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Groupon lowers IPO expectations

Online daily-deals firm Groupon has lowered expectations for its initial public offering (IPO), saying in a regulatory filing Friday that it now aims to raise up to $621m. In contrast, the firm had said in early June that it would seek as much as $750 million via its then-eagerly-anticipated IPO. Since June, however, equity markets have been very volatile, rocked by worries about the sovereign debt crisis gripping the eurozone, Washington's fiscal woes and the possibility of the US economy slipping into another recession.


24/10/2011  |  Full story...

Google buys Groupon rival DailyDeal

Google has bought German online voucher site for an undisclosed sum, as the internet giant looks to take on Groupon in the lucrative flash sales market. The site offers Groupon-style daily deals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with plans to expand into more European countries. Currently, Google's own daily deals service, Google Offers, is only available in North America, and the acquisition suggests Google has its sights set on the European daily deals market.


19/09/2011  |  Full story...

Groupon confirms Autumn float… but Facebook postpones IPO until late 2012

Groupon has put its flotation plans back on track, but Facebook is delaying its IPO until the end of 2012, according to news reports. According to a report in the New York Times, the online coupon site is aiming to go public in late October or early November. A week after the daily deals website put its IPO on hold for a few weeks as it waited to ride out global market turmoil.


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Groupon offers vouchers for UK ecommerce sites

Groupon has expanded its UK opererations with a new voucher scheme for ecommerce sites. Groupon already offers UK customers daily deal vouchers for local restaurants, hotels and other offline goods and services. The latest move will expand the scheme to UK websites selling online. The move puts the Chicago-based company in closer competition with the likes of Amazon and eBay in the UK.


13/09/2011  |  Full story...

Groupon to delay September IPO?

Groupon is considering a delay to its long-awaited initial public offering, amid turmoil in the US economy. The online voucher firm had hoped to go public by the end of this month, but is studying market conditions and may push back the timing of the offering. A source told the Wall Street Journal that stock market volatility has convinced the company to postpone its IPO. The person clarified that Groupon isn’t pulling its IPO, but simply pushing it back. Other reports are saying that the delay is indefinite.


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BP enters ‘daily deals’ foray with online coupons

BP is to launch a daily deals service, as the British Oil giant looks to attract customers to its forecourts. The firm has signed up several of its biggest retail partners, including Coca-Cola, United Biscuits, Mars and Walkers, to participate in a new section on the company's website headed 'today's offers'.

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Google promotes ‘offers’ on home page for first time

Google has promoted a daily deals offer on its US home page for the first time, as the Internet giant gets serious about shopping. The Google Offers advert on its US home page (shown above) marks a rare instance of the internet giant using its prized online real estate for advertising and a warning shot to current market leader Groupon. The pair are vying for advertising dollars from local businesses, such as restaurants and retail stores.


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Facebook ditches 'Deals' scheme after four months

Facebook has ended its Deals program just four months after launch, but is keeping its 'check-in' deals scheme, the company has announced. Facebook Deals was launched in April and offered online bargains based on group buying over a short time period, in a similar manner to Groupon and LivingSocial.


30/08/2011  |  Full story...

Groupon’s first car deal stalls- report

Groupon’s first foray into the auto industry has met slow demand, as shoppers proved more wary of snapping up bargains for expensive items, according to a new report. Last week, the group-buying firm offered shoppers a $500 discount at a US car dealership, for just $199.

However, according to trade news magazine Auto News, only four consumers which have agreed to pay for the discount voucher on a new-vehicle purchase at LaFontaine dealer in Highland Michigan. Groupon has now extended its offer from the original two days to four and considered lowering the number of consumers needed in an effort to turn things around.


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Online coupons grow as consumer package goods get web right

Latest tracking data from North America confirms that the coupon industry is accelerating thanks to online coupon download platforms. Individual coupons from brands as well as aggregators such as Groupon are changing the nature of vouchers and online promotion use. The trend will be followed in Europe, Latin America and Asia…


11/04/2011  |  Full story...

LivingSocial raises $400m to take on Groupon

LivingSocial has raised $400 million to fund expansion, as the US online coupon seller looks to take on its larger rival Groupon. The investment round, led by current investors Amazon and Lightspeed Venture Partners, and new ones like Institutional Venture Partners, valued the company at about $3 billion. LivingSocial has been growing at an exceptionally rapid pace in recent months that closely mirrors the early growth of Groupon. Reports indicate the company is on track to generate US$1-billion in revenue this year, fully double the annual revenues it projected to make in 2011 just four months ago.



Google’s Schmidt banks on Brazil for social media success

Google chief executive, Eric Schmidt, has described how South America is the search company's fastest growing region. Schmidt who is soon to be re-deployed as chairman after founder Larry Page takes the reins in April, gave an interview over the weekend from Buenos Aires where he gave clues as to the search-giant’s new social media strategy in Latin America.

"Virtually all the countries are growing 50 to 100 per cent revenue growth. That is a lot due to the effect of the economic recovery from a global recession, but also the development of broadband and the development of the electronic commerce. We benefit particularly well as people move to the internet," he said.

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Groupon expands into China with ‘GaoPeng’ coupon site

GaoPeng, a daily-deals site that represents Groupon's foray into China, has now begun accepting registrations, having signed a raft of deals with major retailers and services. GaoPeng is a collaboration between Groupon, which is vying to be the largest daily-deal site in the US, and the local Tencent Collaboration Fund and Yunfeng Capital. Tencent launched, whose instant-messenger software counted over 630 million users last September.

The service will work much like Groupon's services does in the US, with daily deals from things to do, see, and eat sent out to consumers each day. GaoPeng will launch its first deals in March, and cover Beijing and Shanghai, with plans to extend to other major cities in China in the coming months, the company said.


03/03/2011  |  Full story...

Starbucks CEO Schultz joins Groupon board

Online coupon firm company Groupon has elected Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks Coffee, to its board amid media reports that it is preparing for an initial public offering in the spring. Groupon says a venture capital firm founded by Schultz has invested in the company alongside the appointment.

Groupon announced that it has just appointed Starbucks’ CEO, Howard Schultz, to its board of directors. This comes along with the news that Maveron, Schultz’ venture capital firm is also investing in the Chicago based coupon site.


14/02/2011  |  Full story...

Facebook takes on Groupon? Firm tests ‘buy with friends’ feature

Facebook has ventured into the group buying arena, testing a new "Buy with Friends" feature, which lets users share deals on virtual goods. Discussing the feature at a conference on Tuesday, Facebook's commerce product marketing manager Deb Liu said more than 50% of users in a test program elected to share their purchases. The feature will also let one user 'unlock' a deal and then share that same deal or discount with friends who can take advantage of the fact that it's already been unlocked.

28/01/2011  |  Full story...

Google takes on Groupon with ‘Offers’ voucher scheme

Google is testing an online voucher scheme called that would give users discounts for limited time deals, in a move that would place it in direct competition with Groupon, the firm it tried to buy late last year. Like Groupon, 'Google Offers' will sell time-limited deals from local vendors, such as restaurants. Ten dollars, for example, might buy $20 worth of food at a local cafe.

In its company blog, Google said: "This initiative is part of an ongoing effort at Google to make new products, such as the recent Offer Ads beta, that connect businesses with customers in new ways. We do not have more details to share at this time, but will keep you posted."

24/01/2011  |  Full story...

Groupon CEO sorry for Japan’s new year meal blunder

The CEO of group-buying discount site Groupon has apologised to Japanese customers Monday for a New Year's deal gone wrong. The blunder involved a deal for delivery of 'osechi'; a traditional New Year's meal, which includes a variety of Japanese dishes painstakingly prepared and beautifully presented. Unfortunately, some customers who paid 10,500 yen ($127) for this particular bargain were left feeling like they had been duped. Many of the 500 osechi sets sold arrived late, while others' meals were in "terrible condition," Mason said.

19/01/2011  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence January 2011

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence January 2011

Effective digital strategies will be increasingly dominated by new structures and approaches this year. Many agency functions will shift client-side and a new balance in staffing will emerge.

Digital capability is a key driver of competitiveness, and with Facebook and relationship marketing moving to the heart of the digital mix, most firms need to be more hands-on in producing their content and managing their social relationships. It's not only a cost saving and a leap in ROI, but gives a far greater economy of scope having the digital expertise inside the team rather than at the end of an email.

Success strategies are shifting, and the stories we're tracking as the year started echo this. Watch out for key functions moving in house, including relationship marketing, social media management, website content creation and support. There is still a role for specialists for the more advanced issues and the creative big idea, but team structures by the end of 2011 should look significantly different from those today.

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Groupon to expand after $950m investment

Online coupon service Groupon says it has finished raising $950m (£610m) to complete its biggest deal so far. The announcement comes less than two weeks after Groupon disclosed in a regulatory filing that it planned to raise the money. The rapidly growing company intends to use the cash to expand and to buy back shares from its early investors and from some of its more than 3,000 employees.

11/01/2011  |  Full story...

ASA bans misleading Groupon ads

Discount website Groupon’s UK has been forced to change three of its ads, after they were found to be misleading about the money consumers would actually save through the deal. This week, the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency upheld complaints that three ads by the company failed to make terms and conditions of its deals clear.

One e-mail ad claiming a saving of 60% on a meal for two at a South American restaurant was found to be misleading because one person had to pay for a full price meal in order for the discount to be valid. Another complaint about a sales promotion for a 60% discount on a “Segway Safari” experience on the Groupon website was upheld because the ad did not make it clear the deal was not available at weekends unless an extra £10 was paid.

06/01/2011  |  Full story...

Groupon rejects Google deal, plans IPO instead

Shopping deal webiste Groupon has rejected a $6bn bid from Google, saying it is planning a possible public offering instead. The sale was expected to fetch up to $6 billion in a deal which had set tongues wagging on Wall Street about whether such a valuation represented good value for Google.

However Groupon had been playing hard to get, spurning offers from previous firms such as Yahoo and walking away from a deal with Google in favour of a possible public offering in 2011. Groupon, a privately held, Chicago-based company which was launched about two years ago sends its members daily emails with about 200 deals for goods and services. The deals are activated only when a minimum number of people agree to make a purchase, giving Groupon clout to negotiate steep group discounts on products and services.


06/12/2010  |  Full story...

Amazon takes on Groupon by investing $175m in rival Living Social

Amazon has invested $175m (£112m) in Living Social, a rival to popular deals site Groupon. Living Social plans to use the cash injection to strengthen its positioning in more locations.

At present it has 10 million subscribers in the UK, Ireland, US, Canada and Australia and says it expects to turnover $500 million (£320 million) in revenue next year. Living Social has also secured a further $8 million (£5 million) from Lightspeed Venture Partners. The investment by Amazon comes as Google looks close to securing a deal to acquire rival deals site Groupon.


06/12/2010  |  Full story...

Google 'on verge of buying shopping deal website Groupon for $6bn'

Google is close to buying e-commerce coupon website Groupon for as much as $6bn (£3.9bn), according to a news report. The New York Times reports that the deal could be struck as soon as this week but people with direct knowledge of the matter cautioned that the talks between Google and Groupon might still fall apart.

Groupon, a privately held, Chicago-based company which was launched about two years ago sends its members daily emails with about 200 deals for goods and services. The deals are activated only when a minimum number of people agree to make a purchase, giving Groupon clout to negotiate steep group discounts on products and services.


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