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McDonald’s wins brand World Cup as food companies get most buzz

France may have lifted the Jules Rimet trophy, but they were not the only winners as big brands basked in World Cup glory, according to new research.


20/07/2018  |  Full story...

World Cup sponsorship trends: Coca-Cola and McDonald's lead as fans get more ‘brand conscious’

More than half (54%) of World Cup fans are brand-conscious, meaning the opportunity for brands and sponsors is huge worldwide just 2 months before the football tournament kicks off in Russia.


20/04/2018  |  Full story...

Top Winter Olympics brands: Samsung wins (but Red Stripe takes unofficial medal)

With the Winter Olympics now over, social media analysis reveals that Samsung, Ralph Lauren and Intel were the Top 10 brands most associated with the Winter Olympics.


27/02/2018  |  Full story...

Burger King trolls McDonald’s with #ScaryClownNight

For its 2017 Halloween campaign, Burger King poked further fun at its McDonald’s rival, with a tagline that reads, “Come as a clown, eat like a King.”


01/11/2017  |  Full story...

"Never trust a clown": Burger King trolls McDonald’s with 'IT' cinema stunt

Burger King pranked cinema goers in Germany this month with an ad that turned the film "IT" into its “longest ad ever” with a punchline that mocked its rival mcDonald's. See why it's out video viral of the week below...


13/10/2017  |  Full story...

McDonald's pulls controversial video ad about child bereavement

McDonald's has withdrawn a controversial video ad after a huge social media backlash, with one charity accusing it of exploiting child bereavement.

17/05/2017  |  Full story...

McDonald’s secret Google campaign: Can it drive searchers to “that place where Coke tastes so good”?

McDonald’s is experimenting with an unconventional marketing campaign that doesn’t mention the brand once- instead urging viewers to search for a phrase instead.


19/04/2017  |  Full story...

McDonald’s Japan holds ‘General Election’ for burger upgrade

McDonalds Japan has begun a social media campaign that lets its customers vote for their favourite burger, with the winner becoming part of a free upgrade meal deal.

12/01/2017  |  Full story...

McDonald’s debuts "biggest ever" Christmas campaign with Blippar and Amazon

McDonald's is using augmented reality app Blippar as part of its "biggest ever Christmas advertising campaign", offering Amazon gift vouchers.

21/11/2016  |  Full story...

McDonalds axes ‘youth’ YouTube channel due to low interest

McDonald's has closed down a youth-focused YouTube campaign, dubbed “Channel Us”, after failing to generate enough interest.

McDonald's Channel Us Trailer from Drum on Vimeo.

12/10/2016  |  Full story...

Unhappy meal: McDonald's ditches wearable fitness tracker over “rash” claims

McDonald’s latest attempt to shed its unhealthy image backfired this week, after a fitness tracker happy meal toy was claimed to bring out its users in a rash.


19/08/2016  |  Full story...

Samsung “most trustworthy Olympics sponsor brand”- survey

Samsung is the most trusted Olympic sponsor brands among UK consumers, while McDonalds is the least trusted, according to new research.

17/08/2016  |  Full story...

Half of brands Olympics sponsorship “will go unnoticed by consumers" this summer

Is official Olympics sponsorship worth it? New research highlights the winners and losers from the last games, and looks at the impact ahead of Rio 2016.

05/08/2016  |  Full story...

McDonald’s fail: Name your own burger site attracts tasteless creations

Clearly not learning lessons from “Boaty McBoatFace”, McDonalds New Zealand launched a "Create Your Taste" campaign that resulted in a number of highly offensive burger names appearing on its official site.

21/07/2016  |  Full story...

Video viral of the week: Burger King mocks McDonald's commercial with 'new ending'

McDonald's recently ran a commercial showing off how many more 'golden arches' restaurants exist in France, compared to its rival Burger King. In response, Burger King has provided a twist ending. See why its our video viral of the week below...

29/02/2016  |  Full story...

Case Study: McDonald's ‘Pay With Lovin’ and Twitter ad break giveaways

At the 2015 Super Bowl, McDonalds certainly took the prize for most innovative digital aspect of a campaign, with a two-pronged social media strategy to get people engaging with the brand while watching the game. The fast food chain used its 2015 ad to announce that it will let random customers pay with funny and heart-warming gestures rather than cash. This was followed up with tweets that pledged to giveaway all other products advertised during each ad break- from Toyota cars to superglue.

24/11/2015  |  Full story...

Burger King makes ‘Peace Burger’ with smaller rivals after McDonald’s snub

Following a high profile rejection from McDonald's last week, a group of chains including Denny’s, Krystal, Wayback Burgers, and Giraffas have come forward to take up Burger King's idea of a mash-up burger for World Peace Day.

04/09/2015  |  Full story...

Burger King to McDonald’s: Let’s make a ‘McWhopper’ for peace

In a novel marketing stunt, Burger King has invited McDonald's to put aside rivalries for just one day, and make a 'McWhopper' for World Peace Day. But all has not gone to plan as its larger rival has refused to bite the bait…

26/08/2015  |  Full story...

Top 8 Super Bowl ads: Budweiser wins, McDonald’s loves and Loctite charms

At last Sunday's Super Bowl, NBC charged an eye-watering $4.5m for a 30-second TV spot- so brands have to use their time very wisely and adopt digital channels to amplify their message. We look back at the eight best (and one of the worst) Super Bowl ads of 2015.

03/02/2015  |  Full story...

One third of consumers still believe Nike was an official World Cup sponsor

New research from GlobalWebIndex has found that Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Visa and Adidas were the most recognised sponsors from the 2014 World Cup, with recognition levels of 50%, 39%, 41% and 36% respectively (among UK, US and Brazilian consumers).


24/07/2014  |  Full story...

Top food and drink chains on social media: Nando's leads on Twitter and Facebook

Nando's currently leads the UK food and drink chain market for social media, ahead of Dominos, TGI Fridays and Starbucks, according to a UK-based study.

01/07/2014  |  Full story...

McDonald's launches digital-focused office in San Francisco

McDonald's has opened an office in San Francisco and is hoping to attract digital and business-development talent that will help it improve customer experiences.

12/06/2014  |  Full story...

Scarier than a clown? New McDonald’s mascot terrifies Twitter

McDonald's latest mascot ‘Happy’, aimed at promoting healthy eating for children, has caused a stir on social media for all the wrong reasons- with many judging the character as ‘terrifying’.

21/05/2014  |  Full story...

7 marketing lessons for brands: The best (and worst) of Coca Cola, Apple and Walmart's strategies

The rise and fall of key global brands are both a warning and a model to follow for marketers, according to a new report looking at the top 100 global brands.

06/05/2014  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence March 2014

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence March 2014

As the web celebrates its 25th birthday, Tim Berners-Lee shares his thoughts about what's to come. To give you a window into the near future, Matt Cutts explains how Google voice search will remove keyboards, and wearable computers get another step closer.

New research this month showed that 1/5 of all ad spend globally now goes online. Facebook is trying to push that further, continuing to remove the free organic audiences brands enjoyed in the past, as they force companies to switch ad dollars to promote their posts.

This month's case studies that impressed us include Samsung's big win at the Oscars, McDonald's testing SnapChat and Garnier's social tactics in China.

The research is grouped in the sections matching digital channel strategies and training courses.

Need more about the implications of any of this research on the digital aspects of your marketing plan? Simply email us back.

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