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Top 8 Super Bowl ads: Budweiser wins, McDonald’s loves and Loctite charms

At last Sunday's Super Bowl, NBC charged an eye-watering $4.5m for a 30-second TV spot- so brands have to use their time very wisely and adopt digital channels to amplify their message. We look back at the eight best (and one of the worst) Super Bowl ads of 2015.

03/02/2015  |  Full story...

Is copywriting is dead? New documentary asks if craft is still relevant in digital world

Some of ad land’s most decorated copywriters have spoken out in criticism of the state of British copywriting in 2014 in a new documentary, squaring the blame with the diminished value the industry now places on the craft.

Watch the film, called 'Madmen v Mavens' below:

27/10/2014  |  Full story...

Does creativity matter? Research shows dramatic impact on business results

Firms that let employees be creative in their work are often rewarded with greater sales and market share, according to new research from Adobe.

26/09/2014  |  Full story...

P&G seeks outside help in video cost cutting drive

Procter & Gamble has embarked on a large scale talent-scouting mission to reduce its video ad production costs, even placing an ad on the NASA website to seeking fresh ideas.

22/09/2014  |  Full story...

Matt Brittin

Country director for advertiser sales, Google UK

November 2007

DTL_Matt-Brittin.jpgIt’s been another amazing month or two for the folks at Google as it emerged in the UK they had topped ITV1 in revenues, as well as plucking the prize for world’s most recognised brand, and now one of the US top five firms by market cap. Google’s Matt Brittin is clear that the market is still changing fast and so is marketing. In this type of world why would we even talk about targeting a demographic. With search taking over 8% of all UK adspend, it’s well established as a media channel in its own right, and yet the pace of development remains daunting.

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Matthew Mayes, Executive Creative Director at MRM Worldwide

November 2007

Talking about the changes in the advertising industry, Matthew Mayes is clear that this “calls for a different form of advertising to populate this new space. People choosing to spend lots more time in this landscape.” On the changes in channels Mays may be a digital evangelist, but is no advocate of analogue rejection: “Newspaper and TV brands have a great future, they’ve just going to be watched and read very differently”. However Mayes is convinced that all is not well in the model of how advertising is created. Is ‘the big idea’ happening in the wrong place? “Why do you try to define the ‘big idea’ in the least important channel? This means you have to force it below the line and the model doesn’t necessarily work?”

15/11/2007  |  Full story...

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