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Digital Intelligence September 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence September 2010

Google went 'instant', Apple went Ping, Microsoft put IE 9 into beta and Twitter got pictures: what a month for giant digital product development from digital giants.

All these impact on how digital strategies work for brands - and that's why to get them working well the strategy needs to be flexible to deal with the constant evolution of the landscape. Technology and business horizons are constantly expanding, the attention of customers is migrating, and brands need to be agile enough to deliver what their customers need today, not yesterday.

Among the social networks Facebook gave social media metrics a much needed boost with their new analytics tools (ROI gradually creeping into social media), Twitter started looking even more like a Facebook-lite, and Facebook launched location tools to prevent young socnets like FourSquare gaining the traction of Twitter.

Mobile device wars intensified with Blackberry and Samsung lining up tablet launches, and the largest smartphone maker - Nokia - reorganising 'in preparation for the next billion mobile web users' and its upcoming high-end device launches. The online video world was equally hectic with product development announcements from Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Google, proving that the video platforms have much more yet to deliver.

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IAB launches guide to in-game ads

The IAB’s Games Steering Group (GSG) – a committee of leading games publishers and networks - has launched a practical handbook about advertising within console, mobile and online social/casual games.

With games advertising now offering a wealth of advertising options and creative diversity across games consoles, on the internet and on mobile, brands are now spoilt for choice. Dynamic In-Game Advertising alone is expected to be worth an estimated £150 million worldwide in 2010 (Screen Digest and GroupM May 2009).


16/09/2010  |  Full story...

UK mobile ad market grew 32% in 2009 - worth £38m

Mobile ad spend beat expectations last year, with entertainment & media and telecoms brands being the biggest mobile advertisers, according to new research.

Despite a contraction in the advertising sector in 2009, total spend on mobile phone advertising in 2009 rocketed by 32% year on year to a new high of £37.6m, according to the second, annual Internet Advertising Bureau study.


27/04/2010  |  Full story...

IAB sets industry standards for online video ads

The IAB has received the backing of publisher and broadcaster members to enforce Video Advertising Standard Templates (VAST 2.0) in the UK, to bring greater consistency to online video planning and buying.The inititive has been developed by the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Video Council – the group dedicated to the promotion of online video advertising.

VAST 2.0 is a global initiative created by IAB in the US, originally launched to bring greater consistency to online video planning and buying, and make the format more comparable with other media such as TV. It allows advertisers to easily run multi-site video campaigns from one point of contact, third party ad servers.


11/02/2010  |  Full story...

Online advertising spending: UK

Online advertising overtakes TV for the first time during the first half of 2009.

Digital Strategy data - Online advertising spending: UK


Digital advertising spending: UK

Paid for search dominates with two-thirds of the digital advertsing spend during the first half of 2009.



Digital Intelligence September 2009

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence September 2009

Size isn't everything. That's the conclusion of the largest study of web ad effectiveness so far. Bigger may be better in general, but location on the page has a strong impact. Ad units embedded inside the editorial have a stronger impact on readers which means web marketers need to pay more attention to their media planning and placement on the page.

Yet again, having the right digital strategy means more than simply being online. For over 5 years our Digital Media Planning Academy has coached planners why "right consumer, right environment, right time and right mindset" are all key for getting the best value from a media buy, and this research of 3.9m people confirms why the attention to detail is key.

Here in the UK, online ad spend overtook TV advertising exactly to the month we'd predicted a few years back. At 23.5% of all UK adspend it's risen about 5% year on year, but is rising about 20% vs the UK advertising industry average (which suffered a massive fall of over 15% in the same period).

This month our national focus turns on China, where Baidu continues to top the charts - but with figures a big leap up from when we were last in Shanghai. As the centre of the web economy continues shifting east, look out for Chinese tech start-ups heading into Europe and a shift in web development with China taking over from India as the coding engine room for many agencies.

If you're a client of Digital and your colleagues would like our research, simply forward this link:

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Online advertising spend: UK

Online as sector bucks the trend in the recession, growing by a healthy 4.6%- with the rest of the advertising economy tumbling almost 17%.



UK web adspend overtakes TV

The UK online ad sector grew a healthy 4.6% to £1.75 billion in the first half of this year. Figures out today from PricewaterhouseCoopers and the IAB confirmed online bucked the trend in the recession - with the rest of the advertising economy tumbling almost 17% over the same period. That’s consistent with growth rates about 20% above the total ad sector. Online advertising took 23.5% of all UK adspend in the first half of the year, extending its lead over other media and confirming it is now significantly larger than the television ad industry. The UK remains the most mature online advertising economy in the world with the highest market share of ad spend going online.

30/09/2009  |  Full story...

European online adspend grew 20% in 2008

The latest European online advertising study from IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has revealed that online adspend grew 20% during 2008 to reach €12.9bn (£11bn), writes Brand Republic. The study examined the markets in 19 European countries. Although some mature markets showed less than 20% growth, only France and the Netherlands came in below 19% (with 18.5% and 9% respectively).
Online search advertising led the way with 26% growth, rising to €5.6bn (£4.8bn). Overall, search accounted for 43% of all European ad budgets in 2008 (from 41% in 2007). Classified adspend was up 17% on 2007 (to take 25% of all advertising), reaching €3.8bn (£3.25bn). Display advertising increased 17% to €3.3bn (£2.82bn) and email spend remained flat at €200m (£171m).
From Media Week:, 11/06/2009
IAB Europe:

11/06/2009  |  Full story...

Internet advertising: European markets

Online advertising spend growth slows in maturing markets, December 2007-2008

Digital Strategy data - Internet advertising, European markets. Online advertising spend growth slows in maturing markets, December 2007-2008


Internet advertising: Europe

Growth in online advertising categories across Europe in 2008

Digital Strategy data - Internet advertising: Europe. Growth in online advertising categories across Europe in 2008


Internet advertising: Europe

Total online advertising in Europe 2007-2008
Digital Strategy data - Internet advertising, Europe. Total online advertising in Europe 2007-2008


Online adspend drops 5% in US to reach $5.5bn

The latest US figures from the IAB and PwC show that online adspend fell 5% year-on-year in Q1. Against the previous quarter the decline was even higher at 10%. The results represent the first time that year-on-year figures have been negative since 2002.
However, total US advertising figures from Nielsen suggest a slower drop in online adspend. Their figures for online display advertising show a 3.4% drop (to $2.11bn) against a total quarterly advertising decrease of 12% (to $27.9bn).
At the other end of the scale TNS Media have bucked the trend to report an 8.2% year-on-year rise in quarterly online display advertising against a total fall in the US advertising market of 14.2%.
From ClickZ:, 08/06/2009


Online advertising spend: US

Internet advertising spend in the US since the internet "boom" in 2009

Digital Strategy data - Online advertising spend: US. Internet advertising spend in the US since the internet


Mobile: UK ad revenues almost £30m

The first survey of UK mobile advertising revenue is now published, and the magic number weighed in at £28.6m. It may feel like a drop in the ocean compared to web ad revenues, but the growth should be north of 50% year-on-year from now on. While the use of mobiles has been at saturation levels for a decade in the UK, mobile advertising has consistently failed to get off the ground. Mobile marketing exploded with SMS and couponing, but beyond ringtones and wallpaper, the restrictions of the channel proved too much for most brands. Finally that’s changing, but as the web converges with mobile, the distinction between mobile web and just ‘the web’ may prove impossible to maintain. The mobile handset is a place for utility, cool apps and things people need for their lives on the move; the notion of buying advertising time in the heart of this most intimate and engaging experience feels like the wrong mindset, at least most of the time. Sure, Google’s search results, sponsored maps and branded content all have a place, but brands anchored to the classic advertising model should think again.
From Brand Republic:, 13/05/2009


Mobile digital advertising spend: UK

Mobile ad spend creeps into the digital media mix, 2008

Digital Strategy data - Mobile digital advertising spend: UK. Mobile ad spend creeps into the digital media mix, 2008


Online ad expenditure up 17% to reach £3.35bn in 2008

Online adspend in the UK grew 17.1% during 2008 to reach £3.35bn, a year-on-year increase of £540m, according to IAB UK's bi-annual online advertising expenditure study. In comparison, total UK advertising fell 3.5% in the same period to £17.5bn. In total, online advertising accounted for 19.2% of all UK advertising during 2008 (from 15.5% in 2007). However this peaked at 19.8% in the second half of the year, overtaking total press display advertising. The UK is now the world's leading online advertising market: £1 in every £5 of ad budgets is spent online.
Paid-for search remained the leading sector, accounting for 59.3% of all online advertising, with year-on-year growth of 22.7% (to £1.987bn).
IAB UK:, 01/04/2009


Online advertising spend: UK

Online adspend growth in the UK: 17.1% during 2008, reaching £3.35bn

Digital Strategy data - Online advertising spend in the UK. Online adspend growth in the UK: 17.1% during 2008, reaching £3.35bn


Online advertising spending: UK

Online advertising rises to 19.2% of all UK advertising during 2008

Digital Strategy data - Online advertising spending in the UK. Online advertising rises to 19.2% of all UK advertising during 2008


Online advertising spending: UK

Online advertising: growth slows as media markets tumble in 2008

Digital Strategy data, Online advertising spending in the UK. Online advertising: growth slows as media markets tumble in 2008


US online adspend tops $23.4bn in 2008

The latest Internet Advertising Revenue Report from the IAB US and PricewaterhouseCoopers reveals that total online ad revenues totalled $23.4bn (£15.77bn) in 2008, up 10.6% on 2007 ($21.2bn or £14.28bn). The figures represent the fifth year of consecutive record results, although growth slowed by 50% to the lowest rate since 2002. Q4 revenues reached a record $6.1bn (£4.11bn), passing the $6bn barrier for the first time on year-on-year growth of 2.6% (up $154m (£104m) for $5.9bn (£3.98bn) in Q4 2007). Search advertising continues to hold the lion's share of online adspend accounting for 45% of revenues ($10,546m or £7.11m) from 42% in 2007 ($8,805m or £5.93m).
Projections from eMarketer for 2009 expect growth to continue to slow, reaching 4.5% during the year on total online adspend of $24.5bn (£16.5bn). However, much bleaker figures from Screen Digest predict a 5% fall in online adspend during 2009.
IAB US:, 30/03/2009

30/03/2009  |  Full story...

Online Advertising Spend: US

US web advertising bucks recession

Digital Strategy - Online Advertising Spend: US

Source: IAB UK:


IAB launches behavioural targeting good practice guide

IAB UK has published a new set of guidelines on behavioural targeting, writes Marketing. The trade body developed its Good Practice Principles in conjunction with 10 companies including Google, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo! and Phorm. In addition the guidelines have also received the support of Ofcom and the Information Commissioner's Office.
The Principles define three commitments from web firms:

  • Notice: users must be clearly told that data is being collected and used.
  • User choice: users must be given a clear opt-out option to refuse behavioural ads.
  • Education: users must be told exactly how their data can be used and how they can opt out.

The IAB has also launched a website ( to explain to web users how behavioural advertising works, how it benefits them and how they can refuse this type of advertising.
From Marketing Magazine:, 05/03/2009
Your Online Choices:


Mobile ads to go ‘mainstream’ by 2010 - IAB

Clients and agencies believe that mobile advertising will become a mainstay of UK marketing plans over the next two years, but there is a current disconnect between usage and understanding of the medium, according to new research by the IAB. The IAB’s Mobile Council surveyed 115 agencies, media planners, creatives and advertisers to uncover the state of the mobile market, their level of understanding, perceived barriers to entry and how to plan best for the future.
The research found usage within agencies is split down the middle, with 50% having used mobile, and the remainder having no experience in mobile advertising at all. However, while mobile advertising accounts for a small proportion of overall digital spend, many (62%) foresee that it will grow over the next two years and will become a standard part of budgets in 2010.

28/10/2008  |  Full story...

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