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Top 10 entertainment websites: UK

Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 5th Dec 09.



Top entertainment sites: UK

YouTube tops the entertainment list of all visits in UK, Oct 09



Amazon moves into video-on-demand

Online retailer Amazon US has launched its new Amazon Video On Demand service, writes The Financial Times. The service replaces its digital download service Amazon Unbox which launched in 2006. The new service focuses on paid-for instant streaming of advertising-free films and TV shows, without the need for downloading. Streamed content can be watched through web browsers, internet-equipped Sony TVs, Tivo digital recorders and Xbox 360 consoles.
Amazon has also announced that its subsidiary website IMDB will be making over 6,000 films and TV episodes available for free. Content will include new episodes of TV shows such as "30 Rock" available to view prior to their first TV broadcast.
From The Financial Times:, 04/09/2008
Amazon Video On Demand:


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