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Skype founders to sue eBay as sale hits snag

A company owned by the founders of Skype has filed a copyright suit against eBay and the investor group that has agreed to buy the internet telephony phone service.The company, Joltid, a Swedish firm owned by Skype founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, says Skype used its technology without authorisation. The move could potentially disrupt the $1.9 bn sale of the internet telephony firm, which was agreed last month.

17/09/2009  |  Full story...

Talk gets cheaper in Europe

The price of phone calls falls 70% in 10 years, Mar 09.

Digital Strategy data - Top 10 websites: UK. Ranked by visits for the week ending 15th August 2009


eBay to sell 65% of Skype for $2bn

eBay is to sell the majority of its stake in internet telephony service Skype to an investment group for nearly $2bn. The deal will see Internet auction giant sell a majority stake in its online phone unit Skype for $1.9bn to private investors including Silver Lake and Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm headed by Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen. The deal valued Skype at $2.75bn but was well below the $3.1bn eBay spent in acquiring Skype, and shares in eBay fell more than 2% after the news.

02/09/2009  |  Full story...

Vodafone and MySpace extend partnership with launch of Music Studio

Vodafone are strengthening their ongoing ties to MySpace by launching an online music studio, writes Netimperative. The 8-month campaign will see the firms build a MySpace community geared towards musicians and music fans in the UK, Germany and Spain. The Music Studio will feature:

  • an online remixing tool for musicians to play with tracks by established artists;
  • tips and tricks on playing and recording music and using MySpace to promote artists;
  • regular monthly competitions for bands and artists to promote themselves and win recording time;
  • news and interviews from Vodafone-sponsored events across Europe;
  • discussion forums and community tools for musicians to link to events.

The partnership complements the launch of the Vodafone Music Reporter platform on MySpace last year and reflects Vodafone's ongoing strategy to brand itself as a "key player in the music industry".
MySpace has had a tough time this month, announcing staff cuts of nearly 30% as the site restructures itself to try and play catch-up with Facebook and Twitter.
From Netimperative:, 24/06/2009
The Music Studio:


More mobile handsets get Flash

HTC and Adobe have announced that the Flash content format that drives much of the high impact visuals on the web will soon be available on Android, writes CrunchGear. It's another small step towards achieving complete adoption of key content tools and much needed if the web experience is to be effectively reproduced on mobile devices.
From CrunchGear:, 24/06/2009
Adobe Flash:


24% of Europeans regularly use mobile internet

New research from Forrester has found that 24% of Europeans now regularly use the internet on mobile phones, writes New Media Age. This marks a 20% increase on last year when the firm found that 20% of Europeans used their phones to access the web. The figures rise to 35% and 30% for iPhone and smartphone users respectively. According to Forrester take-up is currently held back by a lack of simple and affordable mobile data tariffs: 60% of smartphone owners with unlimited data plans are regular mobile internet users. The study polled over 14,000 consumers in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. Sweden and Italy came top for mobile internet usage, with France coming last.
From New Media Age:, 26/05/2009


Apple App Store takes 12% of mobile application market

Strategy Analytics have revealed that Apple's App Store captured a 12% volume share of the mobile application market during 2008, writes However the report also showed that the App Store's commercial value is significantly lower thanks to increased competition between developers which has pushed down application prices.
Mobile phone apps have become an increasingly lucrative market with Google, Nokia, RIM and Microsoft all now vying to emulate Apple's success with their own stores.
From, 22/05/2009
Apple iPhone App Store:


Mobile web use higher in China than US

According to new research from Netpop Research, 56% of subscribers with web-enabled phones in China (102m people) use them to go online, writes ClickZ. In comparison only 31% of people in the US with web-enabled phones use them to connect to the web (18m users). Chinese mobile users spend between 2-3% of their monthly incomes on mobile voice and data subscription plans, while in the States users are more likely to spend only 1%. In contrast, costs for premium content tend to be lower in China: mp3s cost around $0.25 compared to $1 in the US.
From ClickZ:, 03/04/2009
Netpop Research:


Skype to release iPhone client

Skype is to launch the first version of its VoIP service for the iPhone, writes the BBC. The service will work using the phone's wi-fi connection but not the mobile network. Calls to other Skype users will be free although other calls will be charged. The software will not feature video conferencing although the firm intimated it might be included in a future version. Skype is also planning to launch a version for BlackBerry phones in May.
Earlier this month Skype announced a new corporate service dubbed Skype for SIP. The software will enable workers to make local and international calls via standard office phones without the need to go through a PC.
From BBC News:, 30/03/2009


Three quarters of all global messages are sent by mobile

TNS Global has found that 74% of the world's digital messages were sent via mobile devices in January 2009 - a 15% year-on-year rise. In emerging markets the figure is even more striking, with 9 out of 10 messages being sent via mobiles. Some growth is being driven by mobile-based instant messaging which is now used by 13% of all mobile users (from 8% in 2008) and in particular by 41% of all smartphone users (from 13% in 2008).
Email is also increasingly moving away from the PC- in Japan 40% of all sent emails now come from mobile devices. In North America 69% of those who use email on the phones now access it daily (compared to 43% worldwide).
TNS Global:, 11/03/2009


Mobile revenues on course for $1bn by 2013

The latest forecast from Informa Telecoms & Media predicts that annual revenues for the global mobile market will surpass $1.03tn by 2013, with total worldwide subscriptions passing 5.3bn, writes The firm estimates that the world's mobile market will increase by 56% between the end of 2007 and the end of 2013. While it took over 20 years for the world to reach 3bn mobile subscriptions, a further 1.9bn additional subscriptions are expected in only six years, with the 5bn point being crossed in 2011. According to Informa 78% of global net additions between 2007 and 2013 will come from Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America. Over half of these will come from only five markets: India, China, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia. By 2013 global subscription penetration will have reached 75%.
From, 15/12/2008
Informa Telecoms & Media:


Mobile marketing to increase 150% by 2013

A new survey by Vanson Bourne on behalf of 02 has found that budgets for mobile marketing are expected to rise 150% by 2013, writes Brand Republic. 60% of those polled thought that mobile marketing was better for close targeting, in particular for financial services advertising.
From Brand Republic:, 10/10/2008
Vanson Bourne:


Mobile calls set to overtake fixed line usage

The latest Telecoms Market Matrix report from Analysys predicts that UK calls made on mobile phones will overtake those made on fixed networks by the end of Q2 this year, writes Computer Weekly. Mobile calls across Western Europe are expected to overtake fixed line calls by the middle of the year. Some countries, including France and Portugal, have already crossed this threshold. Italy and Germany are expected to pass it in 2009 and 2010 respectively.
From Computer Weekly:,, 19/02/2008


BT reveals quarterly revenues of £5.1bn

Q3 revenues for BT grew to £5.1bn, up 5% year on year writes The Guardian. Profits grew 13% to £643m (from £568m) as the company attracted more broadband users. BT Retail announced that it had gained 239,000 new broadband customers during the quarter with broadband revenues rising 24% to £233m. In total BT Retail now supplies over 3.2m broadband users in the UK. For the first time since 2002 BT also gained more residential telephone customers than it lost during the period.
From The Guardian:, 08/02/2007
British Telecom:


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