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Top 10 popular websites in the UK, May 2007

Digital Strategy data - Top 10 popular websites in the UK, May 2007

This list features the most popular websites based on UK Internet usage for May 2007, ranked by market share of visits across all Hitwise industries.

Source: Hitwise Datacentre, May 2007, based on market share of visits


Global broadband population grows 26% during 2006

Figures from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) show that the number of subscribers to broadband services worldwide grew 26% in 2006, writes ClickZ. The year-end total reached 197m, from 157m at the end of 2005. Per capita 16.9 subscribers/100 inhabitants had access to broadband services (up from 15.5 subscribers in mid-2006 and 13.5 in 2005). The US still has the world's largest broadband population with 29% of all broadband connections (totalling 58.1m subscribers at the end of 2006).
From ClickZ :, 25/04/2007


Google becomes most powerful brand in the world

Google has overtaken Microsoft in Millward Brown's annual "Brandz Top 100" Most Powerful Brands survey, writes ENN. The list combines both brand value and consumer response. Google more than doubled its brand value since the last survey to be valued at $66.4bn (£33.1bn), ahead of both General Electric ($61.9bn - £31.29bn) and Microsoft ($55bn - £27.80bn). The total value of the top 100 brands has grown by 10.6% in the last twelve months to $1.6tr (£810bn). In the UK, Vodafone is the most valuable brand, followed by HSBC and Tesco. Marks & Spencer had the biggest rise in the past year, tripling its brand value to come fourth in the UK and 68th worldwide.
From ENN:, 23/04/2007
Millward Brown: h


Google's first quarter profits up 69%

Google's Q1 profits rose 69% to $1bn (£499m) (from $592.3m (£299.38m) in 2006), writes ClickZ. Revenues for the period grew 63% to reach $3.66bn (£1.83bn). The UK saw revenues of $578m (£288m), representing 16% of Q1 revenues (up from 15% in Q1 2006). Combined non-US international revenues totalled $1.71bn (£860m) (47% of total revenues against 42% in 2006). Net sales were up 66% to $2.53bn (£1.28bn). Google-owned sites generated ad revenues of $2.28bn (£1.15bn) (up 76% year-on-year) and representing 62% of total sales.

From ClickZ:, 19/4/2007


ZenithOptimedia predicts worldwide online adspend will overtake radio by 2008

A new study from ZenithOptimedia predicts that global online adspend will grow six times faster than traditional media spend between 2006 and 2009, with its share of the market growing from 5.8% to 8.7% during the same period (with revenues rising from $23.4bn to $42.9bn (£11.83bn to £21.68bn)), writes ClickZ. The company now expects global online advertising to overtake radio by 2008 - a year earlier than they predicted in December. This will put online in fourth place behind television, newspapers and magazines. ZenithOptimedia predicts that online spending will grow 28.2% during 2007 (against total market growth of 3.7%). By 2009, online adspend will account for nearly 9% of all advertising expenditure. Online adspend already accounts for more than 10% of total marketing spend in the UK, Norway and Sweden.
From ClickZ:, 03/04/2007


Worldwide internet use grew 10% during 2006

747m internet users aged 15+ went online in January 2007, up 10% year-on-year, reports eMarketer. According to the figures from comScore, India, the Russian Federation and China showed the highest growth, with increases of 33%, 21% and 20% respectively. China now has 86.8m internet users (aged 15+), second only to the US with 153.4m users. For time spent online, Canada came top with 39.6 hours/month, followed by Israel (37.4 hours/month) and South Korea (34.0 hours/month). In each of the top ten countries broadband users spent significantly more time online than narrowband users.
From eMarketer:, 07/03/2007


Top 15 Countries by Internet Penetration, January 2006 and 2007

Digital Strategy data - Top 10 popular websites in the UK, May 2007

1. Unique visitors are aged 15 or older.
2. Data excludes traffic from public computers, such as Internet cafes and access from mobile phones and PDAs.
Source: comScore, January 2007


Yahoo! rolls out mobile adverts in 19 countries

Yahoo! has launched its new mobile ad platform in 19 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas, writes ClickZ. The ads appear near the top of the Yahoo! Mobile Web homepage and represent the first formal use of graphical adverts on its mobile sites. Yahoo! is now using a new publishing platform designed to provide better content and marketing opportunities. The new ads feature click-through and click-to-call functionality and Yahoo's! new system is able to fluidly target ad sizes and creatives to match the screen size and functionality of a user's handset. Eight global advertisers including Intel, Nissan, Pepsi and Procter & Gamble have run campaigns with using the new ad system. In Europe, Yahoo! have launched the ads in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
Yahoo! have also revamped navigation on their Mobile Web homepage to better integrate access to search, email, IM, news and sports services. In addition, they also released a new version of their Yahoo! Go 2.0 mobile client software, first launched in January 2006.
Data from Telephia suggests that Yahoo! mobile services reach 6% of US mobile phone users. M:Metrics estimate Yahoo!'s reach for mobile services in the US at 14.5m.
From ClickZ:, 13/02/2007
Yahoo! UK:


Craig Newmark


December 2005

Craig Newmark set up his list of local web listings in San Francisco in 1995. Run from the his garage on shoestring budgets, CraigsList is the story of a dotcom success that has spawned offshoots in 175 cities across 35 countries, and audience traffic that matches Amazon. It's left regional newspaper executives reeling, and forced many analysts to question the future of local press.

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