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Dennis Publishing trials behavioural targeting in UK

Dennis Publishing is testing a new behavioural targeting campaign across its roster of sites, in partnership with’s predictive behavioural targeting solutions will now be made available for Dennis Publishing’s portfolio of online campaigns.

It means that Dennis Publishing will be able to target their campaigns at audiences defined according to socio-demographics, lifestyle and product interests. Through integrating users’ click data with unique survey results,’s predictive behavioural targeting platform makes real-time target group contact possible.

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Yahoo takeover bid rumours: AOL and News Corp named as suitors

Yahoo’s shares rose 11% yesterday on the back on speculation that the struggling online media giant is the object of a takeover attempt, with both AOL and News Corporation in the running as possible bidders. Reuters reports that several private equity firms have approached Internet and media companies including News Corp and AOL to gauge their interest in buying out Yahoo.

The news agency quoted a source ‘with knowledge of the approaches’ as saying a potential deal would be contingent on Yahoo selling its lucrative Asian assets, including a 40% stake in China's Alibaba Group and 34.5% of Yahoo Japan.


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Digital Life study: Chinese use web twice as much as Americans

People in China and the Middle East use the web far more than their Western counterparts, according to 'the largest ever' global study of online habits. The Digital Life study by global research firm TNS also found Malaysians are the most sociable online with an average of 233 friends on social media websites, while the Japanese are the least friendly with just 29.

The research shows four out of five online users in China (88 per cent) and over half of those in Brazil (51 per cent) have written their own blog or forum entry, compared to only 32 per cent in the United States. TNS said the study was the 'largest ever global research project into people's online activities and behaviour', surveying almost 90 per cent of the world's online population through 50,000 interviews in 46 countries.

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Nielsen debuts ‘TV ratings-style’ online ad metrics

The Nielsen Company has unveiled a new tool that will give online advertisers audience or viewer data, similar to that given in television ratings. The research firm will combine data provided by online partners, including Facebook, with representative panel data to develop a Gross Rating Points (GRP) score for individual ads.

It will provide reach, frequency and GRP measures for online advertising campaigns of nearly any size, with reporting available within days after a campaign launch. Procter & Gamble, Verizon Wireless, and major media agencies such as Starcom MediaVest, and Facebook are on board with the system, which is expected to be commercially available in 2011.


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Ford launches first ‘Twitter car’ with web apps

Ford has unveiled new technology that could allow drivers to use Twitter, stream online radio and search the web from behind the wheel.The technology, Called MyFord Touch, the system is powered by Ford's SYNC technology and has been designed with Microsoft. It was revealed last week by Ford's chief executive Alan Mulally at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Mulally said: 'We are bringing the internet to the car. All the applications you can get on mobile phones, we'll bring in the car. It will all be absolutely hands-free and voice activated – keeping the driver focused on the road'. Some of the applications promised by Mulally include Wi-Fi connectivity for up to five users in the car, text messages or tweets read aloud to drivers, and the ability to stream internet radio.


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Brits ‘more willing to pay for online content’

Only 13% of internet users would be prepared to pay for access to online media, although Brits show a higher than average willingness to fork over cash for Internet content, a survey has found.The research, carried out by GfK on behalf of the Wall Street Journal Europe, examined internet use in 16 European countries and the US.

80 per cent of respondents said they wanted continued free access to information online, and of the 13 per cent of users willing to pay, 8 per cent would accept a charge for advertising-free content, and 5 per cent would pay for content with advertising.


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Sony outlines plans for all-in-one online media network

Sony’s chief executive, Howard Stringer, has unveiled the technology giant’s plans for an all-in-one online network that pipes Sony’s films, music, games and other content to its TVs, Walkmans and PlayStation game machines. In an interview with reporters this week, Stringer said the project, known as the Sony Online Service, which will combine the company’s digital content and hardware. The company, based in Tokyo, expects to book its second consecutive annual loss in the fiscal year that ends in March, after losing 98.9 billion yen, or $1.12 billion at the current exchange rate, last year.


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NewsNow issues open letter to newspapers after threats

Online news aggregator has been threatened with legal action by UK newspapers if it does not introduce new controls on how it links to their articles.Newsnow automatically posts news links from websites across the world on its site and arranges them by subject matter. In response, Newsnow’s Managing director Struan Bartlett has written an open letter to newspaper heads. The letter names The Times, The Sun, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent and Daily Express as newspapers involved.


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The end of Blu-ray? Disney’s online storage scheme aims to replace DVDs

Disney is working on an online storage service that would give users access to its movies and TV shows online, offering an alternative to DVDs and Blu-rays. The Wall Street Journal reports that the service, called Keychest, would give users access to media via a wide variety of platforms and devices, including PCs and mobiles. Using Keychest, consumers would purchase access rights to a film or TV show, rather than have physical ownership of material on a disc.

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Strong web presence boosts US pharma brands

The Internet is playing an increasingly significant role in boosting brand awareness for pharmacuetical brands, a new study has found. The research, from comScore, found that exposure to online media, including a brand’s website and online ads, had a significant positive lift on a treatment’s awareness and favorability. The results also showed that visitation to a brand’s website generated significant levels of incremental new patient starts and refills.


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Graham Bower

CEO Taglab, Author

June 2009

Graham BowerBy day, he’s chief executive of a funky London agency called Taglab. They’re famous for a decade of building websites and online campaigns for global brands. But away from the web, Graham has been developing ideas around a new business principle – Secondomics. Drawing on psychology, biology, economics and game theory, he’s uncovered why often the real winners in the race are not the people who burn all their energy in being first to blaze a new trail, but those guys who coast in second; following the model and using half the effort. There’s certainly nothing of a coaster in Graham, but when he shared an early draft of his next book, we spotted a new Digital Thought Leader. Here’s what he told us…

03/06/2009  |  Full story...

Pete Clifton

Head of Editorial Development, BBC

February 2009

Pete CliftonPete Clifton, 46, is the BBC’s Head of Editorial Development, Multi-Media Journalism - one of the longest job titles in the organisation which puts him in charge of on demand developments across News, Sport and Weather. Before this he was Head of BBC News Interactive, the department responsible for the main News site, plus news to mobile phones, text on TV, interactive TV and outdoor spaces.

Before joining the BBC Pete was a news reporter on the Chronicle and Echo evening newspaper in Northampton, and later their cricket correspondent, covering a wide range of Northamptonshire defeats across the country. He went on to be a sports reporter at the Extel national news agency, before becoming the chief sub on the sports desk at the Press Association.

Away from work Pete likes exchanging dubious stories in bars, wine, playing the piano, attempting bad card tricks, bike riding, walking, golf, entertaining his four children, and occasionally his wife.

What is the next big challenge for the online news industry?
Said on: Oct 2005
How to make content available on different platforms. Beyond whatever website you are publishing on, how will the news be personalised? In what format? How will users want to receive their news? What about new ways of presenting content? The technical infrastructure? We will have to meet the on-demand age and be extremely nimble so that we can deliver whatever is needed, wherever it is needed


Tim Faircliff

General Manager, Reuters Media

January 2009

From May 2005 has been general manager for consumer news at, overseeing multimedia services for the internet, interactive TV and mobiles. His role involves product development, third party content deals and sales and marketing.

Mr Faircliff has worked for for seven years, most recently as general manager. He is also a board member of the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) and the IDM/IAB Digital Marketing Council.


Bruce Daisley

Industry Leader, YouTube

January 2009

Bruce Daisley really wanted to write sitcoms. Too many hours spent beaming in front of programmes like 'Cheers', 'One Foot in the Grave', and 'Blackadder' gave him a ludicrously happy upbringing. The low standard of most other sitcoms gave him the misguided belief that he could do better.

Parallel with this dream he started his working career in 1993 at Media Sales & Marketing - part of Capital Radio. Shortly later he formed part of the start-up team of Emap On Air, with the ambition to change the way that radio was sold. His subsequent Emap career has been focussed on periods in radio - and five years building internet sales teams.

In 2001, a terse letter from the BBC suggested that 'Nowhere Slowly' his latest attempt at a sitcom 'lacked both comic wit and originality'. With that he laid down his pen and focussed on his media career. It was some consolation that his teams won Media Week Sales Team of the Year in 2005, and Campaign Sales Team of the Year in 2005 and 2006.

He moved across to join Google UK as Agency Leader in September 2008.

These days Bruce still considers himself a sitcom connoisseur; Flight of the Conchords, The Mighty Boosh, Peep Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm remind him how good the standard really can be.

Other achievements:

  • Chairman of Association of Online Publishers Commercial Group
  • Winner / presenter Media Week Sales Team of the Year 2005
  • Winner Campaign Sales Team of Year 2005, 2006
  • UK Representative - Cannes Lions Festival
  • Emap Advertising Digital team soars up the league table: In the IPA top 20 sales points EA have moved from 17th position (of 20), that Bruce inherited to 7th position this time round.

Bruce Daisley’s Specialties:

Building award-winning, market-beating sales teams.


Alex Wright

Alex Wright,

November 2008

Alex is a fan of Brands 2.0, eagerly talking about how people value brands and brands value people. Chatting with him at the regional internet congress in Zagreb, his passions about where brands are vs where they should be come through.

25/11/2008  |  Full story...

Mariate Arnal

MSN Mexico

September 2008

Mariate ArnalEight years ago Mariate left the world of management consultancy and joined the team of just over a dozen people at MSN in Mexico City. She has played an instrumental role in helping to expand the role of commercial media on the internet in Mexico, growing the scope of online marketing in the country and raising advertiser confidence. Today the team at MSN is over 50 people and the scope of the website is a hundred times greater than back in 2000. Along the way Mariate co-founded the industry trade association and has helped accelerate the migration of marketers’ focus to online. In this interview she talks about the role of reach in media planning, why high-end demographic audiences have switched to the web, and why many brand managers still don’t understand what online is about.

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Top websites: Hitwise chart toppers in 50 categories (UK)

The Hitwise UK Annual Online Performance Awards serve up a list of best in class category winners for website traffic throughout 2007. Published this month, the Hitwise team collate data and compare across a large number of services in the same category. What's interesting is that it's the dotcom pureplays who steal the show, nudging out the newspapers, magazines and broadcast media brands that compete in key industry sectors.
Read the full list at the Meadows-Klue on Media blog:


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