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Google Maps gets 10m iPhone downloads in 48 hours

Google’s new maps app for the iPhone has become one of the most successful app launches ever, getting over 10 million downloads in just 2 days. The Google Maps iPhone app had been highly anticipated by many iPhone users after the recent iOS 6 update saw Google’s mapping software replaced by the iPad mini manufacturer’s own Apple Maps service.

19/12/2012  |  Full story...

Google Maps returns to Apple store with new features

Google's new standalone Maps app for iOS has just gone live in the App Store, following Apple’s controversial decision to replace it with their own brand of mapping software. The move was widely criticised after numerous mistakes were found in Apple Maps' search results. The new Google app offers iOS 6 users unhappy with the experience on Apple's new in-house Maps app the ability to switch back to Google's free offering.

14/12/2012  |  Full story...

Top search terms of 2012: Euro 2012 beats Olympics in Google Zeitgeist report

Euro 2012 was the most searched-for sporting event in the UK, ahead of the Olympics, according to Google’s review of the year. Though Olympics tickets finished second in the overall ‘Zeitgeist’ trends list, there were plenty of searches for Olympic athletes. Topping the list of British Olympians was Andy Murray, who won tennis gold and went on to win his first Grand Slam tournament at the US Open.

12/12/2012  |  Full story...

Marketing techniques with Google maps – upgrades and innovation

More engineering investment from Google means that marketing techniques with Google maps are going to become more innovative as the maps interface strengthens, combining Street View and consumer generated content. Here are the latest developments...

11/12/2012  |  Full story...

Apple sacks maps boss in management shake-up

Apple has sacked the executive who lead its widely-criticised mobile maps program as part of an ongoing staff overhaul, according to a news report. Technology blog AllThingsD reports that Rich Williamson was fired last week, citing a source familiar with the matter. Apple provoked outrage when it ditched Google Maps in favour of its own software when the iPhone 5 was launched in September.

28/11/2012  |  Full story...

Nokia brings Apple maps rival to iPhone and iPad

Nokia has launched ‘Here’, a rebranded version of its mapping application, on Apple iTunes for iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch, offering an alternative to Apple’s controversial native maps app.
The app features driving directions, live traffic view, satellite view, public transport line view and offline view, among others. The move comes after Apple removed Google Maps as its default navigation application.

21/11/2012  |  Full story...

Social TV merger: Viggle buys GetGlue for $25m

TV loyalty rewards service Viggle is buying social network GetGlue for $25 million and 48.3 million shares of stock. GetGlue works in a similar way to FourSquare, giving users virtual stickers for checking in while watching shows or movies. Those virtual stickers are then turned into real-life ones and mailed to users for their collection.

21/11/2012  |  Full story...

Local traffic by search engine: North America

Bing users are more likely to search for local goods and services then Google or Yahoo users in North America with 28.81%. Although Google is the largest of the three search engines, only 24.24% of users opted to conduct local search queries during the analysed period.

Local traffic by search engine: North America. Bing users are more likely to search for local goods and services then Google or Yahoo users in North America with 28.81%. Although Google is the largest of the three search engines, only 24.24% of users opted to conduct local search queries during the analysed period.

25/10/2012  |  Full story...

Mobile vs. non mobile local searches

This chart shows the local search breakdown for mobile and non-mobile users in North America. 16.37% of local search queries on Google were conducting using a mobile device. The fewest local searches on a mobile were conducted using Bing with only 5.21%.

Mobile vs. non mobile local searches. This chart shows the local search breakdown for mobile and non-mobile users in North America. 16.37% of local search queries on Google were conducting using a mobile device. The fewest local searches on a mobile were conducted using Bing with only 5.21%.

24/10/2012  |  Full story...

1 in 4 US searches are local- study

The number of searches looking for local goods and services in the US has risen significantly in the past two years, with local searches making up 24% of Google queries, according to new research. The study, from ad network Chitika, indicates that Bing users are slightly more likely to search for local goods and services then Google or Yahoo! users. About 28% of Bing searches indicate a user’s interest in local services and products compared to around 25% for Google and Yahoo.

11/10/2012  |  Full story...

Google goes underwater as coral reefs gets Street View treatment

Google has gone underwater for its latest addition to its street view service, offering 360 degree interactive tours of some of the world’s most famous coral reefs. The firm has partnered with the Catlin Seaview Survey to add areas from the Great Barrier Reef and several other underwater spots. Other areas include Lady Elliot Island, Molokini Crater, Maui, Hanauma Bay, Hawaii, Oahu, and Apo Island, Philippines.

27/09/2012  |  Full story...

Gourmet Burger Kitchen app rewards loyalty with free food

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) is set to launch a smartphone app with an online gaming element, as the restaurant chain looks to boost its digital reach. Diners earn "badges" for undergoing certain challenges, which then equate to free food. For example, customers ordering a Habernero burger with extra jalapeno chillies will receive a Fireface badge, entitling them to a free drink.

26/09/2012  |  Full story...

Google ‘yet to submit maps app to Apple’ for iPhone 5 users

Apple’s heavily-criticised new mapping system looks set to remain the only location app on the iPhone 5 for a while longer, as Google revealed it has not yet submitted its mapping service for inclusion on the App Store. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has admitted that no move has been made to put the Internet search engine giant's map application on Apple's latest smartphone operating system, iOS6.

25/09/2012  |  Full story...

Nestle puts GPS trackers in Kit Kat bars to deliver prizes

Nestle has launched a (slightly creepy) new promotion for its Kit Kat, Yorkie and Aero bars, embedding GPS trackers in select bars, with the promise to track down the buyer within 24 hours to deliver a £10,000 prize.The promotion called 'We will find you', will involve six KitKat 4 Finger, KitKat Chunky, Aero Peppermint Medium, or Yorkie bars.

Watch the promo video here:

24/09/2012  |  Full story...

Apple faces backlash over new iPhone mapping technology

Apple’s new mapping technology, which replaces Google Maps, has come under fire from users and businesses alike for a myriad of inaccuracies and misplaced landmarks. Amongst a wide range of complaints surfacing on Facebook and Twitter include missing towns (Stratford-upon-Avon and Solihull), wrong locations (Uckfield in East Sussex) and satellite images of various locations, particularly in Scotland, being obscured by cloud. Some smaller roads and lanes do not even have road names and numbers in the UK. There is also no built-in information about public transportation.

21/09/2012  |  Full story...

Apps dominate mobile travel traffic in US

US iPhone and Android users are increasily relying on apps, rather than mobile websites, to get their travel information while on the move, according to new research. As the summer travel season comes to a close, Nielsen looked at the usage of travel-related mobile apps and websites during June 2012.

11/09/2012  |  Full story...

Google Maps adds navigation and live traffic updates in India

Google has updated its mapping service in India, with two new features to boost navigation and traffic updates. The service now includes ‘turn-by-turn’ voice navigation through Google Maps Navigation (Beta). Google maps also now features live traffic information for major roads in select cities - Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad.

10/09/2012  |  Full story...

Amazon snubs Google Maps for Nokia in new Kindle Fire

Online retailer Amazon has partnered with Nokia to provide mapping services for its new Kindle Fire, representing a significant snub to Google. Reuters reports that the new tablet device will have an integrated mapping feature and the partnership with Nokia help the company avoid using Google Maps. Amazon revealed that the original Kindle Fire is now sold out and the Kindle Fire 2 is expected to be announced at an event on 6 September 2012.

03/09/2012  |  Full story...

Starbucks Vs Costa: Who is winning the London check-in wars? (infographic)

Despite Starbucks having eight times the number of central London outlets, the chain secures less Facebook check-ins on average than rival coffee group Costa, according to new research. Socialbakers has released Facebook data which compares the social campaigns Starbucks and Costa have run over the past few weeks, measuring Facebook Check-Ins, likes and comments. This reveals how two competitor brands drive brand engagement through social media.

23/08/2012  |  Full story...

Google preparing for travel channel? Buys another guidebook publisher

If you were the world’s leader in search, and wanted to dominate the wider online travel category, then you’d need a small amount of quality data to form the heart of your listings. Hot on the heels of acquiring the Zagat restaurant guides, Google has bought a travel publisher, filled with premium travel photos, illustration and data. We’re betting they’re architecting a major travel launch before the year end…

14/08/2012  |  Full story...

Never mind the bots? Entrepreneur claims Facebook ads made him $10K in one day

Facebook has had a turbulent few months following its IPO fiasco, tumbling shares and accusations that fake profiles (or bots) are driving up ad prices. But one entrepreneur has come to the social network’s defence, claiming to have made $10,000 in one day via a vinyl records sale advertised on Facebook. Brendan Irvine-Broque, the director of growth at PageLever, spent $150 to promote a garage sale using Facebook's 'Sponsored Stories' events format, inviting people to come purchase his vintage vinyl records at $3 each.

06/08/2012  |  Full story...

Google debuts bicycling route-finder in UK

Google Maps has launched a cycle-specific routing on its Maps feature in theUK, including National Cycle Network routes. A “bicycling” option will appear in the “bird’s eye view” menu (alongside traffic, photos, weather, terrain), allowing users to see cycle routes in their area. These will be divided into bike trails (where there are no motor vehicles), streets with bike lanes and streets recommended for cyclists.

11/07/2012  |  Full story...

Facebook adds ‘Find Friends Nearby’ location tool

Facebook has integrated a new feature into its mobile apps and website, which allows users to spot nearby friends. The Find Friends Nearby page uses GPS coordinates and shows other people currently visiting that 'meeting room,' whether you're already friends with them or not. Non-friends will be listed in an 'Others' section.

26/06/2012  |  Full story...

Google helps manage workers on the move with mobile app

Google has launched Maps Coordinate, a paid-for mobile app designed to help companies track and manage workers on the move. The location-based tool combines Google’s mapping technology and Android smartphones to deploy offsite staff effectively depending on their locations.

Watch a video explaining how the service works below:

25/06/2012  |  Full story...

Facebook mobile strategy? Tips from our digital strategists

As more and more consumers access Facebook on-the-go - via a mobile app downloaded to their smartphone - consider what this means for your brand page experience and the opportunities it provides for social, local and mobile (SoLoMo) promotions. Images and video needs to work on a mobile screen. Calls to action need to be simplified for mobile response. Promotions need to be geo-targeted - taking advantage of check-ins via FB Places. Consider also how you optimise your Facebook page for mobile search retrieval and the growing number of consumers searching when out-and-about.


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