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Royal Wedding ‘generating one mention every ten seconds online’

During last week, online media – including news sites, blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook, saw an accelerated flurry of ‘noise’ around the Royal Wedding, with the majority of mentions being positive, according to new data. Data compiled by search marketing specialist and technology firm Greenlight, reveals it has risen a staggering 700% on March levels. Currently, there’s an average of 9,000 posts a day on online media relating to the Royal Wedding. Internationally, those excited by it outweigh “haters” by 6:1.


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Google Video to shut down this month

Google is closing its 'Google Video' site on 29th April, and deleting all the files that have been uploaded to it, as the search giant focuses its video strategy on YouTube. The platform began as a video-sharing site, but it became something of a lame duck when Google bought the web's leading video site, YouTube, in 2006. In 2009, Google stopped allowing people to upload their movies to Videos, but has continued to host the videos that are already there. That ends this month, when the videos will disappear and the service turns into a video search index.


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Online video audiences: Over 4bn video ad views a month in the US alone

ComScore’s latest US audience tracker is releasing some big numbers. A massive 4.3bn online video ads were watched by online audiences in the US this March. YouTube continues to dominate video viewing, but Hulu is climbing steeply with 1.2bn impressions and a penetration into 9% of US households. More on who is watching what…


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Google’s new search rankings: Winners and losers revealed

Well-known news sites such as The Guardian and The Telegraph, have benefited most from Google’s latest UK search update, known as ‘Panda’, according to new research. Early data from search marketing specialist and technology firm Greenlight, reveals big winners and losers, visibility-wise, from Google’s Panda algorithm update – designed to improve Google’s ability to detect and devalue “low quality content”, which it has now rolled out across all English language websites.


15/04/2011  |  Full story...

Bing makes small gain on Google in UK

Microsoft's search engine Bing was the fastest growing search engine during March, while YouTube was the quickest rising social network, according to new data from Hitwise. Google is still very much the dominant player in UK search, with Google Sites accounting for over 90% of all searches conducted by UK Internet users. However, between February and March 2011, Google Sites lost 0.66% market share of searches, whilst Microsoft Sites increased their market share of searches by 0.28%.


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Google revamping YouTube channels to compete with TV?

Google is preparing a major overhaul of video sharing website YouTube by creating "channels" to compete with broadcast and cable TV, according to a news report. The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that the plan could cost as much as $100 million. The revamped YouTube homepage will highlight different channels focused on topics like arts and sports, the Journal said, citing people familiar with the matter.


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Microsoft takes Google complaint to EU

Microsoft is to take an anti-competition complaint against Google to the European Commission. The software maker claims that Google used its dominant position in the search market to restrict the growth of Microsoft services. It cites a number of practices, including Google limiting the ability of Microsoft Bing to index web content. Google said it was not surprised by the move and would happily explain itself.


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Digital Intelligence March 2011

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence March 2011

Getting search right just got tougher.

This month's shift in the Google algorithm saw massive swings in the rankings of many brand and retail sites, cleaning up much of the spam but creating a few surprises along the way. Good news for the white-hat techniques of best practice, but bad news for many agencies who had been using link farms to bolster the clients' rankings. Getting search right is such a fundamental of web marketing that without it nothing else in the digital mix works properly. It's a core part of the always-on in digital marketing. And other engines are going even further in the war on spam and simply banning sites that don't make the grade.

This month's digital strategy healthcheck? Think beyond the brand and look for your new position on the category terms you need to be famous for. Track the movement, see where your competitors are and make a plan to climb higher up the listings.

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Top 10 most searched for brands of 2010: Facebook, YouTube and eBay top list

Facebook was the top online brand of 2010, followed by YouTube, eBay, Amazon and Argos, according to new data from Experian Hitwise. Twice a year, Experian Hitwise awards the 10 most popular websites according to the market share of visits a website receives relative to other websites in their industry. This year’s top 10 brands include a mixture of social networks, retailers, automotive and news and media sites.


23/03/2011  |  Full story...

YouTube buys Next New Networks, expands into video production

YouTube has acquired online video content firm Next New Networks for an undisclosed sum, marking the Google-owned firm’s first foray into content production. YouTube also announced 'YouTube Next', a YouTube division aimed at accelerating partner growth, which will spearhead a series of YouTube Next-branded programs and services.

Next New Networks began in 2007 and is behind the Web comedy show Barely Political and the online cartoon network Channel Frederator. During the 2008 US presidential election, Barely Political won millions of online views of its comedy videos featuring "Obama Girl," a singing and dancing devotee of then presidential candidate Barack Obama.


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YouTube to stream live NBA and NHL games?

YouTube is in talks with the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League to show live games, according to a news report. Bloomberg reports that the Google-owned video sharing site is hoping to build on the popularity of cricket’s Indian Premier League last year, to become the number one destination for live sport on the web.

Brian Suh, head of YouTube Partnership at Google’s Korean unit, said they are in talks with "most pro sports leagues" including the NBA and NHL, as well as football leagues in Europe.


25/02/2011  |  Full story...

Cadbury's - ROI for every £1 media spend

Cadbury's "Chocolate Charmer" online advertising campaign provided ROI almost 4 times higher than their TV campaign.

Cadbury's - ROI for every £1 media spend. Cadbury's


Digital Intelligence January 2011

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence January 2011

One month in, how's the 2011 digital strategy shaping up?

Content strategies for consumer and B2B brands should be giving even more consideration to video this year. Audiences are climbing in most countries and engagement remains deep - more below .

Social media is almost certainly already in your plan, and now there are even more reasons for using Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. But check your Facebook, website and Twitter strategies are not doubling up. For three years we've been urging brands to unify messages into a single content calendar that feeds all marketing channels, but most are still paying their agencies twice.

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Top 10 online video sites (viewing figures) - US

Google sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video property in Oct 2010, (sites ranked by millions of unique video viewers).

Top 10 online video sites (viewing figures) - US. Google sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video property in Oct 2010, (sites ranked by millions of unique video viewers).


Top 10 online video sites (viewer engagement)- US

Google sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property for viewer engagement in Oct 2010, followed by Hulu (sites ranked by minutes per viewer).

Top 10 online video sites (viewer engagement)- US. Google sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property for viewer engagement in Oct 2010, followed by Hulu (sites ranked by minutes per viewer).


Cadbury’s case study: Digital campaign generates over £3 for every pound spent

Cadbury’s recently ran a cross-media campaign for its Dairy Milk brand, covering TV, online ads and YouTube promoted videos. Despite only investing 7% of its budget in online, the brand saw the sector generate 20% of the sales. This case study from Gfk NOP highlights to growing power of online advertising in the marketing mix…

Market research agency GfK NOP has released the results of a study that evaluated the cross media performance of Cadbury’s recent Dairy Milk campaign. The study demonstrated the power of online advertising and its ability to deliver impressive returns on investment.

20/01/2011  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence: 100 top stories of 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence 100 top stories of 2010

In our review of the year, Facebook and Google dominated our headlines with weekly product development announcements. They played key roles in the UK election - as digital political strategies step-changed - and influenced the fortunes of every firm online. Social media strategies became critical for consumer brands, with the digital media mix broadening for most organisations into: sites, search, social and sales.

The Times launched its paywall (and lost most of its readers), while Twitter explored ads for its digital revenue strategy. Apple entered the ad market with $60m of pre-bookings for the launch of iAds, and both online and mobile adspend set new records. Digital content strategies embraced video - forcing firms large and small to look for video assets - and YouTube reached new heights in audiences.

The key trends we predicted a year ago in mobile, social, privacy and video all proved true, yet many firms still waste much of their budgets by not having the right digital strategies in place. The ROI of digital is often less than half what it should be in most organisations, and that's why digital talent - the digital calibre of teams across a business - will be just as critical next year.

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Digital Intelligence: Online video special report

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence online video special report

2010 was the year video mainstreamed on the web in Western Europe, so when YouTube released their top 10 clips, we thought it time to collate some of the video stories from the last year. Together they provide an important reminder of the scale online video has grown to. So as you plan your web strategies for 2011, if video is not already high on the agenda, then be sure to review its potential. Online video can tell stories as powerfully as television, create interaction as strong as games, showcase products as well as an in-store demo, and engage your audiences as deeply as social media.

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YouTube to buy content production firm?

Video sharing site YouTube is in talks to buy US web video producer Next New Networks, according to US reports. The New York Times said a deal would be the Google-owned firm’s first foray into content production.

No terms have been disclosed, but the NYT quoted analysts applauding the potential acquisition. YouTube has sought to increase its share of professionally produced content as it faces competition from the likes of Hulu, a joint venture whose backers include media companies News Corp, Walt Disney Co's ABC, and NBC, controlled by General Electric.


17/12/2010  |  Full story...

Video: Top 10 YouTube clips of 2010

YouTube has looked back on the year to launch a video of its most watched clips of 2010, including Old Spice, annoying oranges and bed intruders...

15/12/2010  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence November 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence November 2010

Get set for another online retail record-breaker: next Monday is 'Mega-Monday' when online stores hit meltdown in the shopping frenzy. £6.4bn is the UK forecast for December, with over £20m/hr spent on Monday. Recessionary 2009 saw a 25% leap on 2008 for total online sales (here in the UK) so expect similar this year. Christmas retail triggered a frenzy of last minute traffic grabbing with Search Ad Buys pushing bid prices up and squeezing retail margins - left me thinking that smarter SEO strategies in the summer could have saved a few million dollars on paid ads. All too common to see firefighting rather than getting the strategy in place at the start.

For 2011 we're encouraging consumer brands to evaluate greater roles for marketing through gaming, so we've included video games and console platform sales in the US. And this edition also covers top sites in Russia, Mobile Phone Moms in the US, Finance and Retailer sites in the UK because that's what brands asked us for.

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Digital Intelligence November 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence November 2010

After years of anticipating the mobile web, it seems most marketers are struggling to make it work for them. Latest research here in the UK revealed half of firms don't check their sites on mobiles - and we'd speculate that for those that do the findings can be pretty uncomfortable. Most brands fail to ensure their sites work well on mobile browsers, and fail to give consumers what they're most likely to be looking for on the move. Digital strategies need to play to the consumer's mindset as well as the strengths of the channel, and like the early days of the web, more brands get it wrong than right.

Exceptions include Gap in the US, where this month their Facebook places promotion (10,000 jeans for the first 10,000 consumers to use their mobiles to 'check-in' at their checkouts) was clearly a great route to crowd-sourcing in mobile social spaces, creating 10,000 signposts for other consumers to follow.

Facebook also had us adding more 'fan' badges as their online ad targeting propelled them to take nearly a quarter of US web display ads. For media planners the offer of campaigns with almost no media wastage is intoxicating, and even the British Royal Family are now targetable - embracing Facebook with the launch of their first monarchy page; time to become 'Friends' maybe?

And finally if you're a busy digital exec planning to escape off the grid this Christmas, rest assured you can now check your emails even while climbing Everest - thanks to the Nepalese telco planting the mountain's first 3G base station. You never need be away from email again!

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YouTube boosts stickiness with search topic suggestions

YouTube is trialing a new service called ‘Topics on Search’, giving viewers examples of related searches. The tool, available on the video sharing site’s beta testing area ‘TestTube’, uses an algorithm that looks at video tags, comments, shares, viewing patters, and other signals.

YouTube is hoping to keep viewers on the site by providing videos on topics that they might be interested in seeing. Topics also can work in combination with their original search to help find the exact video they’re looking for. The typical YouTube user spends 15 minutes a day watching YouTube content, according to BBC. The more videos they watch, the more ads they are likely to see, driving revenue for parent company Google.


15/11/2010  |  Full story...

YouTube debuts new mobile ad formats as videos on-the-move soars

Three in four (75%) of YouTube Mobile users say that their mobile is the number one device they use to watch YouTube videos, according to new stats issued by Google. According to Nielsen, YouTube Mobile is the number one video viewing mobile website in the US, with more than 7.1MM monthly unique users.

In response to this growing demand, Google is introducing a new ‘daily roadblock’ ad format to brands. The daily roadblock allows advertisers to own all available ad impressions for 24 hours. Ads run on the Search, Browse and Home pages of the mobile website.


12/11/2010  |  Full story...

Samsung debuts first-ever YouTube mobile ad to promote Galaxy Tab

Samsung Electronics has become the first UK advertiser to run display advertising on YouTube’s mobile site to promote its iPad rival, the Galaxy Tab. The YouTube mobile advertising forms part of a wider marketing launch campaign for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which will run across in-game advertising with Playstation, reach blocks on Facebook, online search and display, mobile advertising, OOH and print.

The campaign will also include a wraparound of the Evening Standard on the 4th November – with the front page of the paper incorporated within the screen of the Galaxy Tab. This marks the first time the Evening Standard has featured its own, same day editorial content as part of a front page advert. Built around the creative platform ‘Life Without Limits’, the campaign will focus on the size and portability of the new product.


03/11/2010  |  Full story...

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