over half of these will come from only five markets: India, China, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia. By 2013 global subscription penetration will have reached 75%.
From, 15/12/2008
Informa Telecoms & Media:


Google reveals top searches of 2008

Google has published a list of this year's top internet searches, writes Netimperative. The global top ten list includes two non-English language social networking sites: Spanish-aimed Tuenti and Polish-speaking Nasza Klasa. In the UK the success of the BBC's iPlayer service has seen the word come top of the fastest-rising terms list. The most popular search results in the UK are "Facebook", "BBC" and "YouTube".
From Netimperative:, 11/12/2008
Google UK:


UK tops US and France for digital TV

The third International Communications Market Report from Ofcom has found that the UK has the highest penetration of digital TV services of all the larger countries surveyed, with 86% of British households now using digital services on their main TV sets (up 9% on last year), writes Brand Republic. The US and France follow with 70% and 66% respectively. The study has also revealed that ad revenues are no longer the main source of commercial TV funding as a result of the growing use of pay-TV services and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). Global TV advertising generated 49% of revenues (£81bn) - a decrease of 50% on 2007. However, subscription revenues rose 2% to 43% to reach £71bn.
The UK also leads Europe in the number of High-definition (HD) enabled households, with 700,000 (6%) - higher than the combined figure for France, Germany and Italy (500,000). The US has the highest number of households with HD subscriptions at 6m (6.2%) though Canada leads on penetration at 17.6% (with 2m households). British consumers also come first for DVR use, with 30% using the devices compared to 21% in both Italy and Canada, and 20% in the US.
According to the report the UK benefits from competitive pricing bundles with a typical triple-play package (with landline, four mobile phones, pay-TV and broadband access) costing £104/month compared to £114 in Italy and £131 in France.
From Brand Republic:, 20/11/2008


Mobile phone market worth $200bn by 2012

Revenues from mobile phone sales are expected to grow at 6.8% between 2007 and 2013, and should exceed $200bn by the end of 2013, according to Informa Telecoms & Media in its latest Future Mobile Handsets report. Emerging markets, including Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) and Africa, will make up the majority global handset market value, with 60% share in 2013. Growth disparities between developed and emerging markets will become apparent within the next five years. Growth will not exceed 2% CAGR in developed markets according to the report, handset market value growth rates are slowing significantly in developed markets and, if the current economic slowdown persists, could even turn negative after 2009.

10/11/2008  |  Full story...

China now the world's leading broadband nation

New research from Point Topic shows that China overtook the US in high-speed and broadband lines in August, writes ClickZ. China is also adding new broadband subscribers at twice the rate of the US. In the US, the number of new broadband lines fell from 3.4m in Q4 2007 to 1.1m in Q2 2008. During the same period the number of new lines added in China rose from 3.5m in Q4 2007 to 5.0m in Q2 this year.
From ClickZ:, 14/10/2008
Point Topic:


Saturation of broadband subscribers per region

Digital Strategy data - Saturation of broadband subscribers per region

Source: Point Topic
Point Topic:


User generated content to generate mobile revenues of $7bn

New research from Juniper Research has predicts that total revenues from mobile user generated content (UGC) will reach over $7.3bn (£4.1bn) in 2013 from $1.1bn (£617.5m) in 2008, writes Social networking will become the leading mobile UGC revenue generator (ahead of dating and personal content delivery) as the number of active mobile users of social networking sites grows to nearly 730m in 2012 (from 54m in 2008). Advertising will represent nearly one third of all UGC revenues and over 50% of all mobile social networking revenues.
From, 16/09/2008
Juniper Research:


Stats from August 2008

Here are the latest stats and figures from the past month.

Monthly internet usage statistics for France, March 2008

Digital Strategy data - Monthly internet usage statistics for France, March 2008

Source: Nielsen/NetRatings Home/Work Panel monthly statistics
Nielsen Online:

Monthly top ten French parent companies for March 2008

Digital Strategy data - Monthly top ten French parent companies for March 2008

Source: Nielsen/NetRatings Home/Work Panel monthly statistics
Nielsen Online:

Top 10 popular websites in the UK, July 2008

Digital Strategy data - Top 10 popular websites in the UK, July 2008

Note: This list features the most popular websites based on UK Internet usage for July 2008, ranked by market share of visits across all Hitwise industries.

Source: Hitwise Datacentre, July 2008, based on market share of visits

Active Home Internet Users by Country, June 2008

Digital Strategy data - Active Home Internet Users by Country, June 2008

Source: Nielsen/NetRatings
Nielsen Online:


Global mobile phone sales up 12% in Q2 2008

Worldwide mobile phone sales grew 11.8% during Q2 to reach 305m units according to new figures from Gartner. Sales of mobile phones in Western Europe reached close to 42m units during the quarter, up 16% from the previous quarter. However, quarterly year-on-year sales were down 8.2% as the region reached total mobile penetration rates of 121.5% for the first six months of the year.
North American sales grew to 44.1m units, up 6.58% year-on-year and 5.3% over the previous quarter.
Gartner predicts that total mobile phone sales will reach 1.28bn units during 2008.
Gartner:, 27/08/2008


Global mobile adspend to reach $2.4bn in 2009

The latest Wireless Trends Outlook from Strategy Analytics predicts that global mobile adspend will reach $2.4bn in 2009 up from $1bn this year, writes Cellular-news. The firm predicts that the increased use of Adobe's Flash and the launch of Nokia's "Comes with Music" service will both help to further stimulate the mobile advertising sector.
Similar research from eMarketer goes much further in accounting for the growing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China. eMarketer expects total mobile advertising expenses (including creative, IT and other related spending costs) to reach $6.44bn in 2009, rising to $19.15bn in 2012.
From Cellular-news:, 12/08/2008
Strategy Analytics:

12/08/2008  |  Full story...

Mobile advertising spending: worldwide

Spend is predicted to increase to $2.4 billion in 2009, 2008-2009

Digital Strategy data - Mobile advertising spending: worldwide. Spend is predicted to increase to $2.4 billion in 2009, 2008-2009


US online adspend to overtake newspaper advertising by 2011

According to the annual media sector study from Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS) online advertising will surpass newspaper adspend by 2011, writes The Financial Times. VSS expect online to grow over 21% per year to reach $62bn (£30.63bn) in 2011 against a predicted figure of $60bn (£29.64bn) for newspaper advertising.
From ENN:, 07/08/2007
Veronis Suhler Stevenson:


1/4 of the world now connected

Latest research from IDC confirmed that almost a quarter of the world's population (1.4bn) were now connected to the internet, using it on a regular basis. This is another threshold in the progress towards a Digital Networked Society and the IDC are forecasting continued strong growth to exceed 1.9bn (30%) by 2012.
From MarketingCharts:, 14/07/2008


Mobile Web 2.0 services to generate $22.4bn by 2013

A study from Juniper Research predicts that global Mobile Web 2.0 services (including social networking, user generated content (UGC), mobile search and mobile instant messaging) will be worth $22.4bn (£11.39bn) by 2013, from $5.5bn (£2.8bn) in 2008, writes Social networking and UGC are predicted to drive revenues growing from $1.8bn (£915m) this year to $11.2bn (£5.69bn) in 2013 as adoption and availability of Location Based Services (LBS) becomes more widespread.
From, 15/05/2008
Juniper Research:


MySpace opens up... Facebook follows suite

MySpace is to allow its users to share their public profiles and data directly on other sites, writes ENN. Yahoo!, eBay, Photobucket and Twitter have already signed up to the so-called data availability initiative. Users will be able to have single updates appear automatically across a number of sites. Users will also be able to have their MySpace content directly linked to their Yahoo! Instant Messenger service.
Last year MySpace also signed up for the Google-led OpenSocial project which aims to build a common framework for social networking applications to run.
Facebook is also preparing to open up its profiles with the coming launch of Facebook Connect. In a similar vein to MySpace this will allow users to "connect" their public profiles from other sites with their Facebook profile. The announcement was followed by news that Facebook had borrowed $100m to fund new servers and data centres. Facebook remains the UK's most popular social networking site with 14.35m UK unique users during April (up 7.2% from the previous month).
Brand Republic:, 09/05/2008


Mobile advertisers adopt rich media formats

Mobile advertising using TV, video, user-generated content, games & music formats are forecast to reach $2.79bn by 2012, according to a new report. The report, from Media Analyst Screen Digest, is entitled 'Mobile media advertising opportunities: The market for advertising on TV, video and games'. The research examines the emerging market for rich media advertising delivered to consumers via their mobile phone in the form of TV, video, games, user-generated content (UGC) and music.

29/04/2008  |  Full story...

Online close to 10% of global adspend

ZenithOptimedia has upgraded its predictions for online adspend's share of the total global ad market for 2008 from 9.4% (from its December forecast) to 9.7%, writes Netimperative. Online is expected to show strong growth despite a slowdown in US and Western European total adspend. For 2009 the firm is expecting online to take an 11.1% share of global adspend - up from its previous forecast of 10.4%.
From Netimperative:, 02/04/2008


Sales of digital TV set-top boxes exceeds 100m units

The latest digital TV forecast from Strategy Analytics shows that global sales of digital set-top boxes surpassed 100m units for the first time during 2007, rising 12% to reach 102.4m units sold writes DTG News. IPTV's market share for the year grew 5.9% (from 3.6% in 2006). Cable's share also increased to 36.2% while both satellite and terrestrial saw declines. The report predicts that global sales will surge during 2008 in reaction to the coming switch-off of analogue TV services in the US and that annual sales of set-top boxes will reach 200m units by 2012.
From DTG News:, 22/02/2008
Strategy Analytics:


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