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Smartphones on the rise in Southeast Asia

Almost half of online consumers in Southeast Asian countries who say they do not own a smartphone, say they plan on buying a smartphone in 2011 according to a recent global online survey from The Nielsen Company. About a quarter (24%) of survey respondents said they already own a smartphone, up from 21 percent at the start of 2010.

Singapore led the region, with 46 percent of those surveyed saying they owned a smartphone, while Thailand and Malaysia posted the most aggressive growth in the sector, 47 percent and 35 percent, respectively.


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How the web changed Singapore politics overnight – election of a ‘1st world parliament’

Singapore’s general election proves to be the most democratic in 40 years as the PAP ruling party’s share of vote tumbles to 60%, with opposition members joining to parliament in the big regional wards for the first time. In Singapore, Danny Meadows-Klue finds out how Twitter, Facebook and independent online media have changed voter expectations and the political mandate forever.

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Mobile internet use penetration: Worldwide

US has highest internet penetration across 16 measured countries, Q1 2008

Digital Strategy data - Mobile internet use penetration: Worldwide. US has highest internet penetration across 16 measured countries, Q1 2008


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