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Yahoo! opens up in radical strategy leap

We're really interested in the latest developments at Yahoo. The decision to open up its search technology to let users create their own engines feels like a classic long tail strategy and one that could step-change the firm's search volumes. The Build your Own Search Service (BOSS) lets any webmaster create search tools that deliver a customized interface and results pages for the individual site (rather like the one we have here on Digital's sites). Yahoo have stressed that this is also about social media and the importance of getting at data from within the consumer generated content sector. More on Netimperative, but much more to come from Yahoo...
From Netimperative:, 11/07/2008
Yahoo! UK:


Adobe working with search engines to make Flash files searchable

Flash media files (SWF files) will now be searchable according to a new announcement from Adobe writes IT Week. The firm is working with Google and Yahoo! so they can incorporate Flash Player code into their search algorithms. This will mean that dynamic websites featuring Flash code, including buttons, banners and menus can now be indexed by search engines and will feature in search results. Adobe plans to work with other content publishers and developers in the future.
From IT Week:, 01/07/2008


Yahoo! partners with Google to avoid shotgun wedding to Microsoft

The long-running acquisition talks between Yahoo! and Microsoft have finally come to an end following Yahoo's decision to work with Google, writes The Telegraph. The deal builds on the firms' recent ad partnership and will see Yahoo! displaying Google ads next to its search results in the US and Canada from this September. The firms also intend to make their instant messaging tools compatible. Analysts expect Yahoo! to gain up to $800m in additional annual revenues from the deal.
Google has had other reasons to be happy this month with news that year-on-year traffic to the site was up 12% in the UK in May. According to Hitwise, the search giant received 87% of UK searches during the month compared to 68% of US searches.
The firm has also made some changes to its ad business, integrating its Google Analytics and Google TV Ads services. The new system will allow marketers to track the impact of TV ads on website traffic by analysing the scheduling of TV ads against subsequent impressions and CPM. In addition it can provide region-specific reports to track web traffic from localised TV campaigns with data being updated throughout the day.
Google has also launched a beta version of its latest tool Ad Planner. The service helps advertisers to track which websites their target audiences are visiting, helping them to target their campaigns more precisely.
The Telegraph:, 13/06/2008
Google Ad Planner:


Google opens AdSense to third party ad serving and tracking

Google has opened up its AdSense content network in the US to allow advertisers to serve and track ads using approved third-party providers, writes Netimperative. Previously advertisers had to use Google's own technology for managing ads through AdSense as Google did not have a review mechanism in place to ensure ads complied with its standards and policies. The list of certified suppliers includes Mediaplex, Eyeblaster and Dynamic Logic. Google aim to roll-out the changes in the UK and elsewhere in the near future.
Netimperative:, 20/05/2008
Google UK:


Yahoo! beats expectations with Q1 revenues of $1.35bn

Yahoo! has posted Q1 revenues of $1.35bn (£681m), beating analyst expectations, writes the Financial Times. Income reached $542.2m (£271.5m) in total against $142.4m (£72m) in Q1 2007. However profits were boosted by a one-off gain of $401m (£202m) from the IPO of Chinese firm

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Revenues at Google up 42% year-on-year

Google has smashed analysts' expectations, with Q1 revenues of $5.19bn (£2.6bn), writes Brand Republic. The figures represent a year-on-year rise of 42% and an increase of 7% from the last quarter of 2007. Earnings rose 31% to reach $1.31bn (£656m). Google-owned sites generated $3.40bn (£1.71bn - up 49% from 2007), with international sales up 47% to $2.65bn (£1.34bn). UK revenues reached £402m.

19/04/2008  |  Full story...

Google is now UK's strongest brand

According to the latest Superbrands study Google is now the UK's strongest brand, pushing ahead of Microsoft and the BBC, writes Brand Republic. Google is the only brand in the list which was formed after 1990 - in comparison the average top-50 firm has 90 years of operation. The brand strength of firms such as British Airways and BP suggests that British origins and longevity remain important.
From Brand Republic:, 25/02/2008


Google is UK's most popular site of 2007

Google has come top of a Nielsen Online study looking at the UK's most popular websites of 2007. Google search averaged 25.1m British users/month, followed by MSN / Windows Live Messenger (14.7m) and eBay (14.5m). Beat That Quote was the UK's fastest growing website, with annual growth of 1,165% (from 31,000 UK visitors to 392,000 UK visitors year-on-year), ahead of Facebook (781% growth from 1.1m visitors to 8.9m visitors) and (648% growth from 71,000 visitors to 531,000 visitors).
Nielsen Online (PDF):


Google to bring Print Ads to UK

Google is planning to launch its Print Ads service in the UK, writes The Sunday Times. The service launched last year in the US and lets advertisers bid on print inventory in the same way as Google AdWords. Google Print Ads now supplies over 600 titles in the US.
In the UK, Google's advertising revenues grew 40% during 2007 to reach £1.25bn.
From The Sunday Times:, 30/12/2007
Google Print Ads:


Matt Brittin

Country director for advertiser sales, Google UK

November 2007

DTL_Matt-Brittin.jpgIt’s been another amazing month or two for the folks at Google as it emerged in the UK they had topped ITV1 in revenues, as well as plucking the prize for world’s most recognised brand, and now one of the US top five firms by market cap. Google’s Matt Brittin is clear that the market is still changing fast and so is marketing. In this type of world why would we even talk about targeting a demographic. With search taking over 8% of all UK adspend, it’s well established as a media channel in its own right, and yet the pace of development remains daunting.

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Q3 revenues up 57% at Google

Google's latest results show that Q3 revenues at the online giant have risen 57% year-on-year to reach $4.23bn, writes Brand Republic. Revenues were also up 9% on Q2's revenues of $3.87bn. Revenues from Google-owned sites grew 68% from Q3 2006, reaching $2.73bn and accounting for 65% of all revenues. Adsense partner sites represented 34% of all Q3 revenues and reached $1.45bn. Net income for the quarter was $1.1bn (from $733m in 2006). Full-time staff numbers were up 2,130 from Q2 reaching 15,916.
The results followed news of Google's latest purchase: Finnish "micro-blogging" service Jaiku. Jaiku lets users send status updates to their friends and contacts via the web and their mobile phones. Users can also share their location and calendar and on some platforms the service can integrate directly with a phone's address book. Jaiku is Google's latest mobile-related acquisition, coming one month after the firm's purchase of Zingku.
From ClickZ:, 18/10/2007
Google UK:


Digital Intelligence April 2007

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence April 2007

Online adspend is already topping 10% of the media channel mix in several countries, and ZenithOptimedia are predicting that worldwide it's now on course to top radio by next year.

In the UK our own analysis now puts online above direct mail, and we remain confident in our 2005 prediction that online would overtake TV adspend in the UK by the end of the decade.

Although online can build brands as powerfully as it can generate direct sales, the success of search engine advertising continues to be a key driver in the refocusing of marketing towards the web across Europe. That's why this month our Company Focus looks at Google, with a round up of the top ten news stories from the search giant.

Read April 2007


Yahoo! scores better click-through rates

Yahoo!'s new search ranking model has increased the number of click-throughs from sponsored search results according to new data from comScore, writes Netimperitive. Sponsored search click-throughs rose 5% in the first week and 9% in the second week following the launch of Yahoo!'s new model. The new ranking model is one of the elements of Yahoo!'s new 'Project Panama' search advertising system which takes into account the click-rate of online ads when determining which ads to run alongside search results.
Yahoo! has also announced the launch of its new Yahoo Mobile Ad Network which will enable marketers to place ads on the mobile sites of third-party publishers. Yahoo! intends to deliver text, display and video ads for mobile sites within the next few months. Yahoo! is aggresively moving into the mobile domain and has also announced the launch of three new mobile services: Yahoo Mobile Content Engine, Mobile Media Directory and Mobile Site Submit.
From Netimperitive:, 27/03/2007
Yahoo! UK:


Google profits almost triple to reach $1.03bn

Google's Q4 profits rose from $372m (£189m) to $1.03bn year on year, writes ENN. Net profits after adjustments and charges were $997m (£518m). Revenues for the quarter grew 67% (from $1.92bn (£998m) to $3.21bn (£1.67bn)) compared to Q4 2005 and 19% compared to Q3 2006. International revenues accounted for 44% of total income. Google-owned sites generated $1.98bn (£1.03bn), up 80% from the year before ($1.10bn or £572m), while partner sites generated $1.20bn (£624m) (up 50% on 2005's figure of $799m (£415)). Advertising-related paid clicks increased 61% from the year before and 22% from the previous quarter.
Google is also moving into in-game advertising with the $23m (£11.8m) acquisition of Adscape Media Inc. The move follows Microsoft's $200m purchase of Massive Inc. last year and reflects industry expectations that the sector will continue to show strong growth. According to Yankee Group Research in-game ad revenues will be worth up to $700m (£364m) by 2010.
From ENN:, 01/02/2007


Jerry Yang

CEO and Chief Yahoo!

March 2001


Founder of Yahoo! Jerry Yang is explosively upbeat from the moment you meet him. The enthusiasm that started on a tiny scale at Stamford still shines through, and though Yahoo! is morphing into a new animal, broader than search and mail, it’s transition to a media brand is one that he has been a champion of. “We’re approaching 500m people on the internet now and the future that we use to talk about is here. What’s strange is that its happened so quietly,” he muses, no doubt nursing the wounds of investor confidence collapse in the previous few years.

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28/03/2001  |  Full story...

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