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Digital Intelligence January 2011

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence January 2011

Effective digital strategies will be increasingly dominated by new structures and approaches this year. Many agency functions will shift client-side and a new balance in staffing will emerge.

Digital capability is a key driver of competitiveness, and with Facebook and relationship marketing moving to the heart of the digital mix, most firms need to be more hands-on in producing their content and managing their social relationships. It's not only a cost saving and a leap in ROI, but gives a far greater economy of scope having the digital expertise inside the team rather than at the end of an email.

Success strategies are shifting, and the stories we're tracking as the year started echo this. Watch out for key functions moving in house, including relationship marketing, social media management, website content creation and support. There is still a role for specialists for the more advanced issues and the creative big idea, but team structures by the end of 2011 should look significantly different from those today.

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LinkedIn to go public this year?

Business-based social networking site LinkedIn is set go public this year, according to a news report. Reuters cited three separate sources have confirmed the move that will see LinkIn register an initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2011. In a separate report, The Wall Street Journal claims that the filing could come in the first quarter.

06/01/2011  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence November 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence November 2010

Get set for another online retail record-breaker: next Monday is 'Mega-Monday' when online stores hit meltdown in the shopping frenzy. £6.4bn is the UK forecast for December, with over £20m/hr spent on Monday. Recessionary 2009 saw a 25% leap on 2008 for total online sales (here in the UK) so expect similar this year. Christmas retail triggered a frenzy of last minute traffic grabbing with Search Ad Buys pushing bid prices up and squeezing retail margins - left me thinking that smarter SEO strategies in the summer could have saved a few million dollars on paid ads. All too common to see firefighting rather than getting the strategy in place at the start.

For 2011 we're encouraging consumer brands to evaluate greater roles for marketing through gaming, so we've included video games and console platform sales in the US. And this edition also covers top sites in Russia, Mobile Phone Moms in the US, Finance and Retailer sites in the UK because that's what brands asked us for.

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LinkedIn debuts ‘BrandYou’ campaign across Europe

Professional social network LinkedIn has launched a pan-European campaign called BrandYou, to highlight the increasing importance of personal brand management. As job mobility increases across Europe and more Generation Y employees enter the workforce, the campaign will seek to help more people discover how managing a personal brand and reputation can play an important role in their career tool set alongside their experience and qualifications. The campaign includes exclusive insights, tools, content and personal BrandYou surveys shared across Europe and a new LinkedIn Group set up for discussion and interaction.


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Top 10 social networking websites: UK

Sites ranked by unique audience, Mar 10 Top 10 social networking websites: UK. Sites ranked by unique audience, Mar 10


Digital Intelligence February 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence February 2010

Pepsi ditched the Superbowl, The Guardian newspaper ditched its regionals, TV adspend took another nail in the coffin, and UK politicians decided to make 100meg broadband an election issue. Brands, media and policy makers: channel switches are everywhere.

The mobile channels will dominate this year's switch the way social media did last year. Mobile wars are intensifying with Nokia's Ovi Maps set to decimate TomTom, Blackberry getting Kindle, and Google refocusing on the small screen ahead of a fusion with social media. But mobile isn't just for global giants - every brand needs a mobile digital strategy to reach customers in the right places through the routes they want. Building the technology and platforms is the easy bit; translating customer needs into the right services is way tougher.

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LinkedIn syncs up with Microsoft Outlook

LinkedIn and Microsoft have launched a new service allowing LinkedIn members to bring their professional network right into their Outlook Inbox. The new tool, called the LinkedIn Outlook Connector, can be accessed by LinkedIn in three steps to begin using their professional network within Outlook.

As soon as LinkedIn and Outlook are connected, Outlook will begin feeding in information about their LinkedIn network. Profile photos and LinkedIn activity for any connection that emails the member will start to appear. Members can see the latest activity for any LinkedIn connection who emails them right at the bottom of that email. See who they are connecting with, the articles they are reading and sharing, and the questions they are asking and answering.


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LinkedIn and Twitter sync status updates

LinkedIn and Twitter have struck a deal that lets users publish their status updates across both social networks simultaneously.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network, with 50 million members around the world who post information about themselves, such as resumes, to help find jobs or employees, and to stay in touch with each other.

LinkedIn’s update box allows inputs of up to 140 characters, conveniently the same size as that allowed by Twitter.


11/11/2009  |  Full story...

Twitter revenue model: 2.0?

The funky microblogging social app could be close to unlocking a massive revenue stream thanks to mobile operators, writes Reuters. Twitter's co-founder Biz Stone this week confirmed they are not introducing advertising, but instead are evaluating revenue-share deals with mobile carriers. The Twitter app allows live updates to be sent from and to mobile phones through SMS, giving a ready-made pathway for micropayments. The model has already been copied by Facebook and our take is that LinkedIn, MySpace and Bebo will all follow whichever approach Twitter settles on. As mobile operators look for new ways to charge data, this model is sure to find powerful allies.
From, 18/05/2009


LinkedIn passes 40m member mark

Business-related social networking site LinkedIn has now signed up over 40m members worldwide, writes Netimperative. The site has over 10m members in Europe with 2.25m registered in the UK. London now accounts for over 500,000 members alone. In the UK, new memberships from people working in the recruitment and staffing sector have risen 40% as employers look for new ways to find and attract new staff. The site is also seeing strong growth in emerging markets, with 2m members now registered in India.
From Netimperative:, 06/05/2009


Fastest growing social networks in the UK

Digital Strategy - Fastest growing social networks in the UK

Source: Nielsen/NetRatings


Most engaging social networks, UK August 2007

Digital Strategy - Most engaging social networks - UK August 2007

Source: Nielsen/NetRatings


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