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England World Cup qualifier to become Web exclusive

This weekend's England football international will be broadcast exclusively live over the internet for the first time. Media group Perform is to stream Saturday's away clash against Ukraine on a pay-per-view basis, charging viewers from £4.99 to watch the game live on their PCs or laptops. A maximum of one million subscribers would be taken for the match. This is the "safe number to stop at to ensure the optimal broadcast” the company said. Perform streams more than 15,000 events a year, with millions of site users a month. The move follows the collapse of pay-TV platform Setanta earlier this year, which had been due to broadcast the World Cup qualifier.


05/10/2009  |  Full story...

Battle of the three screens: Time spent watching video

Video adding to screen use, not simply migrating audiences. TV continues to gorw and remains at aseasonal all-time high, Q2 2009

Digital Strategy data - Battle of the three screens: Time spent watching


Battle of the three screens (US): TV, PC and Mobile

An early snapshot of US consumers suggests viewing on the rise across all three screens (TV, Internet and mobile phone), Q2 2009

Digital Strategy data - Battle of the three screens (US): TV, PC and Mobile


Battle of the three screens: TV, PC and mobile viewing by age group

Snapshot of audience attention across three screens: monthly time spent viewing media by age group, Q2 2009

Digital Strategy data - Battle of the three screens: TV, PC and mobile viewing by age group


Video viewing on TV, PC and Mobile: By gender

Gender balance similar across TV, Internet and Mobile, Q2 2009

Digital Strategy data - Video viewing on TV, PC and Mobile: By gender


Battle of the three screens: Mobile video viewed by age

Nearly a third of all mobile video viewed is by 24-35 year olds, Q2 2009

Digital Strategy data - Battle of the three screens: Mobile video viewed by age


BBC to offer iPlayer platform to rival broadcasters?

The BBC has said its iPlayer online video platform could be opened up to rival broadcasters. The broadcaster revealed the plans last week at the IBC 2009 conference in Amsterdam. Eric Huggers, BBC director of future media and technology, said in a speech at the event the corporation is planning to create an "Open iPlayer" which would allow third parties to offer content on their own versions of the service.

14/09/2009  |  Full story...

Project Kangaroo finally finds a home at Arqiva

Former Eurosport UK managing director Pierre-Jean Sebert has been appointed CEO of Arqiva’s new video-on-demand service that will be built on the infrastructure of the former Project Kangaroo. The transmission company plans to use the assets to launch a new video-on-demand service to UK consumers in the coming months. Project Kangaroo was the video-on-demand (VOD) platform developed by UKVOD LLP, a joint venture set up by BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4.

01/09/2009  |  Full story...

Advertising spend: Worldwide

Worldwide advertising spending will reach $421 billion in 2009, June 2009

Digital Strategy data - Advertising spend: Worldwide. Worldwide advertising spending will reach $421 billion in 2009, June 2009


Advertising spend: North America

Ad spend in North America will decrease by 1.6% from 2009-13, June 2009

Digital Strategy data - Advertising spend - North America, June 2009. Ad spend in North America will decrease by 1.6% from 2009-13, June 2009


Ad skipping on course for 20% as DVR sales rise in US

According to DVR Research Institute, 20% of US viewers will actively skip TV ads by 2011 (from 6% currently), as DVR sales continue to rise, writes Media Life. The firm estimates that DVR-enabled households will grow to 50% during the same period, from about a third in 2009. DVR Research Institute also notes that viewers are more likely to skip ads the longer they use their devices.
Rival data from Leichtman Research Group suggests that the 50% ownership level won't be reached until 2012 with ad skipping growing to 16%. However, both studies agree on the general trend, as do marketers: 83% now believe that the growing ownership of DVRs will hit the effectiveness of TV campaigns.
From Media Life:, 02/07/2009
DVR Research Institute:


Vodafone and MySpace extend partnership with launch of Music Studio

Vodafone are strengthening their ongoing ties to MySpace by launching an online music studio, writes Netimperative. The 8-month campaign will see the firms build a MySpace community geared towards musicians and music fans in the UK, Germany and Spain. The Music Studio will feature:

  • an online remixing tool for musicians to play with tracks by established artists;
  • tips and tricks on playing and recording music and using MySpace to promote artists;
  • regular monthly competitions for bands and artists to promote themselves and win recording time;
  • news and interviews from Vodafone-sponsored events across Europe;
  • discussion forums and community tools for musicians to link to events.

The partnership complements the launch of the Vodafone Music Reporter platform on MySpace last year and reflects Vodafone's ongoing strategy to brand itself as a "key player in the music industry".
MySpace has had a tough time this month, announcing staff cuts of nearly 30% as the site restructures itself to try and play catch-up with Facebook and Twitter.
From Netimperative:, 24/06/2009
The Music Studio:


Government releases Digital Britain report

The Government has finally published its Digital Britain report by Communications Minister Lord Carter. The 238 page report sets out the Government's "strategic vision" for the next stage of the UK's digital development in order for the country to remain at the "leading edge of the global digital economy". New measures outlined in the report include:

  • Universal UK access to broadband speeds of 2Mbps by 2012.
  • Setting up a fund to invest in next generation broadband using a 50p monthly levy on all fixed telephone lines.
  • A three-year plan to raise digital participation.
  • Legal and regulatory changes to fight digital piracy with an increased role given to Ofcom.
  • A change in Channel 4's remit, with a new role as the 'open new media authority' (instead of 'the open broadcasting authority').
  • Liberalising the mobile spectrum, extending 3G licenses and improving 3G coverage.
  • Holding a consultation to examine funding for local, national and regional news (including the proposal to redirect £130m from the BBC licence fee to pay for ITV regional news).
  • Setting the digital radio switchover date for 2015.
  • Supporting public service content partnerships.

The following is our round-up of the most useful and relevant Digital Britain stories from around the web:

Department for Culture, Media and Sport: Government outlines plans for UK’s digital transition
The Guardian: Digital Britain: What to expect sector by sector from Lord Carter's report
BBC news: Experts react to Digital Britain
Brand Republic: Full coverage of the Digital Britain report
Revolution: Digital Britain: The tea-break guide


Virgin Media to offer unlimited music download service

Virgin Media broadband customers will soon have unlimited access to Universal Music's entire back catalogue for a set monthly subscription, writes Marketing Magazine. Users of the service will pay around £20 a month and will be able to stream and download as much music as they want without limits. Users will be able to keep any MP3 files they download and play them on any compatible device without restriction. Virgin Media is currently in talks with other major record labels to try and sign up further partners before the service goes live later this year. Virgin Media also intends to offer a cut-price "entry level" subscription for people who do not require unlimited access.
From Marketing Magazine:, 15/06/2009
Virgin Media:


Channel 4: web-enabled archive

This weekend the UK’s Channel 4 television network announced 10,000 archived shows are being put online – and for free. Media guardian reported that over 4,000 hours of content on the way, and all viewable through the 4oD catch-up service. The implications are that pressure will grow to release the BBC’s content archives which currently only run to 7 days. Great news for the web and internet users, good news for advertisers who have a new high volume channel for TV commercials, but in a world of television on-demand will there be any role for the linear broadcast schedule?
From Media Guardian:, 07/06/2009
Channel 4oD:


One third of Brits listen to radio on digital platforms

Rajar's latest quarterly results have found that 33.8% of British radio listeners now access radio broadcasts through digital devices. Digital listening rose 20m hours/week on the previous quarter to reach 206m hours/week. One fifth of all radio broadcast in the UK is now consumed through digital platforms. Although online radio use in the UK grew 7% year-on-year, it currently remains a small platform. DAB devices now account for 12.7% of all listening (up 10.8% year-on-year), followed by digital TV (3.4%) and online (2.2%). Radio listening via mobile phones was also up, rising 13% year-on-year to reach 13% of all adults aged 15+.
Rajar:, 07/05/2009


Television advertising icon Kellogg's change channels

It's a stepchange for the brand, writes Every brand is wrestling with the role of the web in their media mix, but the announcement of breakfast cereals giant Kellogg's that TV is being dropped for their next launch in favour of print and online is a massive psychological step in FMCG brand strategy.



22m homes now have digital TV

Ofcom's latest research has found that 22.2m UK households now have digital television services on their main TV set, writes Brand Republic. The latest Digital Television Progress Report also found that multi-channel TV take-up grew from 86.1% in Q3 2007 to 87.6% in Q4. Growth was driven by sales of digital terrestrial TV, with 4m units sold during the final quarter of 2007. Over 4m Freeview units were sold during the period, up from 2.4m in Q3 2007. 15m UK homes now have at least one Freeview box. BSkyB added 145,000 new subscribers, growing to 8.3m in total. Customers using cable TV services grew 61,000 to over 3.5m in total. Cable overtook analogue TV for the first time, becoming the UK's third largest TV platform with 13.6% of the total TV market.
From Brand Republic:, 27/03/2008


30m web users watch online videos in UK

New data from comScore has found that the UK's total audience for online video grew 10% in the year ending January 2009, reaching 29.6m unique viewers (aged 15+), writes Netimperative. 80.1% of the total UK online audience watched a video over the internet during the same period.
YouTube accounted for 99% of all videos viewed on Google-owned sites, as the site served over 2bn video requests. In total, Google-owned sites attracted 23.7m online viewers (a 14% increase year-on-year). The BBC came in second place with 6.8m viewers, followed by Microsoft (4.3m) and Facebook (3.6m).
Further research from Hitwise estimates that total traffic to online video websites grew 40.7% in the 12 months to February 2009. According to the firm 1 in every 35 web visits went to a specialist video website during February 2009, compared to 1 in 50 visits the year before.
From Netimperative:, 17/03/2009


Top 5 television broadcasters: UK

Ranked by total videos viewed online, Jan 2009

Digital Strategy data- Top 5 television broadcasters: UK. Ranked by total videos viewed online, Jan 2009

Source: comScore:


Virgin Media on-demand usage soars

Virgin Media TV subscribers made 516m viewing requests in 2008, including almost 100m views for the BBC's iPlayer service, writes The Guardian. Virgin's on-demand service is now used by 52% of the firm's 3.5m subscribers - up from 47% in 2007. The service provided 56m views in December 2008 alone (up from 33m in Q4 2007). The average number of monthly video views per user has also increased, from 23 to 30 year-on-year.
Virgin Media's platform now accounts for roughly one third of all iPlayer views, though the on-demand film service provided by FilmFlex is also proving successful. On-demand film requests, including Iron Man and Indiana Jones, led to a 10% usage rise in December. FilmFlex has racked up 35m sales since launch and offers more on-demand premieres than any other European service.
The Guardian:, 12/02/2009
Virgin Media:


Pete Clifton

Head of Editorial Development, BBC

February 2009

Pete CliftonPete Clifton, 46, is the BBC’s Head of Editorial Development, Multi-Media Journalism - one of the longest job titles in the organisation which puts him in charge of on demand developments across News, Sport and Weather. Before this he was Head of BBC News Interactive, the department responsible for the main News site, plus news to mobile phones, text on TV, interactive TV and outdoor spaces.

Before joining the BBC Pete was a news reporter on the Chronicle and Echo evening newspaper in Northampton, and later their cricket correspondent, covering a wide range of Northamptonshire defeats across the country. He went on to be a sports reporter at the Extel national news agency, before becoming the chief sub on the sports desk at the Press Association.

Away from work Pete likes exchanging dubious stories in bars, wine, playing the piano, attempting bad card tricks, bike riding, walking, golf, entertaining his four children, and occasionally his wife.

What is the next big challenge for the online news industry?
Said on: Oct 2005
How to make content available on different platforms. Beyond whatever website you are publishing on, how will the news be personalised? In what format? How will users want to receive their news? What about new ways of presenting content? The technical infrastructure? We will have to meet the on-demand age and be extremely nimble so that we can deliver whatever is needed, wherever it is needed


Virgin Media to offer ITV catch up

Virgin Media is to provide an "ITV Player" channel offering catch up episodes taken from ITV channels 1, 2, 3 and 4, writes Brand Republic. Episodes will be available for seven days and ITV will feature over 40 hours of programming each week, including popular shows such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale. Viewers will also have access to an archive service featuring 500 hours of programming over 6 months old. A selection of ITV's HD programming will also be available to viewers on demand. Subscribers to Virgin Media TV will also be able to watch ITV content directly on their computers. Under the 4-year deal ITV will receive a fixed revenue share.
Virgin Media already provides content from the BBC, Channel 4, Bravo, Living and Virgin1 on its catch up service. Total views reached 357m for the first nine months of last year and averaged 45m per month in the final quarter of 2008.
From Brand Republic:, 08/01/2009
Virgin Media:


BBC iPlayer sets new viewing record (with help from Wallace and Gromit)

The BBC's iPlayer set a new traffic record in December as viewers made 41m requests for programmes, writes Brand Republic. Usage was up nearly 20% on the previous month when the service received 35m requests. In total, the service processed 271m requests during 2008. In the seven days from Christmas Day to December 31st the total number of requests reached 8m with viewers most keen to watch "Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death", "Doctor Who" and the "Top Gear Vietnam Special".
Development of the service continues - the BBC recently introduced downloading for Linux and Mac users in addition to a special CBBC version for children.
From Brand Republic:, 07/01/2009
BBC iPlayer:


Digital Intelligence December 2008

Digital Intelligence December 2008

We hope you have enjoyed this year's editions of Digital Intelligence and in this final monthly review we show you how despite tough times on the high street online retail continues to break new records. In China online adspend continues to show extremely strong growth - no real surprise considering the majority of under-25s now spend half their time online. Further news from the broadcasting sector also continues to emphasise how the worlds of television, radio and online continue to converge and blur.

Best wishes for the holiday season from all of us here at Digital.
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