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Digital ad revenues to overtake TV by next year in UK

GroupM predicts that UK digital advertising revenues will eclipse TV ad revenues by next year, writes The Guardian. The firm expects online adspend to grow over 30% during the next year, reaching £3.4bn. TV advertising will grow less than 1% during the same period. Alternative figures published by the World Advertising Research Centre (WARC) conclude that online adspend could grow as much as 37.9% in the coming year.
While Group M expects the UK to become the first major economy with higher adspend online than on TV, the firm forecasts that Sweden will achieve this during 2008 with 19.5% of adspend going online against 19.2% going on TV ads.
From The Guardian:, 03/01/2008


Matt Brittin

Country director for advertiser sales, Google UK

November 2007

DTL_Matt-Brittin.jpgIt’s been another amazing month or two for the folks at Google as it emerged in the UK they had topped ITV1 in revenues, as well as plucking the prize for world’s most recognised brand, and now one of the US top five firms by market cap. Google’s Matt Brittin is clear that the market is still changing fast and so is marketing. In this type of world why would we even talk about targeting a demographic. With search taking over 8% of all UK adspend, it’s well established as a media channel in its own right, and yet the pace of development remains daunting.

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Bellwether Report finds 6% of UK adspend going online

Online has grabbed its biggest ever share of the UK's total adspend according to the latest quarterly Bellwether Report from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, writes Brand Republic. Figures for Q3 show internet marketing accounting for 6% of all UK adspend, with 31% of firms raising their online ad budgets and only 7% lowering them. Overall 8.3% of companies raised their marketing budgets during the quarter and 9.2% of firms reported a rise in above-the-line spending - a new record figure for the Bellwether Report.
From Brand Republic:, 15/10/2007


Bellwether Report finds 6% of UK adspend going online

Online has grabbed its biggest ever share of the UK's total adspend according to the latest quarterly Bellwether Report from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, writes Brand Republic. Figures for Q3 show internet marketing accounting for 6% of all UK adspend, with 31% of firms raising their online ad budgets and only 7% lowering them. Overall 8.3% of companies raised their marketing budgets during the quarter and 9.2% of firms reported a rise in above-the-line spending - a new record figure for the Bellwether Report.
From Brand Republic:, 15/10/2007


Digital Intelligence October 2007

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence October 2007

Another cracking month for the internet sector and we held back this round-up of September research to include the two new records set for online adspend in the UK and the US.

Online is taking almost 15% of the adspend cake in the UK and crossed $5bn in a single quarter in the US. The tide of migration to free content is pulling hard and this month we look at how the New York Times, the FT and probably the Wall St. Journal are all getting seduced again to ad funded models; questioning the role of subscription barriers that block audience growth. In our sector focus there's more on the music industry as the Charlatans give away their latest CD and Radiohead let you chose how much their music is worth.

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US online adspend: new records set as net breaks $5bn a quarter

The latest numbers for the US from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the IAB confirm that the world's largest online ad market is still enjoying the largest annual growth in real terms. Spend surged ahead by 25.4%, crossing the $5bn (£2.46bn) mark in a single quarter.
US Internet advertising revenues for the first six months of 2007 were nearly $10bn (£4.92), setting yet another new record and were almost 27% up on the first half of 2006. Spend reached nearly $5.1bn (£2.50bn) in the second quarter of 2007.
The growth was propelled not just by search engines (which increased their share of online adspend to 41%) but also by the wider consumer advertising sector. Classifieds continued to swell, but they did lose share within online to the Rich Media and Video formats which now account for 8% of all online advertising.
Read more analysis of these figures:

IAB US:, 05/10/2007


UK online ad spend: biggest leap yet

Today's new figures confirm the switch to online continues to accelerate in Europe's lead media market. The internet's share of all advertising swelled to almost 15% in the first half of 2007, with further record-setting leaps in real growth. Boosted in particular by massive increases in the supply of media from social networks, and the continued switch of acquisition budgets into search, the wider media sector is starting to feel the real impact of the digital networked economy as the models that underpin many print and broadcast players get called into question.
As Digital's team forecast, online ad spend growth held steady at above 40% year on year, giving the largest quarters and rises in the history of the medium, and forcing the TV and magazine industry into panic, issuing statements in defence of classic channels.

  • First half of 2007: £1,334.3 million
  • First half of 2006: £917.2 million
  • Year on year growth: 41.3%
  • Online adspend market share: 14.7%

With the UK market acting as a key indicator for European online adspend behaviour, the results will boost stock prices for Continental firms looking for models of their own country's digital economy several years down the line. The research is particularly accurate because it relies on publisher revenue declarations (under non-disclosure agreements to PricewaterhouseCoopers), and is one of the only markets in the world to include a revenue declaration from Google.

Classifieds set to beat display:

  • Online classified advertising: up 72% year-on-year

  • Market value for period: £277.7m

  • Market share within online: 20.8%

  • Online display advertising: up 33% year-on-year

  • Market value for period: £287m

  • Market share within online: 21.5%

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Digital Intelligence September 2007

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence September 2007

Online retail took a major leap this summer, breaking the £4bn threshold for July alone. That’s a staggering 80% growth year-on-year, and well above seasonal expectations (we’re thinking the British ‘Summer’ had something to do with this one).

In the social networking stakes Bebo pipped MySpace in the UK, as both saw audiences swell along with FaceBook and YouTube. Meanwhile in the US the crossing point for online ad spend overtaking newspapers is in sight as latest research suggests 2011 as the date when it happens.

Follow the links for the stories behind the headlines, and we've included extra links to some of our Digital Insight Reports that are now being opened up to clients, friends and partners.

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Online adspend growth accelerates in the US, nearing $5bn in the first quarter of 2007

The industry continues to set new records as revenues leap 26% year-on-year. The latest figures from the US Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP show how the world's largest online advertising market continues to grow at a rapid pace, reaching a new record of $4.9bn (£2.45bn) for the first quarter of 2007. Specific drivers of the growth include search engine advertising, video formats and the continued growth of online in the purchase research process.

Digital Strategy data - IAB US data June 2007 table 1

Digital Strategy data - IAB US data June 2007 table 2

Source: IAB US, 06/06/2007


Digital Intelligence April 2007

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence April 2007

Online adspend is already topping 10% of the media channel mix in several countries, and ZenithOptimedia are predicting that worldwide it's now on course to top radio by next year.

In the UK our own analysis now puts online above direct mail, and we remain confident in our 2005 prediction that online would overtake TV adspend in the UK by the end of the decade.

Although online can build brands as powerfully as it can generate direct sales, the success of search engine advertising continues to be a key driver in the refocusing of marketing towards the web across Europe. That's why this month our Company Focus looks at Google, with a round up of the top ten news stories from the search giant.

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Bellwether Report sees 19% of firms increase online marketing budgets during Q1

According to the latest Bellwether Report from the IPA a net total of 7.7% of companies surveyed increased their marketing budgets during Q1 this year, writes Brand Republic. Overall 54% of companies intend to increase their budgets this year, while only 17% intend to reduce them. The 37% net increase represents the highest rise since 2000. 19% of companies said that they had increased their spending on online marketing during Q1. Online adspend now represents around £2bn of annual marketing spend.
From Brand Republic:, 16/04/2007


ZenithOptimedia predicts worldwide online adspend will overtake radio by 2008

A new study from ZenithOptimedia predicts that global online adspend will grow six times faster than traditional media spend between 2006 and 2009, with its share of the market growing from 5.8% to 8.7% during the same period (with revenues rising from $23.4bn to $42.9bn (£11.83bn to £21.68bn)), writes ClickZ. The company now expects global online advertising to overtake radio by 2008 - a year earlier than they predicted in December. This will put online in fourth place behind television, newspapers and magazines. ZenithOptimedia predicts that online spending will grow 28.2% during 2007 (against total market growth of 3.7%). By 2009, online adspend will account for nearly 9% of all advertising expenditure. Online adspend already accounts for more than 10% of total marketing spend in the UK, Norway and Sweden.
From ClickZ:, 03/04/2007


Digital Intelligence March 2007

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence March 2007

Online adspend broke the £2bn mark here in the UK and closed 2006 with 12.4% of the total advertising cake. Almost exactly in line with our prediction in the Autumn (12.5%), the growth in search continued to fuel web ads (paid for clicks account for 58% of the total), alongside a broadening of the firms using graphical and banner formats. The increase of 41% sees web adspend overtake national newspapers, and cross the threshold of being half the size of the TV market. With total advertising spend rising only 1.1% year on year, it's clear that the web is now the main driver in the wider advertising economy.

The UK may be the largest online advertising market in Europe, but growth has been strong in France, Spain, Scandinavia and Germany. The audit of the Spanish market - also published this month - revealed another massive leap: online marketing in Spain grew 91.38% in 2006, reaching €310.5m and taking 4.25% of all combined Spanish adspend. Search marketing in Spain rose 132,41% (46.58% of all online adspend).

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IAB UK/PwC report: UK expenditure breaks the £2bn barrier

The online ad market grew 41.2% in 2006 as advertisers spent £2.016bn on internet advertising, reports IAB UK. According to the latest IAB UK/PwC online adspend study, online marketing now accounts for 11.4% of all advertising (from 7.8% in 2005). The study also revealed that:

  • Online adspend overtook national newspapers for the first time as newspapers grew 0.2% to £1.9bn (and 10.9% market share).
  • Advertising across all traditional media combined fell 2.9% (£466.1m). However with the increase in online spending the entire market grew 1.1%.
  • Online adspend reached £1.098bn in the second half of 2006 - 12.4% of all UK advertising.
  • The UK now leads the world for share of advertising online; the global average is 5.8%.
IAB/PwC UK online adspend figures 2006:, 28/03/2007


US online adspend grew 34% from 2005-2006

Figures from the US IAB/PwC study shows that online adspend rose 34% in 2006 to reach $16.8bn (£8.50bn) (from $12.5bn (£6.33bn) in 2005). Based on the IAB/PwC results eMarketer have release their latest market predictions, forecasting that online adspend will reach $36.5bn (£18.5bn) in 2011. eMarketer expect double digit growth to continue until at least 2011 for the following reasons:

  • Audiences will continue to spend more time online and advertisers will need to keep up with them, shifting their spending away from other media.
  • The greater targeting and tracking of online marketing will continue to make the medium more attractive.
  • As new formats such as online video become more widely used large brand marketers will devote more of their budgets to online campaigns.

From eMarketer:, 20/03/2007


Microsoft anticipates shifting majority of adspend online by 2010

A top Microsoft executive has predicted that the majority of the firm's adspend will be spent online by 2010, writes BizReport. Speaking at the AAAA Media Conference Mich Mathews (Senior Vice-President of Microsoft's Central Marketing Group) said: "We're actually pretty confident that by 2010, the majority of our media mix will shift to digital." She went on to explain that we had now entered "The Era of Customer Participation" in which broadcasting to passive targets is being replaced by audience interaction. However, TV and print will not be completely abandoned and will still be used for tactical roles. Microsoft has recently signed up to eBay's TV ad auction system in the US. Figures from Advertising Age show that Microsoft spent $945m in total marketing during 2005.
From BizReport:, 05/03/2007
Microsoft UK:


Digital Intelligence December 2006

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence December 2006

More records are set to be broken: in these couple of weeks more money will be spent online than ever before as the e-retail industry crosses yet another threshold. 2006 is rightfully recognised as a record-setting year for digital advertising and marketing but here at Digital we're forecasting that the biggest rises in real terms are all yet to come.

In this month's Intelligence we also report on the UK's world-class online advertising market, the increasing use of multi-platform communications suppliers and the latest blogging stats.

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Digital Intelligence October 2006

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence October 2006

10% of retail spend, 10% of advertising spend: that's what the internet is taking today in the UK. In the last few weeks we've been working for media groups from as far a field as the US, China, New Zealand and Mexico, yet everyone is looking to the UK where the march to the digital networked economy is just that little bit further on. And at Digital we've always argued that there's a 3-5 year time-lag between where audiences focus their attention and where advertisers focus their marketing - so even if there was no further growth in online activity, the growth in online marketing would be guaranteed until the end of the decade.

In this month's Digital Intelligence we're also giving you the latest numbers on broadband, and the forecasts for its growth, and as online adspend overtakes national press in the UK we can confirm that people now spend more time online across Europe than they do reading newspapers - well, the printed versions at least! As these dramatic shifts in media and marketing continue remember that our Digital Training Academies can help you and your team health-check your strategy for 2007, or build the skills needed to get the most from these changes - just email me back for more.

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Digital Intelligence June 2006

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence June 2006

Online advertising will overtake newspaper advertising within a year. In April when at Digital we ran the analysis of online adspend we concluded that in the UK online advertising would reach the same level as national newspapers by November, and that search engine advertising's massive growth was pushing it ahead of Consumer magazines and Outdoor, as well as the radio industry. However many people were sceptical. The internet just can't be that big!

Oh yes it can. In the last few weeks a rush of other forecasts and statements from advertising agencies are confirming what we predicted, and here at the Online Marketing Europe congress in Spain there is a palpable sense that the tipping point is not just in Scandinavia, France, the UK and Germany, but it's now happening across the European markets.

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