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Toys R Us debuts family-based online movie service

Toys R Us has launched a family-orientated online movie service, powered by Rovi, as the retail giant looks to expand its digital presence. is currently available to PCs, Macs and other Flash compatible devices, with an app planned for the Tabeo soon, as well as Blu-ray players, HDTVs and other mobile devices including iOS and Android.

08/10/2012  |  Full story...

BBC allowed to take part in internet TV service ‘Project Canvas’

The BBC Trust has provisionally approved the BBC's involvement in Project Canvas, a service that will allow UK viewers to watch free-to-air broadcasts and Internet content on television.

The trust, an independent body that oversees the license-fee funded BBC, said that "the likely public value of the proposal justifies any potential negative market impact," after it faced criticism from pay-TV companies, in particular British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC (BSY.LN).

Project Canvas is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV, BT, Five as well as recent additions Channel 4 and Carphone Warehouse.


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Channel 4: web-enabled archive

This weekend the UK’s Channel 4 television network announced 10,000 archived shows are being put online – and for free. Media guardian reported that over 4,000 hours of content on the way, and all viewable through the 4oD catch-up service. The implications are that pressure will grow to release the BBC’s content archives which currently only run to 7 days. Great news for the web and internet users, good news for advertisers who have a new high volume channel for TV commercials, but in a world of television on-demand will there be any role for the linear broadcast schedule?
From Media Guardian:, 07/06/2009
Channel 4oD:


Tim Faircliff

General Manager, Reuters Media

January 2009

From May 2005 has been general manager for consumer news at, overseeing multimedia services for the internet, interactive TV and mobiles. His role involves product development, third party content deals and sales and marketing.

Mr Faircliff has worked for for seven years, most recently as general manager. He is also a board member of the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) and the IDM/IAB Digital Marketing Council.


Virgin Media to offer ITV catch up

Virgin Media is to provide an "ITV Player" channel offering catch up episodes taken from ITV channels 1, 2, 3 and 4, writes Brand Republic. Episodes will be available for seven days and ITV will feature over 40 hours of programming each week, including popular shows such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale. Viewers will also have access to an archive service featuring 500 hours of programming over 6 months old. A selection of ITV's HD programming will also be available to viewers on demand. Subscribers to Virgin Media TV will also be able to watch ITV content directly on their computers. Under the 4-year deal ITV will receive a fixed revenue share.
Virgin Media already provides content from the BBC, Channel 4, Bravo, Living and Virgin1 on its catch up service. Total views reached 357m for the first nine months of last year and averaged 45m per month in the final quarter of 2008.
From Brand Republic:, 08/01/2009
Virgin Media:


BBC iPlayer sets new viewing record (with help from Wallace and Gromit)

The BBC's iPlayer set a new traffic record in December as viewers made 41m requests for programmes, writes Brand Republic. Usage was up nearly 20% on the previous month when the service received 35m requests. In total, the service processed 271m requests during 2008. In the seven days from Christmas Day to December 31st the total number of requests reached 8m with viewers most keen to watch "Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death", "Doctor Who" and the "Top Gear Vietnam Special".
Development of the service continues - the BBC recently introduced downloading for Linux and Mac users in addition to a special CBBC version for children.
From Brand Republic:, 07/01/2009
BBC iPlayer:


ITV to re-brand online catch-up service

ITV is planning to rename its online "Catch Up TV" service to the "ITV Player", writes Marketing Week. The service was launched in March 2007 and provides access to popular ITV shows such as Coronation Street and the X Factor. The news follows the announcement of a new deal between ITV and Google to serve AdSense text ads alongside search results on Google already powers the site's search listings which have seen traffic grow from 500,000 queries in August 2007 to almost 5m in November 2008. In total receives an average of 5.2m monthly users.
From Marketing Week:, 05/12/2008


BBC to broadcast BBC1 and BBC2 live online

British viewers will be able to watch both BBC1 and BBC2 live online through the website and the BBC's iPlayer service from the end of November, writes Brand Republic. The corporation already provides BBC News, BBC3, BBC4, CBBC and CBeebies online in real-time. The online live broadcast service is being run as a 12-month trial. Speaking of the launch BBC Vision director Jana Bennett said, "The launch of BBC One and BBC Two online completes our commitment to make our portfolio of channels available to watch on the internet."
iPlayer usage has continued to grow all year, and according to the new "Olswang Convergence Consumer Survey 2008" 24% of consumers now use the service to watch programmes for at least one hour per week. The service is set for another big upgrade following approval from the BBC Trust for upgrades to the iPlayer which will enable users to pre-book programmes up to 7 days before broadcast and download them for viewing.
From Brand Republic:, 19/11/2008


BBC iPlayer comes to Nokia

The BBC has announced that it is about to launch a version of its iPlayer service for Nokia N96 mobile phones. This will be the first mobile version of the service which will allow users to download and not just stream programmes, unlike the iPhone and iPlayer versions. The BBC now plans to roll the service out to other models of mobile phone.
The Corporation has also been busy on other fronts with the launch of a specific EastEnders YouTube channel featuring clips from the entire 23-year history of the show. The news follows the launch of the BBC's Top Gear channel on YouTube in August.
Finally, results are in from the Olympics with the BBC reporting that it served around 50m sport video streams during the event. Daily averages were around 3m streams/day but the service peaked at 5.5m streams on Tuesday 19th August.
From BBC news:, 08/09/2008
BBC iPlayer:


Amazon moves into video-on-demand

Online retailer Amazon US has launched its new Amazon Video On Demand service, writes The Financial Times. The service replaces its digital download service Amazon Unbox which launched in 2006. The new service focuses on paid-for instant streaming of advertising-free films and TV shows, without the need for downloading. Streamed content can be watched through web browsers, internet-equipped Sony TVs, Tivo digital recorders and Xbox 360 consoles.
Amazon has also announced that its subsidiary website IMDB will be making over 6,000 films and TV episodes available for free. Content will include new episodes of TV shows such as "30 Rock" available to view prior to their first TV broadcast.
From The Financial Times:, 04/09/2008
Amazon Video On Demand:


BBC adds series stacking to iPlayer

The BBC is to expand the selection of episodes available to watch through its iPlayer service with the implementing of series staking in September, writes Brand Republic. Individual episodes of TV programmes will no longer be removed after seven days but will remain accessible for the entire duration of the series. Viewers will now be able to start watching a series half-way through its broadcast schedule and still have time to catch up.
In another move to widen access to the BBC's vast archive BBC Worldwide intends to launch an ad-supported online music service. The service will feature both audio and video content from the BBC's radio and television archives and content will be available as free streams or paid downloads.
From Brand Republic:, 26/08/2008
BBC iPlayer:


BBC iPlayer up 27% during April

1.4m people used the BBC's iPlayer on average each week during April as traffic rose 27%, writes Brand Republic.
Traffic has nearly doubled from January's weekly average of 750,000. Driven by "Doctor Who" and "The Apprentice" total monthly requests for April came to 21m downloads and streams - up from 17.2m in March and 11.2m in January. In total the service has now received over 75m requests for streams and downloads.43% of iPlayer users are aged between 35-54, 37% are aged between 16-34 and 21% are over-55.
In a further development Virgin Media has now fully implemented the iPlayer via its cable set-top box. Viewers accessing the iPlayer through Virgin will have direct full-screen TV access to all available programmes without the need for downloading.
Brand Republic:, 20/05/2008


Digital Intelligence March 2008

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence March 2008

The outlook for digital advertising growth remains strong with new research putting online at 10% of all adspend in the US, and here the UK market topping £5bn by 2012 - that's on top of our own forecasts that now put UK online adspend ahead of TV by the end of next year.

We said that 2009 would be the year mobile advertising accelerates, and new forecasts are already sizing that sector at $4.8bn within five years. Also in our round-up of the last month's research and announcements, we look at MySpace entering the downloads market, how Brits are tuning into TV on the web (even though 22m homes now have digital TV), and the OpenSocial initiative.

Read March 2008


Digital Intelligence February 2008

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence February 2008

The acquisition frenzy continues this month with some of the world's biggest internet brands still in battle for taking over each other (and still finding time to buy more smaller internet companies along the way).

The economies of scale mean a service like email or photo-sharing once developed can be rolled out worldwide at very low cost, economics that pressure online services that are only national and trigger the race for growth.

At Digital we said that 2008 was the year television programming would hit the web, and here in the UK the BBC's iPlayer is making headlines with 2.2m people a month watching TV through the player. MySpace has launched video advertising (pre-roll and post-roll formats), helping create a framework for brands to reach video watchers, and with Joost and the IPTV pureplays growing fast, this year is the crossing point for television programming on the web.

For mobile telephony the middle of the year will a big crossing point as the volume of calls made on mobile networks overtakes those on fixed networks according to the latest predictions.

Read February 2008


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