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Digital Intelligence May 2011

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence May 2011

Social media strategies are back at the top of the news agenda, with continued explosive growth among Facebook, Twitter and YouTube reminding every company it needs to evolve its strategy to keep place with the what the platforms offer.

Facebook's facial recognition software sent European privacy advocates leaping for their email. Watch this play out through the summer and remember it was only a year ago that Zuckerberg landed the message that 'privacy is no longer a social norm'.

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Vodafone debuts mobile charger and SMS payment in taxis

Vodafone has launched a new service that lets its customers charge their phones in the back of select London taxi cabs, and even pay cabbies via SMS. Vodafone has teamed up with Taxis in London for the SMS taxi payment scheme, to create their own branded ‘wrapped’ vehicles. 2000 ‘wrapped’ taxis are being introduced to the capital this week, riding on the nation’s renewed patriotic sentiment following the Royal Wedding, by adorning their taxi fleet with Union Jacks.


04/05/2011  |  Full story...

Qype gets €6.5m funding boost from Vodafone and VCs

User-generated local review site Qype has raised 3.5 million euros from Vodafone Ventures and a further 3.0 million euros from its existing three investors, Advent Venture Partners, Partech International and Wellington Partners.

Launched in March 2006, Qype’s communication platform is Europe’s largest site for user-generated reviews and recommendations of places, events and experiences. Qype covers more than 158,000 European towns and cities and has 17 million unique visitors per month. The additional funds will be used to develop Qype’s mobile business.


24/11/2010  |  Full story...

Apple faces ‘war’ with operators over own-brand SIM card

Apple could risk a European operator revolt if it proceeds with plans to embed its own brand SIM card in its new iPhones, according to a news report. The Financial Times quoted an unnamed European telecoms executive as saying Apple risks a “war” over its reported plan to begin selling iPhones with embedded Sim cards, with operators potentially refusing to offer subsidies for the device.

The new technology could enable a customer to buy an iPhone, sign up for service on Apple's website and begin using the device immediately. The customer could then shift with relative ease from one operator to another or insist that the carrier provide a shorter-term contract, the FT said.


22/11/2010  |  Full story...

Apple leak reveals iPhone 4 prices for UK customers

Apple UK has unveiled pricing details for a SIM-free iPhone 4 direct from its Apple Store and online, with prices starting from £499. The web pages on Apple's site that displayed the prices are now unavailable, possibly owing to the high demand from Apple fans, but the details have been widely reported this morning.

The 16GB model will cost £499, while the 32GB model will cost £599. Unlike previous models, the iPhone 4 will function only with a micro-SIM, so customers purchasing the phone directly from Apple will have to buy a new SIM card.


16/06/2010  |  Full story...

New iPhone: Video calls, two cameras and clearer images

Apple has unveiled the latest version of its iPhone handset, with enhanced video call functions being the key new feature. Apple chief executive Steve Jobs introduced the new iPhone 4 at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday. Other features of the new phone include two cameras with an inbuilt flash, updated battery, improved screen resolution and a motion-sensing gyroscope for game usage.

The phone is set to launch in the UK on 24th June. Orange, Vodafone and O2 will carry the handset in the UK, although local pricing has not yet been announced. In the US, the device's cost will start from $199 (£138) on a two-year contract through operator AT&T. The phone’s new ‘FaceTime’ videoconferencing application was the standout enhancement on the market leading smartphone device, and may pressure wireless carriers to provide more bandwidth.


08/06/2010  |  Full story...

Blyk launches ad-funded mobile network in the Netherlands

Ad-funded mobile media firm Blyk has launched in the Netherlands in partnership with operator for the service is Vodafone. Blyk will offers subscribers in the Netherlands 1,000 free SMS and 1,000 free ‘Blyk-to-Blyk’ minutes per month.

Blyk is targeted to the young people of 16 – 29 years and subscriptions are based on a membership (opt-in, profiled). Members need to have a SIM-lock free, MMS capable mobile phone. Blyk’s launch advertiser partners include local and global brands including Nike, Beachmasters, Universal Pictures, McDonald’s, Pearle and Electronic Arts.


07/05/2010  |  Full story...

Google Nexus One goes on sale in UK with Vodafone

Vodafone UK has become the first European operator to sell Nexus One, Google’s first smartphone handset, with contract prices starting from £25 a month. Customers who pre-order online will be the first to get a Nexus One for free on a £35 monthly price plan (24 month), on April 30. The Nexus One will also be available via Vodafone stores and telesales. Price plans start from £25 a month on a 24 month contract.

Vodafone UK customers with the Nexus One can use up to 1GB of mobile data as part of their price plan as well unlimited access to Wi-Fi in the home and free, publicly available services throughout the country. Customers using Wi-Fi can also use an additional 1GB of data at premium BT Openzone hotspots throughout the UK.



Vodafone to axe up to 500 UK jobs, eyes rival network 3

Mobile network operator Vodafone is to slash up to 500 jobs in the UK as the mobile network operator is reportedly mulling a bid for rival 3.

The European telecoms carrier plans to cut 500 staff from its headquarters in Newbury as part of a cost-cutting drive.

Vodafone, which has around 9,000 staff in the U.K., said "the roles affected are in a number of areas, across a number of locations, primarily in back office functions."

It also cautioned that there will "also be additional changes as further efficiencies and natural attrition in these functions take effect."


09/03/2010  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence December 2009

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence December 2009

Our final news round-up of the year saw more 2010 trends take centre-stage. Google's search getting more mobile and personal (long awaited, and sure to shift the market), and the paid for consumer content movement continued to push forwards (sure to trundle forwards, though with far less likelihood of success).

Government policy made headlines with a storm around the Digital Economy Bill and the 50p broadband tax that got the green light in the UK's pre-budget report. Linked to this is the way regulators will play a much bigger role in 2010 - the first spotlight will be on the MS/Yahoo tie-up and the second on privacy. Facebook's lead on safety (giving kids a special "panic" button) is a shrewd move in delivering what's needed, and here in the UK we've been helping the Information Commissioner's Office develop the thinking around what's needed for the hundreds of thousands of small firms now routinely using personal data.

You'll find lots more ideas to fuel your strategy in the news, research and data we've written up below. Click on the links for 50 full stories, forward around to colleagues, and let me know if you need more of the background as you develop your own 2010 digital strategy.

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Vodafone tests priority network access for ‘premium’ subscribers

Vodafone is testing a new system that lets business customers pay a premium for priority access to the network during peak times. The technology, which was launched in Spain last week, means that business customers can choose to pay a data tariff of €49 (£44) a month to ensure enhanced access. Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile phone applications beyond traditional e-mail data services, but, as the number of smartphones has increased, mobile networks have struggled to cope with thousands of customers using iPhones to watch videos and other bandwidth-heavy applications.


01/12/2009  |  Full story...

Vodafone joins O2 and Orange for iPhone rights

Vodafone is to go head-to-head with O2 and Orange to win iPhone customers after becoming the third mobile company to clinch a deal to sell the device in the UK. The announcement followed yesterday's news that Apple had broken off its exclusive contract with O2 to allow rival companies to also sell the smartphone. Orange will be selling the iPhone before Christmas, while Vodafone's deal bans it from selling the popular gadget before early 2010 - missing the Christmas trading period.


01/10/2009  |  Full story...

Vodafone 360 takes on Apple’s App Store

Mobile network Vodafone has launched a mobile web store that will let its customers download a range of applications and web-based services to use on their phone. Vodafone 360 will include a cloud-based address book, full-track music downloads, app store, and integration with social communities such as Facebook and Twitter. The service will be in direct competition with Apple’s App Store, Google’s Android Market and Nokia’s recently launched Ovi store.

28/09/2009  |  Full story...

Vodafone and MySpace extend partnership with launch of Music Studio

Vodafone are strengthening their ongoing ties to MySpace by launching an online music studio, writes Netimperative. The 8-month campaign will see the firms build a MySpace community geared towards musicians and music fans in the UK, Germany and Spain. The Music Studio will feature:

  • an online remixing tool for musicians to play with tracks by established artists;
  • tips and tricks on playing and recording music and using MySpace to promote artists;
  • regular monthly competitions for bands and artists to promote themselves and win recording time;
  • news and interviews from Vodafone-sponsored events across Europe;
  • discussion forums and community tools for musicians to link to events.

The partnership complements the launch of the Vodafone Music Reporter platform on MySpace last year and reflects Vodafone's ongoing strategy to brand itself as a "key player in the music industry".
MySpace has had a tough time this month, announcing staff cuts of nearly 30% as the site restructures itself to try and play catch-up with Facebook and Twitter.
From Netimperative:, 24/06/2009
The Music Studio:


Twitter runs its first ads

Twitter has launched its first third-party advertisements, writes Brand Republic. The firm has launched a new website aimed at business users dubbed ExecTweets which pulls together posts from corporate executives. The site was created in conjunction with ad agency Federated Media and has been sponsored by Microsoft.
Twitter has also signed a commercial deal in the UK with Vodafone allowing Vodafone subscribers to send and receive tweets as SMS messages through its network. Twitter was forced to suspend SMS updates in the UK last August following huge traffic growth and rising costs.
From Brand Republic:, 24/03/2009


Vodafone debuts mobile music store

Vodafone UK has launched "Vodafone Music" a new mobile music store. The service lets customers preview songs for free or download tracks straight to their mobile and immediately play them through the music player on their phone. Singles and albums cost on average £0.99 and £7.99 respectively, while browsing the music store is free of charge.

07/08/2008  |  Full story...

Vodafone launches music community on MySpace

Mobile network operator Vodafone has launched a service that lets users share photos and videos of music events on MySpace. The "Vodafone Music Reporter" interactive profile, hosted on MySpace, builds on the 2007 launch of MySpace on Vodafone mobile internet. Vodafone will use the profile to share its existing music initiatives, including summer festivals such as Music Unlimited Cologne in Germany and Vodafone TBAs in the UK.

30/06/2008  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence May 2008

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence May 2008

The latest US online adspend data shows continued strong growth as brands continue to move budgets online. New research is also continuing to identify online's specific strengths and role in cross-media campaigns.

Days away from the launch of Apple's new model iPhone it's no coincidence that this month we have focussed on developments taking place in the mobile phone sector. Recent trends and developments suggest the mobile web is clearly on course to reach its tipping point - mobile-based IM and social networking are set to make us more connected than ever before. No surprise then that key players including Microsoft and Vodafone are jockeying for position to give consumers and advertisers the tools they didn't even know they needed a year ago.
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Vodafone shops for mobile social network service

Vodafone has bought social networking and online management service ZYB for £25m. The service is targeted at mobile users and allows users to back-up and share their contact and calendar data. The service also allows PC-mobile communication using SMS, pictures and IM.
Vodafone's purchase follows its revelation that the top two searches on its mobile internet service are for social networking sites Facebook and Bebo. Facebook has also become the site most visited by Vodafone users. Vodafone subscribers are increasingly using their phones for e-mail, IM and social networking. Vodafone has recently changed its monthly price plans to include 500MB/month free internet access - a £7.50 saving.
From Brand Republic:, 19/05/2008


The 10 most powerful UK brands of 2007

Digital Strategy data - The 10 most powerful UK brands of 2007

Source: Millward Brown
Millward Brown: h


Digital Intelligence February 2007

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence February 2007

In five years 6m of us throughout Europe will go online to find love. In just over ten years nearly half of all purchases will be made online in the UK. Sometimes the predictions can be hard to picture - and they don't always come right - but one thing is certain: the internet will be an even bigger part of all our daily lives. Of course online marketers know this already and the developments in the UK and Australia we cover this month just remind you how fast the digital world is growing.

Carrying the internet is our pockets is also increasingly common and the mobile stories cover both Vodafone and Yahoo! working to integrate our online activities into mobile handsets. It's hard to predict what those will look like in ten years!

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Vodafone inks deals with leading online brands

Vodafone has had a busy time this February announcing major deals with MySpace, YouTube, eBay and Google, writes ENN.

  • The deal with MySpace will allow Vodafone users to use their phones to edit their profiles and post messages, photos and blogs through MySpace Mobile. MySpace has made similar deals in the US and Japan but this is the first time the firm has moved into the European mobile marketplace. MySpace Mobile will come pre-loaded on a selection of Vodafone handsets with users also able to download it from Vodafone Live! The service will launch in the UK prior to being rolled out across Europe (from NetImperative, 08/02/2007)

  • Vodafone's agreement with YouTube will see the online video firm provide a daily selection of new videos to Vodafone users in addition to allowing users to send videos to the site directly from their phones. Users will also be able to send links for content to their friends and search the site for new clips. As with MySpace the service will first roll out in the UK via Vodafone Live! before its full European launch (from ENN, 09/02/2007).

  • Vodafone is also working directly with YouTube's parent company Google to provide its Google Maps service to Vodafone customers via a java application. The service will provide maps and local listings to users at their usual data rates. The two firms are already partners, with Google providing search services to Vodafone users (from ENN, 12/02/2007).

  • Vodafone's last major deal this month with eBay sees the creation of an application which will allow users to use the online auction service directly from their phones. As with other such applications it will come directly pre-installed on some handset models and will also be available for download from the Vodafone Live! service. The new service is first being trialled in Italy prior to its full European launch (from 07/02/2007).


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