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New metric unites print and online under one currency

The Newspaper Society has launched Locally Connected, which it claims to be the UK’s first integrated print and online audience currency. In the first research released using the new metric, the trade body has revealed that local media websites increase the unduplicated reach of regional and local newspapers within their circulation areas by 14%, particularly among upmarket and core middle age groups.

The project was instigated in 2006 by the NS, working alongside JICREG and ABCe with the aim of extending the regional press readership database to encompass newspapers’ online audiences and provide agencies and advertisers with a geographical system for analysing the combined net reach of a newspaper and its website within circulation areas down to postcode sector level.


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Graham Bower

CEO Taglab, Author

June 2009

Graham BowerBy day, he’s chief executive of a funky London agency called Taglab. They’re famous for a decade of building websites and online campaigns for global brands. But away from the web, Graham has been developing ideas around a new business principle – Secondomics. Drawing on psychology, biology, economics and game theory, he’s uncovered why often the real winners in the race are not the people who burn all their energy in being first to blaze a new trail, but those guys who coast in second; following the model and using half the effort. There’s certainly nothing of a coaster in Graham, but when he shared an early draft of his next book, we spotted a new Digital Thought Leader. Here’s what he told us…

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Stephen Haynes

UK Sales Director, Facebook

February 2009

Stephen Haines was appointed Sales Director of Facebook in November 2007, bringing with him more than a decade of sales experience to the team. His skills in both creating and developing profitable commercial relationships are strategic in his role at Facebook.

Prior to starting at Facebook, Stephen spent four years at Yahoo! UK & Ireland as Head of Agency Strategy, generating consistent year on year double digit revenue growth. Having lead large sales teams over the years, Stephen has a wide experience of managing and harnessing the power of teams operationally and commercially and commands huge credibility for troubleshooting both internally and client-side.


Bruce Daisley

Industry Leader, YouTube

January 2009

Bruce Daisley really wanted to write sitcoms. Too many hours spent beaming in front of programmes like 'Cheers', 'One Foot in the Grave', and 'Blackadder' gave him a ludicrously happy upbringing. The low standard of most other sitcoms gave him the misguided belief that he could do better.

Parallel with this dream he started his working career in 1993 at Media Sales & Marketing - part of Capital Radio. Shortly later he formed part of the start-up team of Emap On Air, with the ambition to change the way that radio was sold. His subsequent Emap career has been focussed on periods in radio - and five years building internet sales teams.

In 2001, a terse letter from the BBC suggested that 'Nowhere Slowly' his latest attempt at a sitcom 'lacked both comic wit and originality'. With that he laid down his pen and focussed on his media career. It was some consolation that his teams won Media Week Sales Team of the Year in 2005, and Campaign Sales Team of the Year in 2005 and 2006.

He moved across to join Google UK as Agency Leader in September 2008.

These days Bruce still considers himself a sitcom connoisseur; Flight of the Conchords, The Mighty Boosh, Peep Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm remind him how good the standard really can be.

Other achievements:

  • Chairman of Association of Online Publishers Commercial Group
  • Winner / presenter Media Week Sales Team of the Year 2005
  • Winner Campaign Sales Team of Year 2005, 2006
  • UK Representative - Cannes Lions Festival
  • Emap Advertising Digital team soars up the league table: In the IPA top 20 sales points EA have moved from 17th position (of 20), that Bruce inherited to 7th position this time round.

Bruce Daisley’s Specialties:

Building award-winning, market-beating sales teams.


Peter Cowie, Managing partner at FitchLive

December 2007

Peter’s background includes JWT and WPP, but on the day he set up Oystercatchers we asked him about how the marketing and advertising industry is likely to evolve over the next few years with the growth of digital. He’s clear that the models for reward need to change: “It’s not just about paying for the hours people put in, it’s about rewarding them based on the performance they create. Overall its about working with the right talent; that’s what clients want. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have a roster of agencies all with the same structure of account directors, creatives and planners”. For Peter, the implication is that the scale of change will be personal and internalised as well as a macro re-structure of how the ad industry works. “This probably means more plural lives for individuals, potentially a growth in the freelance market, and a more flexible and fluid marketing industry. Maybe this means a smaller industry, with people paid better, and a greater search for the link between investment and effectiveness.


Matthew Mayes, Executive Creative Director at MRM Worldwide

November 2007

Talking about the changes in the advertising industry, Matthew Mayes is clear that this “calls for a different form of advertising to populate this new space. People choosing to spend lots more time in this landscape.” On the changes in channels Mays may be a digital evangelist, but is no advocate of analogue rejection: “Newspaper and TV brands have a great future, they’ve just going to be watched and read very differently”. However Mayes is convinced that all is not well in the model of how advertising is created. Is ‘the big idea’ happening in the wrong place? “Why do you try to define the ‘big idea’ in the least important channel? This means you have to force it below the line and the model doesn’t necessarily work?”

15/11/2007  |  Full story...

Joseph Jaffe

Author and President of Crayon

August 2007


Joseph Jaffe is a passionate digital marketing thinker who puts massive energy into transforming traditional and new businesses. He feels that the whole marketing process needs a rebuild to capture the changes in consumer attitudes and online challenges for brands. In his ten points about the dramatic shift in the relations between consumers and marketers he indicates a path businesses should take.

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Antoine Clement

General Manager for Digital Media,

May 2006

For sixty years Elle's magazines have been media icons. With a new enthusiasm they're embracing the web, and they're taking on board the new models of publishing. With 39 editions and 20 websites, Clement's brands have come a long way from a single media proposition. But only continued innovation will let them succeed in an increasingly challenging online market.

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Jim Sterne

CEO Target Marketing

April 2006

Jim Sterne has been exploring online marketing for more than a decade. His new-found passion for web optimization has seen him dubbed "the godfather of web analytics". Now he's on a crusade for effective web marketing that delves into the heart of the firm itself. Analytics unlock the full benefits from all existing website investment, yet many businesses are only scratching the surface, and most are yet to start.

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Christopher Wagner

CEO 24/7 RealMedia

March 2006

Christopher Wagner, CEO of 24/7 Real Media Europe, talks about the keys
industry needs to use to unlock the next wave of client investment. Since
taking the helm of their European operations in 2001, he has been pushing
hard to help clients discover what these new technologies can deliver for
their business, and also to ensure industry can deliver on its promise of

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Dominic Lyle

Director General of the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA)

January 2006

Dominic Lyle has a unique view of the European landscape. The European Association of Communications Agencies represents agency associations across the continent, and in every market the role of the web is rising dramatically. In a time of such rapid change, Lyle argues that the industry needs to look to the long term to maintain the right framework for growth.

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Craig Newmark


December 2005

Craig Newmark set up his list of local web listings in San Francisco in 1995. Run from the his garage on shoestring budgets, CraigsList is the story of a dotcom success that has spawned offshoots in 175 cities across 35 countries, and audience traffic that matches Amazon. It's left regional newspaper executives reeling, and forced many analysts to question the future of local press.

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