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UN talks on net regulation hit ‘impasse’

A UN debate on internet regulation has stalled as the UK, US and other westerm countries disagree with Arab States, China and Russia in a diplomatic battle over a set of possible global web laws. The chief American negotiator at a UN telecommunications conference in Dubai has said there is a basic disagreement over possible new internet regulations.

11/12/2012  |  Full story...

Saudi Prince buys $300m stake in Twitter

Saudi billionaire Prince bin Talal has paid $300m to take a “strategic stake” in Twitter. Alwaleed’s Kingdom Holding investment vehicle has major stakes in groups including News Corp and Apple, and the new purchase gives the billionaire a stake in an online forum that was widely used by activists in this year's Arab uprisings.

20/12/2011  |  Full story...

Gulf nations ban BlackBerry web functions over ‘security issues’

Saudia Arabia and The United Arab Emirates are both banning some of BlackBerry internet-based functions over 'security issues'. BlackBerry owners in two Gulf states will soon have their handsets' functions restricted under a ban imposed by the countries' governments.

People in the the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will not be able to send emails, access the internet or send instant messages to each other, whereas Saudi Arabians will be banned from using the BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry instant-messaging service. There are around 500,000 BlackBerry owners in the UAE, and 400,000 in Saudi Arabia.


03/08/2010  |  Full story...

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