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Digital Intelligence June 2013

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence June 2013

In this month's round-up, we look at advertising: Facebook's new ad formats, Amazon overtaking Twitter in ad revenue, and Google's new 'enhanced' campaigns. The continued evolution of these 3 media properties is covered in our Digital Acceleration training, so email us back if you need more.

For consumer marketers, new research on brand equity shows which brands are the winners among Generation Y, the digitally native 16-34 year-olds that are so tough to reach effectively. And there's more from Cannes, plus the latest online films that are driving the "earned" media many marketers are searching for. Stories are grouped around the big themes in digital - and full details, videos and high resolution charts on click through below.

If you'd like quick tips about what these mean for your team's plans, then simply reply back to this email for a digital strategist to send you extra advice. And with advanced in-company training programmes running in 20 countries this year, it's easy than ever to boost your team's skills.

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Yahoo rivals Klout with ads based on social influence

Yahoo plans to let marketers bid on ads based around a user’s ‘social influence’, rivalling the likes of Klout to offer brands new ways of amplifying messages via their most vocal customers and advocates.

18/06/2013  |  Full story...

Klout finally debuts business tools for social media measurement

Social analytics firm Klout's is launching a new platform for businesses, looking to tap into the lucrative ‘big data’ market as brands seek a better understanding of their audiences online.

21/03/2013  |  Full story...

Social media case study: Copa Airlines uses Facebook page to increase brand engagement and sales


Copa Airlines with a social marketing campaign 'Passport America' to grows its' Facebook fan base, generates and awareness and increase ticket sales on its website. The campaign resulted in 59% conversion and ROI expanded to 50 times. A total of 279,000 users registered for the promotion and 1.3 million invitations were sent out. This Facebook-centric campaign featured the prize draw of a lifetime: a Grand Prize consisting of round trip airfare for the winner and a guest to each of Copa's 59 destinations. To enter, people registered through Facebook Connect and to keep people engaged and the momentum going additional chances to win were integrated at different levels, including their social muscle could help them win.

More on this Case study …
Brand: Copa Airlines |Sector: Travel | Format: Facebook Apps, Facebook Platform, Marketplace Ads, Facebook Pages| Agency: Nobox, Miami | Language: English (US), Portugese (Brazil), Spanish

Facebook case study | YouTube case study

01/07/2012  |  Full story...

Twitter unlocks 2 years of tweet archive for market research

Twitter has partnered with data firm Datasift to unlock the vast archive of user tweets made since 2010, allowing firms to access them for market research purposes. Firms can search tweets back to January 2010 in order to plan marketing campaigns, target influential users or even try to predict certain events. Until today, only the previous 30 days of tweets were available for companies to search. Regular users can access posts from the past seven days.

29/02/2012  |  Full story...

Salesforce mixes social media with CRM after Radian6 buy

Salesforce has unveiled a new social insights platform that integrates Radian6 into its core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. In May, cloud-based enterprise company acquired Radian6, the social media monitoring startup, for $326 million. Salesforce, which is best known for CRM or customer relationship management products, said at the time that the "hundreds of millions of conversations [Radian6 captures] every day across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs and online communities" will help provide its businesses with "actionable insights in real-time.”

02/12/2011  |  Full story...

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