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Digital goes to Hollywood: Apple, Wikileaks and Pirate Bay movies in the works

After The Social Network turned Facebook’s story into a film, a raft of new movies depicting the exploits of some of digitals biggest names are set to hit the big screen this year.

24/01/2013  |  Full story...

Wall Street Journal takes on Wikileaks with whistle blowing site

The Wall Street Journal launched "SafeHouse" a new site that lets people anonymously post online submissions to help uncover fraud and abuse in business and politics. SafeHouse's security features include file encryption and the possibility for a contributor or whistleblower to remain anonymous. The site is located on secure servers managed directly by Journal editors. The Journal said SafeHouse's interests include "politics, government, banking, Wall Street, deals and finance, corporations, labor, law, national security and foreign affairs."


09/05/2011  |  Full story...

US Judge demands Twitter reveals Wikileaks infomation

The US government has requested personal information from the Twitter accounts of four WikiLeaks supporters as part of a widening criminal probe, the whistle-blower website says. The US Department of Justice has been pursuing a criminal investigation into the website's leak of hundreds of thousands of secret US frontline military reports and diplomatic cables. WikiLeaks said in a statement it suspected similar requests had been sent to Google and Facebook, and that they may have quietly complied with the requests without notifying members.

10/01/2011  |  Full story...

WikiLeaks founder arrested in London

UK police have arrested WikiLeaks founder and owner Julian Assange on an arrest warrant from Sweden, where he is accused of sexual crimes. The 39-year-old Australian was arrested in the morning after he voluntarily appeared for an appointment at a London police station.

Earlier, Assange told a court in London that he would fight any attempt to extradite him to Sweden, where he faces allegations of sex crimes. The founder of the whistleblowing website that has released reams of sensitive U.S. diplomatic cables has denied the allegations. He has not yet been charged.


08/12/2010  |  Full story...

China hacked into Google after official ‘Googled himself’- Wikileaks

The hacking of search giant Google was orchestrated by a senior Chinese official who searched for his name and found critical articles via the search engine, according to new documents released by the website Wikileaks. The attack, which took places ealier this year, resulted in Google walking away from a potential market of 400m internet users in China.

The WikiLeaks report claimed the hacking was “100% political in nature”, the Observer reported. Senior Chinese official Li Changchun searched for his own name, the cables allege. The cable quoted a ‘well-placed contact’ telling US diplomats that leading members of the Chinese politburo coordinated the attacks late last year.


07/12/2010  |  Full story...

Amazon ‘forced to remove Wikileaks from its servers’

US political heavyweights have forced Amazon to remove controversial whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks from its server. According to The Guardian, the online retail giant was contacted by the office of Joe Lieberman, the chairman of the Senate committee on homeland security, 24 hours before Amazon took the site down from its servers. Wikileaks has claimed that the ousting breached freedom of speech under the first amendment of the US constitution.


03/12/2010  |  Full story...

WikiLeaks hit by 'denial of service attack'

On the day it began leaking US embassy cable communications, Wikileaks says it was hit by hackers. Wikileaks claimed to have been hit by a “mass distributed denial of service attack” yesterday.

The revelation came over the organisation’s Twitter page on the day Wikileaks started to release a range of US Embassy cable communications. Wikileaks’ website is now up and running as it continues to leak documents. A hacker going by the name of ‘th3j35t3r’ claimed over Twitter to have been responsible for taking down the website.


30/11/2010  |  Full story...

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