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Hitachi and Barclays launch next-generation finger vein scanner

Barclays has unveiled their enhanced finger vein scanner, developed in collaboration with Hitachi using VeinID infra-red technology.


21/11/2019  |  Full story...

UK businesses plan to adopt more AI in next 12 months

60% of UK companies are already using artificial intelligence (AI), or plan to start using it in the next 12 months, according to new research.


13/11/2019  |  Full story...

DIY filters: Snapchat lets users customise AR camera drawings

Snapchat has launched 3D Paint - a way to overlay colourful 3D drawings on your face and the world around you, directly from the Snapchat camera.


31/10/2019  |  Full story...

Baby Boomers defy stereotypes: Third are early adopters of new technology

Over a third (35%) of UK Baby Boomers will adopt new products and services before the general public, despite preconceptions that they're set in their ways, according to new research.


28/10/2019  |  Full story...

Abu Dhabi opens world’s first graduate level AI university

Abu Dhabi has announced the establishment of the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), the first graduate level, research-based AI university in the world.


17/10/2019  |  Full story...

YouTube launches AR make-up Masthead to brands

YouTube has launched an augmented reality letting viewers virtually try on makeup while following along with YouTube creators using front-facing smartphone cameras.


16/10/2019  |  Full story...

Digital transformation: Architects hampered by legacy tech

Digital architects are struggling to meet their organisations’ digital transformation ambitions, and are feeling the pressure as a result, according to new research.


16/10/2019  |  Full story...

15 tech predictions for the next decade: Amazon 5G, VR meetings and brain-controlled devices

By 2021, algorithmic and anti-bias data auditors emerge to tackle "pale, male and stale" artificial intelligence, reveals CCS Insight in its predictions for 2020 and beyond.


07/10/2019  |  Full story...

Microsoft reveals dual touch screen Surface devices

Microsoft has revealed two devices with hinged, dual touch screens, as the electronic giant looks to offer an alternative to 'foldable phones'.


03/10/2019  |  Full story...

Avon calls on MAD//Fest in £20k tech pitch

Avon will be inviting five firms to pitch live at MAD//Fest London in a £20k search for tech solutions in low tech environments, which Avon representatives in different parts of the world often rely on.


01/10/2019  |  Full story...

Marketers opting for homebuilt tech despite losing a third of the week to usage

Over three quarters (77%) of decision-maker level marketers in the UK have developed or are developing homemade technologies, according to new research.


01/10/2019  |  Full story...

Google makes 3,000 deepfake videos (to fight deepfakes)

Google has released a huge database of deepfake videos, created using paid actors, designed to help systems detect fake videos that could be used to spread disinformation..


27/09/2019  |  Full story...

Ready Player One? Facebook outlines social VR future with 'Horizon'

Facebook has revealed its plans for a social media universe exclusively for Oculus headsets, in what it hopes will be the next generation for its platform.


26/09/2019  |  Full story...

Digital breakthrough: Has Google cracked ultra-fast ‘Quantum Computing’?

Google has achieved a major breakthrough in computer power, building a machine capable of performing calculations in seconds that traditional computers would take 10,000 years to perform, according to a leaked paper.


25/09/2019  |  Full story...

US and UK lead world in FinTech investment

San Francisco, London and New York are leading the way for attracting financial technology investments such as blockchain and mobile payments, according to new research.


24/09/2019  |  Full story...

Tealium adds built-in AI tech customer data platform

Ad tech firm Tealium has boosted its Customer Data Platform (CDP) with built-in machine learning technology to help brands build more intelligent audiences and more accurately predict consumer actions.


20/09/2019  |  Full story...

UK consumers excited by arrival of 5G (but fearful of driverless cars and AI)

Biometrics, 5G and wearable tech top the list of modern technologies UK consumers are most excited about, according to new research.


12/09/2019  |  Full story...

Investment in UK AI companies hits all-time high

Investment in UK-based artificial intelligence (AI) companies has reached record levels after the first six months of 2019 saw more investment than the entirety of last year, according to new data.


12/09/2019  |  Full story...

Hitachi launches hand gesture biometrics technology for computer security

Hitachi has announced a first-of-its-kind biometric technology that allows users to unlock their computer by simply raising their hand.


11/09/2019  |  Full story...

Three quarters of IT teams 'don’t understand marketing buzzwords'

Over three quarters (77%) of IT teams don’t understand marketing buzzwords, according to new research.


11/09/2019  |  Full story...

A nation on pause: UK firms holding back on technological investments

UK organisations are not innovating fast enough, and business leaders cite public nervousness as their main barrier to adopting emerging tech, according to new research.


05/09/2019  |  Full story...

Become the star of your own ad: Chinese Deepfake app ZAO goes viral

Deepfake app Zao has risen to the top of Chinese app sales charts less than a week after going live, sparking privacy concerns in the process.


03/09/2019  |  Full story...

BBC to launch Alexa rival 'Beeb' next year

The BBC is planning to launch a digital voice assistant next year that will work on all major smark speakers and mobile devices and recoignise regional UK accents better than rivals, the broadcaster claims.


27/08/2019  |  Full story...

North-South divide: London tech job demand 'bigger than 10 other cities combined'

There is still a significant north-south divide, with more jobs in emerging technologies being advertised in the capital than in any other city and over a third of tech professionals calling London home, according to new research.

North-South divide: London tech job demand 'bigger than 10 other cities combined'

22/08/2019  |  Full story...

Teenager uses smart fridge to tweet after mother confiscates her phone

A tweet from a teenager has gone viral after she apparently used her smart fridge to post on Twitter after her mother confiscated her phone, giving the electronics brand LG a social media buzz in the process.

Teenager uses smart fridge to tweet after mother confiscates her phone

15/08/2019  |  Full story...

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