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Digital campaigns ‘boosted by Olympics’

Brands running online advertising and social media campaigns experienced an uplift during London 2012, with search volumes being higher than those seen during the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Google has found. One company that benefitted from the Olympics was Visa with its 'Go World' campaign, which invited consumers to show their support for Team Visa athletes in the form of virtual cheers across social media.

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Olympic viewing trends- quarter of Brits watched online

Nearly a quarter (24%) of all Brits used the web to watch the Olympics, while 14% used social media to catch up on the action, according to new research. The study, from Kantar Media, found that TV remained by far the most popular medium, with 81% of the UK public watching at least some of the games on the box.

20/08/2012  |  Full story...

Olympics 2012- how did the sponsors fare online?

The Olympics offers three levels of sponsorship to brands- worldwide, London-based and athlete-based. Social media app Wildfire (recently acquired by Google) has tracked the main sponsors’ activity on social media over the duration of the Olympics and looked at whether they have seen an uptake similar to that of the athletes.

17/08/2012  |  Full story...

Non-sponsors win social Olympics- Nike takes gold ahead of Adidas

Nike was the most engaging brand on social media during the Olympics despite the fact that it was not an Olympic sponsor, according to new data. The findings, from Socialbakers ‘cheermeter’ tool, indicate that it’s not the Olympic sponsors who are winning the race for brand engagement. From the 27th of July to the 2nd of August, Nike’s Facebook fan base grew by 166,718 - more than double the growth of its sporting rival, Adidas, who despite core sponsorship deals, netted just 80,761 new fans over the same period.

16/08/2012  |  Full story...

Social media Olympics- who won gold? (infographic)

The UK is constantly sharing content across the internet, Brits really stepped it up a gear over the past two weeks. Olympics fever gripped the UK – with over 300 billion pieces of content be shared online over the 17 day period. This infographic takes a look at how content was shared over the web.

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Video viral case study: P&G’s ‘Olympic Moms’ ad gets over 4m YouTube views


Procter & Gamble embarked on the company’s biggest campaign in its 174 year history, using its Olympic sponsor status to push an emotive message celebrating mothers worldwide (a key demographic for the FMCG brand). P&G’s ‘Best Job’ video has taken off since launching April 17. More than 4m people watched the video on the main site, which has been seeded in different languages to appeal to different territories.

More on this Case Study:

Procter & Gamble | Media: YouTube, Viral, Video | Country: Global | Sector: FMCG personal care | Objective: Build brand equity, drive trial | Format: Viral Video »

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Top 30 US & UK Olympic Facebook posts- Jessica Ennis’ page grows 295%

Following an action packed Olympic weekend in which Team GB increased their medal haul, Experian looks at how Facebook is fuelling the UK’s excitement around the Games. Team GB's fan page has grown rapidly from less than 100,000 fans on the eve of the games to almost three quarters of a million fans (705,000) in little over a week. Meanwhile, the longer established US Olympic Team page has grown only two per cent from 2.2 million since the games began.

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Case study: Procter & Gamble takes Olympic sponsorship to 34 brands

Procter & Gamble's Olympic sponsorship is set to generate an addition $500m in sales according to its CEO. This case study looks at how the FMCG giant is using the digital channel to push its umbrella Olympic message across 34 of its brands. In announcing the firm’s positive Q2 results, Proctor and Gamble CEO Bob McDonald has cited P&G's Olympics sponsorship as an example of its "scale brought to life". Covering 34 brands and 4m stores over six months, this umbrella campaign should yield $500m in incremental sales, and a payback 50% higher than single brand efforts, he predicted.

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Digital Intelligence July 2012

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence July 2012

As the first 'social' Olympics gets underway, some over-zealous sponsors are already feeling the wrath of Twitter users, and this month we look at why brands are succeeding (and failing) at the games.
July was another tough month for Facebook, as its ad revenue growth dipped and shares fell. The social network has come under fire for allegations that bots are creating fake 'likes' - ramping up the prices for ads. Can Facebook stem the flow of bad publicity and turn its mobile growth into profits? We've got Zuckerberg's latest attempts at monetisation below, including job boards, a 'want' button and social search ads.

Google and Apple's rivalry has intensified, as the £159 Nexus 7 goes on sale to undercut the iPad. Leaked videos and reports suggest Apple will respond with a majorly revamped iPhone and iPad Mini this September - we've got the video below, (possibly) offering the first glimpse of the iPhone 5.

Top data this month looks at ad spend growth around the world, with digital leading the way in all territories. We also compare mobile ad revenues from Facebook and Twitter, and have the latest infographics on social media ROI along with the best times to post brand messages on Facebook and Twitter - can you guess the top weekly time slot to reach your audience?

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Olympic fever hits Britain- opening ceremony searchers flock to Facebook

Nearly one in ten (9%) of all consumers searching for the Olympics opening ceremony went direct to Facebook, making it the main beneficiary of all the searches on the night the London 2012 games began, according to new research. According to the latest analysis from Experian, website visits to the official Team GB site increased by 150 per cent in the last week.

31/07/2012  |  Full story...

Branding clampdown hands non-sponsors Olympic-sized marketing boost

LOCOG’s attempts to protect sponsors could be diverting attention to their fiercest rivals, data from global information services company Experian shows. UK traffic to the websites of Pepsi and Nike had been declining in volume in the lead up to the games, while those of London 2012 Partners Adidas and Coca-Cola saw substantial rises. However, the trend reversed this weekend following widespread reporting that the brand clampdown could mean that visitors to the games who displayed the logos of non-sponsor firms could be barred from entry.

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Top 25 Olympic brands- McDonalds bottom of social media league

As the Olympics begins, McDonalds languishes at the bottom of the official sponsor’s league table in terms of Twitter buzz, according to new data. The fast food brand ranked 25th, while Coca-Cola, P&G and Omega topped the BrandWatch table created by Mediacom. The tracker measures factors including volume of tweets, sentiment, potential reach of the tweeter and if tweets get responses.

30/07/2012  |  Full story...

Olympics ‘Global CheerMeter’ tracks athletes, sports and sponsor support on Twitter

As the Olympics gets underway, social analytics firm Socialbakers, has launched CheerMeter, a new social media tool that tracks and analyses real-time global Twitter buzz around sporting events.

30/07/2012  |  Full story...

Video viral of the week: British Airways encourages Brits to stay home to support team GB

Olympic sponsor British Airways is asking supporters of the British Olympics team not to fly during the games in order to help British athletes. See why it's our video viral of the week below...

27/07/2012  |  Full story...

The social media Olympics: Which sponsors are creating the most buzz online?

With the Olympics less than a week away, which sponsors have made the best use of social media? This infographic from Gorkana shows that Coca-Cola has generated the greatest share of voice ahead of the games.
Digital intelligence - The social media Olympics: Which sponsors are creating the most buzz online

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BBC brings Summer of Sport to Facebook with ‘social viewing’ app

BBC Sport has launched a Facebook application offering audiences live streams of major sports events, including Wimbledon and up to 24 streams of Olympics coverage. The move marks the first time the BBC has live streamed events on Facebook. Viewers can watch events with friends who are also online and chat together about the action as it happens, while comment threads under each stream enable users to take the pulse of reaction from the Facebook community in real time.

02/07/2012  |  Full story...

London Underground gets Wi-Fi in time for Olympics

London Mayor Boris Johnson has hired Virgin Media to provide free Wi-Fi access on the London Underground this summer, with plans to charge for the service when the event is over. The service will be available in 80 stations by July and 120 by the end of the year. The Wi-Fi connections will only work on platforms, escalators, and ticket offices.

16/03/2012  |  Full story...

Olympics 2012 : How does London rank as a Digital City?

Amongst other recent Olympic venues, London ranks 4th globally in terms of its digital infrastructure (transport, buildings and IT), according to a new study.

13/03/2012  |  Full story...

East End- the new Silicon Valley? Facebook and Google to invest in Olympic park

Facebook and Google will invest in the East End of London to help create Britain's own Silicon Valley, the Prime Minister has announced. David Cameron said he wants the proposed East London Tech City, which will encompass the Olympic Park, to become the global centre of technological innovation.

The initiative is intended to create private sector jobs and fuel growth in the economy. Cameron also unveiled special visas for foreign entrepreneurs who have financial backing from leading firms and a review of intellectual property laws to make sure Britain can keep up with the "internet age".


05/11/2010  |  Full story...

BBC iPlayer comes to Nokia

The BBC has announced that it is about to launch a version of its iPlayer service for Nokia N96 mobile phones. This will be the first mobile version of the service which will allow users to download and not just stream programmes, unlike the iPhone and iPlayer versions. The BBC now plans to roll the service out to other models of mobile phone.
The Corporation has also been busy on other fronts with the launch of a specific EastEnders YouTube channel featuring clips from the entire 23-year history of the show. The news follows the launch of the BBC's Top Gear channel on YouTube in August.
Finally, results are in from the Olympics with the BBC reporting that it served around 50m sport video streams during the event. Daily averages were around 3m streams/day but the service peaked at 5.5m streams on Tuesday 19th August.
From BBC news:, 08/09/2008
BBC iPlayer:


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