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Google revamps Panda search formula: Winners and losers revealed

This week Google has rolled out its latest Panda 4.0 update designed to drive down low-quality content from its search rankings- with eBay seemingly losing out heavily from the new algorithm, according to new research.

23/05/2014  |  Full story...

UK search marketing trends 2014: Budgets increase as focus turns to conversion rate optimisation

More than half (58%) of all UK companies plan to increase their paid search budgets this year, up from 55% in 2013, with a slight increase on SEO spend also forecast, according to new research.

20/05/2014  |  Full story...

Google to block paid-search keyword data

Google is planning to encrypt paid-search keyword referral data, meaning advertisers will no longer see the terms people have used to arrive on their sites via paid clicks on AdWords ads.

14/04/2014  |  Full story...

5 common SEO mistakes (infographic)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can seem a mysterious and complicated practice to the uninitiated- especially with the likes of Google constantly changing its algorithms. This infographic from Freestyle Interactive offers a guide to best practice and common mistakes in SEO.

24/03/2014  |  Full story...

Google to ad restaurant menus and prices to search results

Google is planning to show restaurant menus and prices on the first page of the Google search results, as the search giant continues to speed up the search process for users (but potentially drive down the traffic for businesses).

04/03/2014  |  Full story...

Google takes voice search to Chrome: The rise of conversational search

Google is testing a new version of its Chrome browser that incorporates voice search, following on from similar move in its Google Glass and Google Now software. But how will the shift to voice affect search habits, and what impact with this have on paid and organic search engine marketing?

Watch this video from Google's Matt Cutts here, explaining how voice inputs affect search habits:

03/03/2014  |  Full story...

Lush mocks Amazon with cosmetics range named after boss

Ethical cosmetics range Lush has used a new shower gel to mock Amazon UK boss Christopher North after winning a High Court battle to stop the online giant selling "misleading" products that were made to look like Lush items.

14/02/2014  |  Full story...

SEO tips for 2014: Keep content and site layout fresh

As Google implements it’s latest ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm, many site owners have noticed that long held top positions on Google are being lost to new sites. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team explains why past success on SEO does not guarantee success in this new era of search, and offers advice on retaining that vital top spot in the rankings.

Watch the full video here:

11/02/2014  |  Full story...

Are firms investing effort in the wrong type of SEO?

2014 is the year of Authorship but it is going to fly right by most companies when it comes to their investing in it to maximise their visibility online and maintain top rankings on Google, according to search agency Greenlight.

04/02/2014  |  Full story...

Is guest blogging for SEO dead? Google’s Matt Cutts calls time on ‘spammy practice’

The popular practice of writing guest blog posts in the hope of boosting visibility on search engines has come under fire this week, with Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, declaring the tactic as ‘done’.

Watch this video from Cutts explaining how to get the most out of blog posts here:

22/01/2014  |  Full story...

Search marketing predictions for 2014 (video)

As 2013 comes to an end, Greenlight has taken a look at what 2014 holds for the digital marketing industry. The marketing agency filmed their directors as they provided insights into the advancements that can be expected in SEO, PPC, Social Media and eCommerce.

Watch the full video here:

17/12/2013  |  Full story...

Search trends in 2013: Hummingbirds, Penguins and the SEO apocalypse

Despite pressure from privacy groups, Bing and regional players Baidu and Yandex, Google still rules the search landscape.

Google’s ‘keyword apocalypse’ has huge implications for search engine optimisation- marketers being pushed towards paid search for true accountability

Products like HummingBird and Google Now show where Google thinks digital is going- are mobiles and wearables the future?

10/12/2013  |  Full story...

Google begins indexing app content: New search channel for marketers?

Google is to start indexing content inside apps, meaning that users will see installed app content appear on their search results for relevant keywords.

05/11/2013  |  Full story...

As SMEs fight for finance, banks scrap for Google rankings

There has been a shift away from traditional bank lending to small business, which has shrunk by a quarter since 2011, according to new research looking at search engine optimisation strategies of banks.

04/11/2013  |  Full story...

Google breaks 8-year vow with ‘giant banner ad’ test on search results page

Google is testing giant banner ads on search results pages, with 30 advertisers on board, breaking an 8-year promise in the process.

24/10/2013  |  Full story...

UK advertisers ‘getting better results from paid search’ (infographic)

UK advertisers are spending more on search advertising and are generating better results according to new research.

15/10/2013  |  Full story...

Paid Search ‘drives higher revenue per visit’ than organic listings for Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett Packard’s US printing division generated more revenue per visitor from paid serahc than via organic listings, according to a new case study and white paper from Resolution Media and Kenshoo.

02/10/2013  |  Full story...

Google’s biggest revamp yet? Hummingbird caters for voice and ‘conversational’ searches

Google has revamped its search formula to better cope with the changing nature of search queries, such as longer keyphrases or voice commands.

27/09/2013  |  Full story...

Keyword SEO apocalypse: Google encrypts all searches

In a dramatic move, Google is switching all searches conducted on its site through secure search (HTTPS), meaning that marketers and developers will be unable to monitor any keyword data via Google Analytics.

24/09/2013  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence August 2013

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence August 2013

Most social strategies are no longer working. Facebook's filtering of posts has switched the platform to a paid channel, and now investigations in the UK reveal the extent of fake fans. Viral marketing is failing to travel without paid promotion, and although the audiences of YouTube and Facebook look massive, most businesses find real engagement with their content is tiny.

From China to the USA, Russia to South Africa - our strategists have seen the same patterns everywhere this month as we strengthen the digital strategies of global brands. Other stories we've been tracking:

- Path to purchase: New research on how digital impacts sales
- Digital ad budgets: P&G's big switch in the US
- New production tools: Why the DoubleClick tool for publishing rich media ads should cut agency costs

New advanced training courses are now in place for all main digital disciplines, so if your teams need a recap, then simply mail us back.

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SEO salary survey: Glaring gender pay gap?

One third of workers in the UK Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) industry earn above £35,000, but the segment dominated by men, according to a new salary survey.

01/08/2013  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence July 2013

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence July 2013

Looking for smart brands with strong digital ecosystems? Look at how the arrival of a royal baby in the UK became a media event for Oreo, Pampers and many more. With a strong always-on digital strategy, it's easy to unlock extra reach and cut-through.

This month's update also covers the latest mobile milestones: Samsung overtaking Apple in traffic, Smartphone growth leaping and global mobile ad revenue boosts.

For media strategists there's a summary of Facebook's mobile platform, Graph Search going live (with more ad targeting tools), and Twitter's new ad targeting.

If you're adapting your plans based on these trends then our digital strategists can support you, and if your team need new skills to be able to lead in this space then our Digital Training Academy in-company courses cover all these areas. Simply mail us back for more.

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Mobile search ad trends: Organic clicks ‘can only replace 12% of paid search clicks’

The vast majority (88%) of paid search traffic on mobiles cannot be replaced by organic clicks, according to new research from Google looking at mobile search ad trends.

18/07/2013  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence June 2013

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence June 2013

In this month's round-up, we look at advertising: Facebook's new ad formats, Amazon overtaking Twitter in ad revenue, and Google's new 'enhanced' campaigns. The continued evolution of these 3 media properties is covered in our Digital Acceleration training, so email us back if you need more.

For consumer marketers, new research on brand equity shows which brands are the winners among Generation Y, the digitally native 16-34 year-olds that are so tough to reach effectively. And there's more from Cannes, plus the latest online films that are driving the "earned" media many marketers are searching for. Stories are grouped around the big themes in digital - and full details, videos and high resolution charts on click through below.

If you'd like quick tips about what these mean for your team's plans, then simply reply back to this email for a digital strategist to send you extra advice. And with advanced in-company training programmes running in 20 countries this year, it's easy than ever to boost your team's skills.

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Top 6 SEO trends- What factors boost rankings in Google searches?

Web pages that rank higher in Google searches tend to have more Google+ plus ones and Facebook shares, but keyword domains are becoming less important, according to new US research.

27/06/2013  |  Full story...

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