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Bidstack expands into US with programmatic gaming ad platform

London-based ad tech company Bidstack has launched in the US, providing in-game programmatic ads for brands.


04/10/2019  |  Full story...

Apple launches new credit card (but don't keep it in your wallet)

Apple has launched a new credit card this week, but the tech giant has warned that the high tech Apple Card may be permanently discoloured by some fabrics found in wallets and jeans.


23/08/2019  |  Full story...

Video streaming emerges as the killer app for 5G in the US

The 5G era is set to drive the next wave of growth in video streaming, with 78 percent of U.S. consumers indicating they will expand this activity as they adopt the next-generation wireless standard in smartphones and home-networking solutions, according to a survey conducted by IHS Markit Digital Orbit.


23/08/2019  |  Full story...

Paid for or natural? Amazon quizzed by US Senators over 'Choice' label

Two US senators have asked Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos how the “Amazon’s Choice” badge on certain products is determined and whether the mark deceives consumers into purchasing “products of inferior quality.”

Paid for or natural? Amazon quizzed by US Senators over 'Choice' label
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14/08/2019  |  Full story...

US online vs offline shopping habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

50% of Americans order online at least 4 times a month, with books and media top items shoppers preferred to purchase online, followed by video games and electronics, according to new research.

US online vs online shopping habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

01/08/2019  |  Full story...

US to fine Facebook $5bn for Cambridge Analytica user data scandal- report

The US Federal Trade Commission has voted to approve a fine of about $5bn for Facebook over privacy violations, according to a report.


15/07/2019  |  Full story...

France angers Trump with 3% tax on large digital firms

The French government has proposed a new tax in the country, that would charge large internet companies including Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook a 3% levy on their revenues, drawing ire from the US as a result.


12/07/2019  |  Full story...

Diversity in Advertising report: UK lags behind US for representation

With digital advertising soon to turn 25, Adobe conducted a global survey of over 2000 consumers in the US and UK across generations, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation to understand what progress is being made when it comes to diversity representation.


27/06/2019  |  Full story...

"What went wrong with online ads?" KFC, Unilever and Deloitte reflect on Cannes Lions

With the final day of Cannes underway, this morning saw The Economist Group’s last Wake Up with The Economist panel take on some of the industry’s hottest topics. The discussion moved from online advertising, data, the client/agency relationship and how ditching stereotype thinking can lead to greater creativity.


25/06/2019  |  Full story...

Top 50 most ‘patriotic’ American Brands: Jeep, Disney, Ford and Coke lead the way

There has been a sharp rise in US consumers across all ages becoming more patriotic, with millennials seeing the sharpest rise as brands make an emotional connection in divisive times, according to new research.


18/06/2019  |  Full story...

Global shopping trends: Japan biggest spenders while Americans shop most frequently

UK shoppers are ahead of their European counterparts but still lag behind US shoppers when it comes to volumes of online shopping, according to new research.


12/06/2019  |  Full story...

Google hits Huawei: Cuts off Android licence for future phones

Google hits Huawei: Cuts off Android licence for future phones

Google is set to revoke Huawei's access to its Android mobile operating system, dealing the Chinese company a major blow in accordance with US sanctions.

21/05/2019  |  Full story...

Huawei barred in the US: Trump declares 'national emergency' over IT threats

US president Donald Trump has signed an order barring US firms from using telecoms equipment made by companies who pose a national security risk.

Huawei barred in the US: Trump declares 'national emergency' over IT threats

16/05/2019  |  Full story...

No more cat and mouse advertising? Brits 'fed up' of retargeted ads

No more cat and mouse advertising? Brits 'fed up' of retargeted ads

Half of Brits (48%) believe the advertising industry needs to change and are fed up of being chased around the internet by the same ads, according to new research.

16/05/2019  |  Full story...

Walmart buys ad tech startup Polymorph

Walmart is buying San Francisco-based ad tech startup Polymorph Labs as it looks to compete with online rival Amazon in targeting shoppers online.

Walmart buys ad tech startup Polymorph

12/04/2019  |  Full story...

Most Americans think social media divides country more than it unites

A sizable majority of Americans say social media does more to divide the country than unite it, according to the latest NBC News and Wall Street Journal poll.


08/04/2019  |  Full story...

Americans now see as many Super Bowl ads on YouTube as on live TV

In the US, 42% of American football fans have watched ads from the big game on YouTube, equal to the amount that watched those ads on broadcast/cable TV networks, and more than any other digital platform, according to an Ipsos sports viewing study.


05/02/2019  |  Full story...

Budweiser goes green with 2019 Super Bowl ad

Budweiser has released its much-anticipated 2019 Super Bowl advert, for the match on 3rd February, as it celebrates the brand’s pledge for a brighter future with renewable electricity.


04/02/2019  |  Full story...

Comcast expands blockchain-powered TV ad software with major new partners

Comcast has announced the next phase of its Blockgraph initiative – blockchain-enabled software that allows the secure use and sharing of data for advanced TV advertising.


25/01/2019  |  Full story...

Mobile Phones ‘driving 56% of festive online fashion sales’

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 was 36% bigger for online fashion retail than 2017, according to new research.


30/11/2018  |  Full story...

UK and US trade bodies unite to fight ad fraud

UK ad organisations JICWEBS and TAG have teamed up to unify the US and UK standards programs, effective Jan 1st 2019.


24/10/2018  |  Full story...

US social media trends: YouTube and Instagram gaining ground on Facebook

Most people in the US use YouTube and Instagram more in 2018 than 2017, outperforming other channels such as Facebook, while women tend to use social media more frequently than men, according to a new survey.


18/10/2018  |  Full story...

Nike gets political: Social media storm after recruiting former NFL star Colin Kaepernick

Nike has taken a bold step with its latest advertising campaign, recruiting controversial former NFL star who was one of the first to kneel during the US national anthem before matches to protest movement against racial injustice in the country.


06/09/2018  |  Full story...

Walmart completes FlipKart purchase: Rival Indian traders plan shutdown protest

Walmart has finalised its $16bn acquisition of Indian online retail giant FlipKart, as the US supermarket chain looks to take on Amazon in one of the largest growing markets in the world.


21/08/2018  |  Full story...

Facebook traffic plunges as people flock back to YouTube- study

Facebook has been losing US users over the last two years as they flock to rival services such as YouTube, according to new research.


14/08/2018  |  Full story...

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