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Tencent partners Italian fashion TV commerce firm

A Television Commerce (T-Commerce) devoted to Italian fashion brands and addressed to the Chinese market has launched in Milan.


11/06/2018  |  Full story...

Ecommerce in Italy worth €24bn in 2017

Italy’s online retail industry is now worth about €24bn, doubling in size in the last four years, according to new research.


11/06/2018  |  Full story...

Growth of connected TV advertising in Europe [INFOGRAPHIC]

Video advertising delivered over the internet to TV screen will be worth €825m by 2020, with the UK generating the largest revenue and Italy is set for the fastest growth amongst European ‘Big 5’ countries, according to new research.


01/03/2018  |  Full story...

Banner ad viewability hits 18-month high

For the first time since it started measuring ad viewability, the level in the UK rose for two consecutive quarters – to hit the highest mark for 18 months – according to the latest quarterly benchmark report from ad verification company Meetrics.


23/10/2017  |  Full story...

Global mobile internet usage trends: Spain leads as UK lags

The UK lags behind the rest of the world in mobile internet consumption by 13 percentage points, while Spain leads the way, according to new research.


16/10/2017  |  Full story...

Periscope campaign: Mercedes Benz creates interactive treasure hunt with #FindTheSUV

For the first time ever Mercedes launched three new SUVs onto the Italian market at the same time. To introduce them the car maker created a digital live event that combines two innovations which enabled the first interactive treasure hunt on Periscope.

26/09/2016  |  Full story...

Video viral of the week: Burger King ‘pensioner team’ builds new stores in Italy

In Italy, 'Umarells' is the name given to retirees who like to spend their days observing and commenting on the ongoing work in the various construction sites. Burger King decided to make use of them in this new viral campaign…

17/05/2016  |  Full story...

Marketing fail: AC Milan scores own goal with 'Haka' Nivea prank

Italian football team AC Milan has come under criticism for perfoming a spoof 'Haka' dance before a match to promote a Nivea cream, with many branding the act 'disrespectful'.

25/04/2016  |  Full story...

RetailMeNot takes voucher business into Spain and Italy

RetailMeNot is expanding into the Spanish and Italian markets, match up consumers with retailers offering deals and vouchers.

12/04/2016  |  Full story...

Three installs mobile ad blocker at a network level

In a shock move, Three has become the first mobile operator to block ads at a network level.

19/02/2016  |  Full story...

Case study: Controversial ‘Slap Her’ experiment tackles domestic violence (and gets 30m views)

One of the most viewed videos of 2015, this Italian ad from Facebook page Fanpage certainly provoked discussion in its attempts to tackle domestic violence through a controversial social media experiment.

24/11/2015  |  Full story...

European Programmatic ad revenue up 71%: Mobile and video soar

Total programmatic display advertising market in Europe jumped 70.5% from €2.14bn in 2013 to €3.65bn in 2014, according to new data.

17/09/2015  |  Full story...

European video trends 2015: Brits watch less TV than ever, Italians watch most

Brits are watching less TV than ever before, with average viewing time across all platforms falling by 14 minutes since 2013, according to new research.

03/09/2015  |  Full story...

Top 5 smart cities of 2015: Barcelona crowned king of tech innovation

Barcelona has been named as the top smart city of 2015, making the best use of connected devices and systems for its citizens and visitors, according to new research.

19/02/2015  |  Full story...

Sky Italia moves 70% of brand ad budget to Turn programmatic marketing

Broadcaster Sky Italia has selected Turn as its data management platform (DMP) to deliver more personalised advertising experiences to customers and meet a range of digital marketing needs including real-time bidding.

11/11/2014  |  Full story...

Google expands AdWords Express app to small businesses worldwide

After a trial in the US, Google has expanded its AdWords Express app to 20 more countries, letting small businesses manage their search marketing campaigns on the move.

30/10/2014  |  Full story...

Euro and America seasonal trends: What is the international ecommerce market worth to businesses?

Businesses in the travel, retail, leisure and content sectors, could benefit from a global eCommerce export market worth £45bn by 2020, which is three times its current estimated value of £13bn, according to new research.

08/09/2014  |  Full story...

Retail ‘fastest growing usage category on smartphones in Italy’

Mobile accounted for 48,000,000 users in Italy during the three-month average ending November 2013, according to new research.

07/05/2014  |  Full story...

European shoppers to double mobile spend this year: Brits lead the way (infographic)

Mobile shoppers in Europe are set to spend £19.8 billion in 2014, almost twice as much as last year’s spend of £10.7 billion according to new research.

11/04/2014  |  Full story...

Apple smartphone market share down in 2013, despite 5S boost

Apple’s share of smartphone sales has grown following the September release of the iPhone 5s and 5c, but its share of most major markets remains lower than this time last year, in the face of growing competition from rivals, according to new research.

07/01/2014  |  Full story...

Top 10 most searched for social networks by country

Social media was ruled by Facebook in 2013, with Pinterest Skype and Twitter all performing well across a range of countries, according to new data from Bing.

09/12/2013  |  Full story...

Gatorade pushes sport benefits with online fitness training

Energy drink Gatorade has embarked on a new campaign in Italy, offering a free online fitness program to consumers.

21/11/2013  |  Full story...

Global smartphone trends: Windows ‘now accounts for 1 in 10 devices’ across Europe

Windows Phone now accounts for one in ten smartphone sales across the five major European markets and has seen strong growth in the UK, but Android still leads the way, according to new research.

06/11/2013  |  Full story...

Profiling the social networking habits of European adults

As the online privacy debates rages, people all over the world are becoming more aware of how they are accessing the Internet, especially social networks. The latest insights from Kantar Media’s TGI Net Europa study reveal the habits, behaviours and motivations of social network users in Great Britain, Germany, France and Spain.

28/10/2013  |  Full story...

Dailymotion picks Yahoo to serve ads in UK

Yahoo UK has been appointed as the sole sales representative for the world’s second largest video platform, Dailymotion, to serve ads across its UK property.

10/10/2013  |  Full story...

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