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IAB ‘concerned’ by new FTC guidelines for native ads

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has voiced concerns about details of the Federal Trade Commission's new native ads guidelines, calling them "overly prescriptive."

05/01/2016  |  Full story...

Europe’s online ad industry ‘accounts for 1.4m jobs’

Online advertising has expanded from a nascent industry into a powerhouse over the past decade and a half. It now generates over a million jobs in the EU-28 economy, and contributes more than € 100 billion of gross value added (GVA).

25/11/2015  |  Full story...

Ad blocking rises 3 percentage points in three months

Nearly one fifth (18%) of British adults online are currently using ad blocking software, signalling a rise from 15% in early June, according to new data.

11/11/2015  |  Full story...

Guest comment: The changing role of programmatic in Europe: a buy-side perspective

As adoption of programmatic trading amongst advertisers and agencies across Europe accelerates, different trends are starting to emerge in the buy-side market. This article is jointly authored by IAB Europe and Google.

11/11/2015  |  Full story...

“We messed up”: IAB admits mistakes on consumer trust and ad blockers

In a surprising U-turn, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has admitted it has cared too much about revenues and too little about user experience and needs to accept blame for the rising popularity of ad blockers.

19/10/2015  |  Full story...

UK online ad viewability rises above 50% (but still lags behind Europe)

UK online ad viewability rose from 49% in Q2 to 52% in Q3, for the first time this year - but still lags far behind the other major EU ad markets such as France and Germany.

15/10/2015  |  Full story...

UK display ad revenues up 27.5% (despite rise in ad blocking)

Advertisers spent a record £3.98bn on digital advertising in the first half of 2015, up 13.4% year-on-year despite a surge in ad blocking software, according to new figures from the IAB.

08/10/2015  |  Full story...

Online ‘advertorials’: New IAB guidelines provide more transparency

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK) has released a set of guidelines to help the marketing industry provide more transparency to consumers around digital advertorials.

30/09/2015  |  Full story...

Measuring success: Half of digital execs say IAB viewability standards are ‘inadequate’

Measuring success and failure of display ads is crucial for digital marketers- but are the metrics truly accurate? New research suggest that the current IAB viewability standards are ‘inadequate’ and inconsistent approaches across vendors is the industry’s biggest issue.

17/09/2015  |  Full story...

European Programmatic ad revenue up 71%: Mobile and video soar

Total programmatic display advertising market in Europe jumped 70.5% from €2.14bn in 2013 to €3.65bn in 2014, according to new data.

17/09/2015  |  Full story...

Mobiles account for over half of internet time

The average online Brit spends 2 hours and 51 minutes a day on the internet, with 45% on computers, 40% on mobiles and 15% tablets, according to new research.

02/09/2015  |  Full story...

IAB finally dumps Flash for HTML5 as video ad standard

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has updated its video ad guidelines, urging advertisers to stop using Adobe Flash in favour of HTML5 technology.

19/08/2015  |  Full story...

IAB to tackle ‘5 biggest issues in digital’

The IAB has begun a new initiative to tackle what it has defines as the five biggest issues in digital at the moment, including brand safety, viewability, fraud, (ad verification issues) and ad blocking and privacy.

19/08/2015  |  Full story...

European digital ad spend catching TV

Online advertising in Europe reached 11.8% growth to reach a market value of €30.7bn, remaining the second biggest media category as catches TV in terms of investment.

03/07/2015  |  Full story...

15% of Brits blocking ads: Is free content under threat?

Almost one in seven (15%) British adults online are currently using ad blocking software – mainly because they find online ads interruptive or annoying, according to new research.

01/07/2015  |  Full story...

Programmatic accounts for 45% of display ads in UK

Programmatic's share has of the UK display ad sector risen from 28% to 45% in a year and is now worth almost £1bn, according to new research from the IAB.

29/06/2015  |  Full story...

Mobile now accounts for 23% of UK digital ad spend

The average UK household now owns 7.4 devices that connect to the internet, leading to a huge rise in digital ad spend driven by mobile, according to new research.

09/04/2015  |  Full story...

IAB launches guidelines to provide greater transparency in ‘native’ digital advertising

As native advertising grows in popularity, new guidelines on how sponsored editorial content is used and labelled for consumers have been launched in the UK.

09/02/2015  |  Full story...

Online video effectiveness: Which formats and frequency work best?

As brands increasingly go ‘online first’ to premier their latest commercials, just how effective is video advertising? A new study uncovers the formats and frequency that can get the best results to win consumers.

18/11/2014  |  Full story...

Mobile now top device for product info amongst 16-34 year olds

Four in five UK smartphone owners use the Internet on their mobile everyday, meaning that mobile optimised sites have become a vital part of any brand's digital strategy, according to new research.

06/11/2014  |  Full story...

Video ad measurement: IAB planning new metric soon

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK is working on new guidelines for measuring the success of online video ad campaigns, in a bid to appeal to advertisers looking for more accountability with their online campaigns.

15/08/2014  |  Full story...

Global mobile ad revenues ‘nearly doubled in a year’

Global mobile advertising revenue reached $19.3bn in 2013, nearly doubling from the year before, according to new data from IAB Europe.

14/08/2014  |  Full story...

Programmatic now accounts for 28% of UK display ads- IAB

Almost three in every 10 pounds spent on online display ads in 2013 were bought through ‘programmatic’ technologies, with a forecast that these types of ads will make up nearly half (47%) in 2014, according to new research.

27/06/2014  |  Full story...

Turkey digital ad spend grew 24% in 2013

The digital marketing communication industry in Turkey continued its double digital growth, with a
24% rise during 2013 hitting 1.17bn TL (£328m) in ad spend.

01/05/2014  |  Full story...

IAB defines 1 second glimpse as an online ‘ad view’

The Internet Advertising Bureau UK has unveiled its guidelines for ‘viewable impressions’ for online display ads, defining an ad as ‘viewable’ if half of it appears in the browser for one second.

16/04/2014  |  Full story...

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