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Google debuts mobile platform with T-Mobile

Google is to launch its much-anticipated mobile operating system ‘Andriod’ on T-Mobile’s upcoming G1 handset. The handset, set to launch on 22 October, will use the open source Android platform. It will include a full-featured Web browser and support for Google services such as Google Maps Street View, Gmail, YouTube and others.

24/09/2008  |  Full story...

T-Mobile gives free Wi-Fi to customers

Subscribers to T-Mobile's Web 'n' Walk 3G service are going to be offered free Wi-Fi access writes Netimperative. Users will be given free use of T-Mobile's network of 1200 UK Wi-Fi HotSpots (39,000 worldwide). Web 'n' Walk costs £12.50 per month in addition to any Flext price plan.
From Netimperative:, 10/01/2008


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