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TalkTalk hack to cost up to £35m

TalkTalk is offering all its customers a free upgrade to compensate for the recent cyber attack, in which thousands of people's personal data was leaked online.

12/11/2015  |  Full story...

TalkTalk hackers demand ransom: User bank details stolen?

A ransom demand has been received by ISP TalkTalk following a major cyber attack in which hackers may have seen sensitive customer data.

23/10/2015  |  Full story...

Tesco sells broadband and Blinkbox to Talk Talk

Talk Talk has bought Tesco’s broadband and its Blinkbox online movie streaming service as the telco joins the race for providing ‘quad play’ (mobile phone, broadband, pay TV and fixed-line telephone) to its customers.

09/01/2015  |  Full story...

Will UK porn filter block other content too?

The UK Government’s controversial plans to impose an opt-out filter on internet porn could be extended to other content, according to reports.

29/07/2013  |  Full story...

TalkTalk expands into mobile market with £5 tarrifs

TalkTalk is expanding beyond its landline phone and broadband packages with a new mobile phone service in the UK.

13/12/2012  |  Full story...

YouView to launch 4th July… but will set top boxes be available?

YouView is set for launch in the UK next month after much delay, but the web TV service might still be hampered by a lack of availability of set top boxes, according to a news report. YouView chairman Lord Sugar and CEO Richard Halton are to officially launch the IPTV joint venture on July 4. However, according to the Financial Times, set-top boxes will not be widely available until later this year as manufacturers plan to conduct further tests.

Watch the launch video here:

29/06/2012  |  Full story...

File-sharers to get warning letters soon? BT and TalkTalk lose challenge against Digital Economy Act

BT and Talk Talk have lost an appeal over controversial measures to tackle copyright infringement online. The move gives a green light to the UK Governement to push through a set of new digital piracy laws. The internet service providers (ISPs) had argued the UK's Digital Economy Act was incompatible with EU law.

07/03/2012  |  Full story...

UK court backs internet piracy act: BT and TalkTalk lose case

The Digital Economy Act, a controversial new law to tackle online piracy in the UK, has been backed by the High Court, despite complaints from ISPs. Telecoms providers BT and TalkTalk have lost an attempt to block aspects of the Digital Economy Act, which they see as placing undue responsibility on them for tackling illegal filesharing.

But ruling judge Mr Justice Parker dismissed all the claims, except for one relating to the costs order, when he removed the ISPs' obligation to pay 25% of watchdog Ofcom's costs and the costs of establishing an appeals body. The high-court ruling can be seen as a victory for record companies, film studios and other rights holders, who have lobbied intensively for greater legal powers to stem piracy.


21/04/2011  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence March 2011

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence March 2011

Getting search right just got tougher.

This month's shift in the Google algorithm saw massive swings in the rankings of many brand and retail sites, cleaning up much of the spam but creating a few surprises along the way. Good news for the white-hat techniques of best practice, but bad news for many agencies who had been using link farms to bolster the clients' rankings. Getting search right is such a fundamental of web marketing that without it nothing else in the digital mix works properly. It's a core part of the always-on in digital marketing. And other engines are going even further in the war on spam and simply banning sites that don't make the grade.

This month's digital strategy healthcheck? Think beyond the brand and look for your new position on the category terms you need to be famous for. Track the movement, see where your competitors are and make a plan to climb higher up the listings.

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UK filesharing act delayed by BT and Talk Talk legal claims

BT and TalkTalk have launched a legal challenge against new legislation designed to tackle illegal internet filesharing and protect intellectual property rights online. If the court finds in their favour, the act would no longer be enforceable. Here’s why…


25/03/2011  |  Full story...

BBC hires Alan Sugar to ‘cure or kill’ YouView

The BBC and other UK broadcasters have hired Lord Alan Sugar to attempt to save the embattled YouView internet-connected set top box venture. The business entrepreneur and star of TVs ‘The Apprentice’ was brought on board two weeks ago with a mandate to “cure or kill” the venture.


25/03/2011  |  Full story...

YouView web TV platform postponed until 2012

The launch of web TV service IPTV service YouView has been delayed until early 2012 due to the ‘growing scale and complexity of the project’. YouView (formely known as Project Canvas) will let viewers with broadband enabled sets access to video-on-demand content from BBC ITV and C4, in partnership with technology firms Arqiva, BT and TalkTalk.

The service was originally scheduled in to go live in the first half of 2011 but the joint venture will have a product in trial by the end of 2011, with a full consumer launch to follow by early 2012.
The service was announced as Project Canvas in December 2008 with the aim of bringing IPTV to UK households via broadband-enabled set-top boxes, in much the same way as Freeview and Freesat currently do with digital TV.


10/02/2011  |  Full story...

Ofcom rejects YouView ‘anti-competitive’ complaints

Ofcom will not investigate YouView, despite claims from rivals that the TV-on-demand scheme from BBC, ITV, C4 and Five is anti-competitive. However, You View, previously know as Project Canvas was warned that the communications watchdog will act if it blocks rival platforms and services in future.

YouView is a collaboration of seven broadcasters and telecommunication companies including BBC, ITV, BT and TalkTalk. It plans to use a branded interface to bring on-demand web services to set-top boxes. Set to launch next year, YouView will develop a standard framework from which broadcasters and other providers can build TV-accessible online services, such as BBC iPlayer, and which hardware makers can incorporate.


20/10/2010  |  Full story...

Project Canvas to launch Web TV next year as ‘YouView’ brand

Project Canvas, the on-demand TV service backed by BBC ITV, BT and Channel 4, has offially rebranded as YouView, and is set to launch as a beta test in the first quarter of next year.The site aims to bring video-on-demand programming and services to Freeview and Freesat.

From next year viewers will have the choice of a subscription-free YouView set top box that will combine their favourite digital TV channels with the last seven days' catch up TV, as well as bringing a full range of on-demand services and interactive extras straight to the living room. The seven partners in the venture, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, TalkTalk, BT, Arqiva and Channel 5 – have now formed YouView TV Ltd, pledging about £18m each to cover the first four years of operation from April 2010.


16/09/2010  |  Full story...

Five rejoins Project Canvas

Channel Five has reversed its decision, made only six weeks ago, to pull out of the UK television industry’s project to allow consumers to see video programmes via the internet. Project Canvas now includes again all the terrestrial broadcasters – the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 remained involved when Channel Five left for financial reasons last month – as well as BT, Carphone Warehouse and the infrastructure owner Arqiva. It is looking for further partners.

The reversal was expected following the purchase of Five by Richard Desmond’s Northern & Shell group from RTL, the pan-European broadcaster, earlier this month. “Project Canvas is set to shape the future of broadcasting and open up new and exciting possibilities for viewers,” Mr Desmond said in a statement on Tuesday.


01/09/2010  |  Full story...

Project Canvas gets green light from BBC Trust

Project Canvas, the online TV project involving BBC, ITV, BT, Five, Channel 4 and TalkTalk given approval from the BBC Trust, providing the project sticks to certain agreements. The news follows the go-ahead by the Office of Fair Trading last month.

Concerning a partnership between BBC, ITV, BT, Five, Channel 4 and TalkTalk the BBC Trust gave its approval after extensive consultation. It will now review the BBC's involvement in Project Canvas twelve months after it's launched to consumers.


28/06/2010  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence April 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence April 2010

The use of the web by politicians has been underwhelming, but the current UK elections are still the most digital. Here’s why...

Social media reached out to a new generation and told them to vote. The Electoral Commission used simple digital marketing tactics to reach the right people (youngsters not yet registered), in the right media space (Facebook), with the right offer (one click to register). Simple, brilliant, game-changing.

Secondly, digital analytics came into their own for the first time. Old-style telephone polling and street surveys are over. Instead social media monitoring provided granular insights into every sound-bite and every gesture from the leaders of the three main political parties. Online polls from YouGov have been fighting with new social media monitoring tools, while live social media trackers run alongside TV debates. They’ve given politicians an unprecedented window into their own electability - and like all good marketers, politicians have quickly applied those lessons.

Collating this month’s research and news for you reminded me that the right digital strategy isn’t just about advertising. Digital strategies work throughout the marketing mix - from researching customer insights, to changing brand preference, through building buzz and engagement, sale and ongoing support.

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Talk Talk 'to defy Digital Economy Act'

As the Digital Economy Act is made into law, key industry players, including ISP Talk Talk, are beginning to voice their opposition to the acts sweeping powers over cutting off accused illegal file-sharers. The Digital Economy Bill was rushed through Parliament in a period known as the 'wash-up', the period between a general election being called and Parliament being dissolved.

It has now been enshrined in law after it was given Royal Assent on Friday, now becoming the Digital Economy Act 2010. These measures include the disconnection of broadband customers who are deemed to be infringing copyright laws without first being given the opportunity to plead their innocence before a court.


12/04/2010  |  Full story...

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