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First look: Nokia reveals Windows 7 phone designs

Nokia has unveiled the first concept designs of its Windows 7 Mobile phones, following its tie-up with Microsoft. The mobile giant used the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to showcase two Windows Phone 7 concept devices that look slim and sleek, but the company did not say when they would be available. The concept unveiling comes days after Nokia's announcement Friday that it will partner with Microsoft to create new top-range devices.


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Digital Intelligence February 2011

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence February 2011

Valentine's day is looking expensive for Twitter's suitors. Google and Facebook have bid up the value of the young social tool to a staggering $10bn. Valuations from Huffington Post to Pandora are running far ahead of revenue multiples, and there's an echo of the late 90s dotcom panic, but what is the price of an acceleration really worth?

Whoever buys Twitter gets to leap forward in integrated mobile and social networking. They'll also get a massive, vibrant network as well as a technology base and challenger brand. Added to that are the insights, goodwill and expertise of some of the best minds in mobile and social networking. And on top they get to lock out the competitor from accessing any of this. In an emerging market, this type of strategy can be game changing.

Accelerating digital brands has become a theme for 2011. Alas, most firms don't have the luxury of pockets deep enough to buy technology or social start-ups. They rely on building their own strategies, content and social approach. The stories in this edition can help inform your digital strategy, and there's more at the end of the links. And in case you fancy a last minute Twitter bid, we've made a history of Twitter's rise here in our archive.

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Nokia teams up with Microsoft for Windows 7 smartphones

Nokia has struck a partnership with Microsoft to make Windows Phone 7 its primary smartphone operating system, as the phone maker aims to regain lost market share from Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platform.

The deal will see Nokia adopt Windows Phone as its “principle smartphone strategy” while contributing its expertise on hardware design and language support so that it can bring the software platform to “a larger range of price points, market segments and geographies.” Nokia added it will innovate “on top of the platform” in areas like imaging.


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Nokia CEO issues ‘brutal’ memo and ditches first MeeGo smartphone

Nokia has reportedly stopped development of its first MeeGo smartphone, as CEO Stephen Elop issued an internal memo offering a brutally honest assessment of the firm’s prospects. The news comes as the phone making giant struggles to regain market share lost to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platform.

The leaked memo has stoked ongoing speculation that the company is about to expand from Symbian and MeeGo to include Android or Windows Phone 7 handsets to boost sales. In the memo, Elop’s describes Nokia as a company in crisis, and says that the firm has even failed to yet provide a product that matches the first iPhone. “The first iPhone shipped in 2007, and we still don't have a product that is close to their experience," Elop wrote in the note which was distributed to the Finnish company's staff.


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Nokia boss planning for next billion mobile web users

Nokia is going to connect the “next billion” people to internet using its mobile technology and “locally relevant Ovi services”.The manufacturer made the declaration on the final day of the Nokia World event, calling in Sir Tim Berners-Lee to help fight the cause.

Mary McDowell, Nokia’s Executive Vice President for Mobile Phones, said: “More people will join the information age using a mobile phone than a PC. With approximately 80 percent of the world’s population in reach of a cell tower, it is the mobile phone that will offer the first PC-like experience for many of the next billion people who will come online.”


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Digital Intelligence April 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence April 2010

The use of the web by politicians has been underwhelming, but the current UK elections are still the most digital. Here’s why...

Social media reached out to a new generation and told them to vote. The Electoral Commission used simple digital marketing tactics to reach the right people (youngsters not yet registered), in the right media space (Facebook), with the right offer (one click to register). Simple, brilliant, game-changing.

Secondly, digital analytics came into their own for the first time. Old-style telephone polling and street surveys are over. Instead social media monitoring provided granular insights into every sound-bite and every gesture from the leaders of the three main political parties. Online polls from YouGov have been fighting with new social media monitoring tools, while live social media trackers run alongside TV debates. They’ve given politicians an unprecedented window into their own electability - and like all good marketers, politicians have quickly applied those lessons.

Collating this month’s research and news for you reminded me that the right digital strategy isn’t just about advertising. Digital strategies work throughout the marketing mix - from researching customer insights, to changing brand preference, through building buzz and engagement, sale and ongoing support.

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Nokia to launch online music store in China

Nokia is to launch an online music store in China, as the mobile maker looks to expand its media services to emerging markets.The service will offer DRM-free music from major labels and a number of independents as part of the China launch for its Comes with Music service tailored for downloads to mobiles and PCs.

In a statement, Nokia said: "The launch of Nokia's unlimited music download offering in China adds further momentum to Nokia's leadership in the world's highest growth markets including Brazil, Russia and Indonesia. The forthcoming launch of the service in India will add significant scale and differentiation in another critical market."


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Digital Intelligence February 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence February 2010

Pepsi ditched the Superbowl, The Guardian newspaper ditched its regionals, TV adspend took another nail in the coffin, and UK politicians decided to make 100meg broadband an election issue. Brands, media and policy makers: channel switches are everywhere.

The mobile channels will dominate this year's switch the way social media did last year. Mobile wars are intensifying with Nokia's Ovi Maps set to decimate TomTom, Blackberry getting Kindle, and Google refocusing on the small screen ahead of a fusion with social media. But mobile isn't just for global giants - every brand needs a mobile digital strategy to reach customers in the right places through the routes they want. Building the technology and platforms is the easy bit; translating customer needs into the right services is way tougher.

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Nokia boosted by smartphone sales

Nokia has reported a big jump in quarterly profits after the mobile phone maker grew its share in the increasingly important smartphone sector. Net profits came in at 882m euros ($1.2bn; £760m) for the last three months of 2009, a 53% increase on the 576m euros recorded a year earlier.

This was achieved despite a 5% fall in sales, from 12.6bn euros to 12bn euros. The strong results capped a tough year for Nokia in which 12-month profits fell from 3.9bn euros to 260m euros.

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Digital Intelligence January 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence January 2010

It's 'make or break' time for digital marketing. The stories we've tracked as the year kicks off show the focus switching to ROI and getting digital marketing to drive real business results. Out goes 'reach', in comes 'engagement'; out goes 'buzz' and back comes 'conversion'; out goes 'last-click' thinking and in its place is 'lifetime value'. The recession has clearly forced through smarter thinking.

This should come as a great relief, because it wipes away the 'shiny object' obsession over the latest social media or iPhone app, and replaces it with a dose of sound business logic. Behind the scenes we're finding this in the digital marketing effectiveness audits we run for large brands. Often only small changes in process are needed to unlock much bigger shifts in results.

The Digital Training Academy team are seeing the same trends, but also removing ROI risks by getting the right capability in place. Their focus is giving teams the edge with competitive training that targets weakness in a rival's strategy.

And in terms of channels, mobile marketing and engagement is finally everywhere; it will dominate our digests this year.

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Nokia buys UK travel start-up Dopplr

Nokia has bought London-based social travel website Dopplr for some €15m (£13.5m), according to a report. Launched in 2007, Dopplr lets frequent travellers keep track of their movements. The company received €1.5m in funding from The Accelerator Group and a number of private investors, expanding into travel tips. News of the deal, which was reported by blog Techcrunch, comes as the latest in a string of dotcom acquisitions by the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer as it looks to further expand into the software arena. Nokia recently purchased ‘certain assets’ of micro-social networking site Plum Networks.


Nokia buys slice of social network Plum

Nokia has purchased ‘certain assets’ of micro-social networking site Plum Networks, as the world’s largest handset maker looks to further expand into the software arena. Initially launching in 2004 as a social bookmarking site, Plum evolved into a ‘micro social network’, letting users to build private networks based on connections that they decide; for example, a family can create a Plum group where their data is visible only to each other. Plum is a privately held company which employed approximately 10 people with main offices in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Nokia partners Facebook for ‘lifecasting’ tool

Nokia is partnering with Facebook to launch a ‘lifecasting’ tool, letting users post locations and status updates from their phones to Facebook. Launching in October on Nokia's new touchscreen N97 mini, the app will be available via the handset makers Ovi Store, Nokia equivalent of Apple's App Store. The tool will eventually expand to let users create new types of communication patterns, like navigating to a friend or place.

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Nokia plans 'mobile bank accounts'

Nokia is planning to launch a mobile financial service targeting consumers, mainly in emerging markets, with a phone but no banking account. The Nokia Money service is based on the mobile payment platform of Obopay, a privately-owned firm that Nokia invested in earlier this year. The mobile phone maker is now building up a network of agents ahead of its planned launch next year. Obopay, which uses text messaging and mobile internet access, charges users a fee to send money or to top up their accounts.

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Mobile ads get set to take off

The mainstreaming of digital marketing on mobile - beyond SMS - is looking increasingly strong as more researchers forecast a rapid increase in mobile adspend. At Digital Strategy we see 2010 as the year mobile marketing accelerates similar to the mainstreaming of web advertising in 2003-4. Key drivers include fast mobile access, a massive increase in mobile apps, a shift in consumer expectations and the mainstreaming of new generation phones like the iPhone, Android and the Nokia N97 smartphones, popularity of smartphone applications and social networks.
From, 30/06/2009


iPhone ‘not a top 20 handset for mobile web’

When it comes to the most popular phones for browsing and buying content on the mobile web worldwide, the iPhone sits outside the top 20, according to new research. The Bango Top 20 handset list, based on Bango's February statistics, puts the Nokia 3110c on top, followed by the Samsung M800 in 2nd and the Nokia 6300 in 3rd. The iPhone appears as 24th on the list. This data represents the activities of major brands and businesses as their consumers browse to mobile websites (measured by Bango Analytics) and buy mobile content and services (as measured by Bango Payment).

31/03/2009  |  Full story...

Mobile phone makers ‘losing their touch’ - survey

Mobile phone manufacturers risk losing their customers as they race to incorporate touch-screen features into their phones in a bid to copy Apple’s success, according to a new survey. Customer review website,, asked more than 19,000 buyers of phones to score and assess 226 phones against a range of criteria, including style and function.’s analysis of feedback from customers shows that 5 out of ten phones in the bottom ten are touchscreen models.

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BBC iPlayer comes to Nokia

The BBC has announced that it is about to launch a version of its iPlayer service for Nokia N96 mobile phones. This will be the first mobile version of the service which will allow users to download and not just stream programmes, unlike the iPhone and iPlayer versions. The BBC now plans to roll the service out to other models of mobile phone.
The Corporation has also been busy on other fronts with the launch of a specific EastEnders YouTube channel featuring clips from the entire 23-year history of the show. The news follows the launch of the BBC's Top Gear channel on YouTube in August.
Finally, results are in from the Olympics with the BBC reporting that it served around 50m sport video streams during the event. Daily averages were around 3m streams/day but the service peaked at 5.5m streams on Tuesday 19th August.
From BBC news:, 08/09/2008
BBC iPlayer:


Nokia set to launch Comes With Music

Nokia is close to launching its Comes With Music subscription service, with Carphone Warehouse already taking pre-orders for phones with the platform pre-loaded, writes The service was first mooted at the end of 2007 and will launch in the UK on October 16, with the US following in 2009. Nokia has now signed deals with all four major record labels in addition to many significant independent labels. A one-year subscription gives unlimited access to music from the Nokia Music Store and allows users to keep tracks they have downloaded after their subscription has ended.
From, 02/09/2008


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