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Digital Intelligence November 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence November 2010

After years of anticipating the mobile web, it seems most marketers are struggling to make it work for them. Latest research here in the UK revealed half of firms don't check their sites on mobiles - and we'd speculate that for those that do the findings can be pretty uncomfortable. Most brands fail to ensure their sites work well on mobile browsers, and fail to give consumers what they're most likely to be looking for on the move. Digital strategies need to play to the consumer's mindset as well as the strengths of the channel, and like the early days of the web, more brands get it wrong than right.

Exceptions include Gap in the US, where this month their Facebook places promotion (10,000 jeans for the first 10,000 consumers to use their mobiles to 'check-in' at their checkouts) was clearly a great route to crowd-sourcing in mobile social spaces, creating 10,000 signposts for other consumers to follow.

Facebook also had us adding more 'fan' badges as their online ad targeting propelled them to take nearly a quarter of US web display ads. For media planners the offer of campaigns with almost no media wastage is intoxicating, and even the British Royal Family are now targetable - embracing Facebook with the launch of their first monarchy page; time to become 'Friends' maybe?

And finally if you're a busy digital exec planning to escape off the grid this Christmas, rest assured you can now check your emails even while climbing Everest - thanks to the Nepalese telco planting the mountain's first 3G base station. You never need be away from email again!

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YouTube boosts stickiness with search topic suggestions

YouTube is trialing a new service called ‘Topics on Search’, giving viewers examples of related searches. The tool, available on the video sharing site’s beta testing area ‘TestTube’, uses an algorithm that looks at video tags, comments, shares, viewing patters, and other signals.

YouTube is hoping to keep viewers on the site by providing videos on topics that they might be interested in seeing. Topics also can work in combination with their original search to help find the exact video they’re looking for. The typical YouTube user spends 15 minutes a day watching YouTube content, according to BBC. The more videos they watch, the more ads they are likely to see, driving revenue for parent company Google.


15/11/2010  |  Full story...

YouTube debuts new mobile ad formats as videos on-the-move soars

Three in four (75%) of YouTube Mobile users say that their mobile is the number one device they use to watch YouTube videos, according to new stats issued by Google. According to Nielsen, YouTube Mobile is the number one video viewing mobile website in the US, with more than 7.1MM monthly unique users.

In response to this growing demand, Google is introducing a new ‘daily roadblock’ ad format to brands. The daily roadblock allows advertisers to own all available ad impressions for 24 hours. Ads run on the Search, Browse and Home pages of the mobile website.


12/11/2010  |  Full story...

Samsung debuts first-ever YouTube mobile ad to promote Galaxy Tab

Samsung Electronics has become the first UK advertiser to run display advertising on YouTube’s mobile site to promote its iPad rival, the Galaxy Tab. The YouTube mobile advertising forms part of a wider marketing launch campaign for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which will run across in-game advertising with Playstation, reach blocks on Facebook, online search and display, mobile advertising, OOH and print.

The campaign will also include a wraparound of the Evening Standard on the 4th November – with the front page of the paper incorporated within the screen of the Galaxy Tab. This marks the first time the Evening Standard has featured its own, same day editorial content as part of a front page advert. Built around the creative platform ‘Life Without Limits’, the campaign will focus on the size and portability of the new product.


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YouTube's ‘Promoted Videos’ tops 500 million views

Advertising is beginning to pay off for Google's YouTube, and it has now has served 500 million views of its paid Promoted Videos, a service it launched less than two years ago. The news follows Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s recent hints that YouTube is "nearing profitability."

Ads are becoming increasingly prevalent on the site, which is the fourth most popular destination on the Internet, attracting 90 million unique visitors each month, according to Google. The company recently said that YouTube now monetises 2 billion views per week, which is about 15 percent of total views, but up 50 percent over last year. Promoted Videos works by letting advertisers upload their video to YouTube and choose keywords they want to trigger a promotion.


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YouTube co-founder steps down

YouTube's CEO and co-founder Chad Hurley is stepping down from the position to take on an advisory role at the site. The transition has been undergoing and his duties at YouTube have shrunk for the past two years.

Hurley revealed the move at a TechCruch event in Ireland, announcing that Salar Kamangar, currently VP of product management at Google, has been has been the de facto leader of YouTube for the last couple of years.


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Social networks increase traffic sent to online retailers by 13%

Social networks are sending nearly 13% more traffic to online retailers this year than last year, according to Experian Hitwise, the online competitive intelligence service. The company's analysis, taken from their latest report "Getting to grips with Social Media" reveals that social networking sites accounted for 11.6% of all UK Internet visits during September, representing a year on year growth of 4.3%.


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People that ‘like’ branded content aren’t customers- study

Nearly two thirds (60%) of people who ‘like’ or share branded content online are not its customers, with many feeling positive about the company after, according to new research. The study, from YouTube and supported by the Internet Advertising Bureau, highlights the real opportunity for marketers to include harder messaging in their social media content and advertising.

The study investigated the ways in which 3000 consumers across the UK, France and Germany use YouTube and Facebook and how they feel about branded content and advertising on each. The results provide essential lessons for many marketers when it comes to engaging with consumers in social media - the majority of people (75%) who share content or ‘like’ a brand on either of these sites feel more positive about the brand afterwards, compared with around a quarter of people (25%) who feel ‘no different’ as a result.


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Digital Intelligence: Google special report

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence Google special report

The web let anyone publish anything, but Google let people find what they were looking for. The rise and rise of the world’s largest web media business is something we've tracked since testing out the early versions in the late 90s.

As search engines have become the connectors between marketing in any media and people finding what they’re after on the web, getting Google right has become critical for brands and the teams that support them. That’s why in this edition of Digital Intelligence we collated some of the recent stories our team were researching, packaging them into one bite-sized email you could forward on to your colleagues.

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YouTube wins Spanish copyright case

A Spanish federal court has dismissed copyright infringement charges against Google’s YouTube that could have brought the online video service to a halt by forcing it to monitor every piece of content.

Telecinco, a Spanish broadcaster, had brought the charges against YouTube, arguing that it should be liable when users upload material that violates copyright protection. Google, which owns YouTube, praised the court’s decision to reject the charges on the basis that YouTube offers users tools to remove content that infringes on copyrights.


01/10/2010  |  Full story...

YouTube tests live streaming

YouTube has begun to test its own-brand live video-streaming technology. Over two days the site is planning a trial in which four partners will get the chance to air live programmes.

YouTube has done one-off live events in the past, but the trial marks a test of underlying technology that will be used when the service is launched. The move will place YouTube in direct competiton with other live streaming services including Ustream, and Livestream.


15/09/2010  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence: YouTube special report

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence YouTube digest

YouTube has become the world's online video player. Following numerous attempts from other platforms, YouTube emerged as front runner - then gained the critical mass to deliver video to the world. Google's acquisition boosted the platform's audience reach, and rolling the results into Google Search accelerated discoverability. Google also gave YouTube all the brilliance of Google Search to ensure content would be more effectively discovered.

With video moving to the mainstream in digital comms strategies for consumer brands and business services as well as online media, YouTube needs high consideration in every firm's digital strategy.

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Old Spice viral ads break records with 5.2m YouTube views

The Old Spice channel became the most viewed on YouTube last week, after the men's grooming brand recorded more than 5.2 million views for its viral marketing videos in less than three days. The brand's Twitter followers grew from 3,000 to 48,000 during this period.

"Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into twitter, or maybe the Old Spice man shows up @OldSpice," the company tweeted on Tuesday. The brand uploaded about 185 videos of one minute duration on Tuesday and Wednesday last week to YouTube, in which the Old Spice model Isaiah Mustafa responded to questions from the Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit communities.


19/07/2010  |  Full story...

YouTube recreates TV experience with ‘Leanback’ feature

YouTube has launched Leanback, a new service aimed at the living room offering full screen, HD videos optimised for big screen TV viewing. Still in public beta, Leanback automatically starts playing content feeds based on a user’s preferences, and accesses social networking for users plugged in via Facebook.

Instead of having to use a mouse, users can skip content and navigate the entire interface using four arrow keys and the enter key. Users will need a YouTube account to watch Leanback, with the video "feed" is based on videos that the user has liked, unliked and added to their favourites. Unlike the original YouTube site, there are no visible comments, with the service operating more like a YouTube TV channel.


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YouTube wins Viacom copyright case

In a landmark ruling, a judge has rejected a $1bn lawsuit brought by Viacom accusing Google of allowing copyrighted material on its YouTube service without permission. The US movie and television giant sued Google and YouTube for a billion dollars in March 2007, arguing that they condoned pirated video clips at the website to boost its popularity.

The lawsuit was merged with a similar complaint being pursued by the English Premier League, which said football clips were also routinely posted on YouTube without authorization. Viacom's suit charged that YouTube was a willing accomplicee to "massive copyright infringement" and sought more than one billion dollars in damages.


24/06/2010  |  Full story...

YouTube ‘gets more viewers than all US TV networks combined’

Popular video sharing website YouTube is celebrating its fifth year this month and has another reason to celebrate: it generates two billion hits nearly every day. The 2 billion views of the site, which sports the slogan “Broadcast Yourself”, is more than the combined total number of viewers of the US major television networks. YouTube was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, Google bought the company for 1.65 billion dollars and has been operating as a subsidiary for it since then.


17/05/2010  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence April 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence April 2010

The use of the web by politicians has been underwhelming, but the current UK elections are still the most digital. Here’s why...

Social media reached out to a new generation and told them to vote. The Electoral Commission used simple digital marketing tactics to reach the right people (youngsters not yet registered), in the right media space (Facebook), with the right offer (one click to register). Simple, brilliant, game-changing.

Secondly, digital analytics came into their own for the first time. Old-style telephone polling and street surveys are over. Instead social media monitoring provided granular insights into every sound-bite and every gesture from the leaders of the three main political parties. Online polls from YouGov have been fighting with new social media monitoring tools, while live social media trackers run alongside TV debates. They’ve given politicians an unprecedented window into their own electability - and like all good marketers, politicians have quickly applied those lessons.

Collating this month’s research and news for you reminded me that the right digital strategy isn’t just about advertising. Digital strategies work throughout the marketing mix - from researching customer insights, to changing brand preference, through building buzz and engagement, sale and ongoing support.

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Digital Intelligence March 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence March 2010

This month saw the power players marking out their turf: Facebook leapfrogged Google into pole position (at least on a couple of metrics in the US), Microsoft pushed deeper into video players, the BBC gave shape to the cut backs, and China and search went head to head in that long awaited showdown. Everything's to play for as the online media market matures, and the flurry of lawsuits over IP is another fixture on the landscape.

As we head into election season in the UK, voters want to vote online and every political heavyweight now wants to 'do an Obama', moving their message through social media. Sadly neither voters nor politicians stand any hope of getting their wishes this time around, and while the Obama campaign is a case study in social marketing the Digital Training Academy will be using for years, most of the tweets, blogposts and email spam being thrown at British voters will remain quietly unopened thanks to their wholehearted failure to apply customer insight and engage their audience. Politicians are yet to learn the first rule of social media strategies: it's not how loud you shout, it's how much your audience want to listen!

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Top 10 search terms: UK

Terms ranked by search clicks for the four weeks ending 13th Mar 10

Digital Strategy data - Internet Top 10 search terms: UK. Terms ranked by search clicks for the four weeks ending 13th Mar 10


Largest UK internet sites:

UK audience reach for top 10 parent companies, Feb 10

UK audience reach for top 10 parent companies, Feb 10<br />


Google buys online video firm On2

Google has completed its $125m acquisition of video compression specialist On2, as the internet giant looks to expand further into the growing online video market. The deal closed after gaining approval from On2 shareholders and was valued at $124.6m. The figure was about $18 million more than the value stated when the acquisition was first announced last year. On2 provides video compression technologies for mobile video, embedded devices, Adobe Flash Player and VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol).


01/03/2010  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence February 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence February 2010

Pepsi ditched the Superbowl, The Guardian newspaper ditched its regionals, TV adspend took another nail in the coffin, and UK politicians decided to make 100meg broadband an election issue. Brands, media and policy makers: channel switches are everywhere.

The mobile channels will dominate this year's switch the way social media did last year. Mobile wars are intensifying with Nokia's Ovi Maps set to decimate TomTom, Blackberry getting Kindle, and Google refocusing on the small screen ahead of a fusion with social media. But mobile isn't just for global giants - every brand needs a mobile digital strategy to reach customers in the right places through the routes they want. Building the technology and platforms is the easy bit; translating customer needs into the right services is way tougher.

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Digital Intelligence January 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence January 2010

It's 'make or break' time for digital marketing. The stories we've tracked as the year kicks off show the focus switching to ROI and getting digital marketing to drive real business results. Out goes 'reach', in comes 'engagement'; out goes 'buzz' and back comes 'conversion'; out goes 'last-click' thinking and in its place is 'lifetime value'. The recession has clearly forced through smarter thinking.

This should come as a great relief, because it wipes away the 'shiny object' obsession over the latest social media or iPhone app, and replaces it with a dose of sound business logic. Behind the scenes we're finding this in the digital marketing effectiveness audits we run for large brands. Often only small changes in process are needed to unlock much bigger shifts in results.

The Digital Training Academy team are seeing the same trends, but also removing ROI risks by getting the right capability in place. Their focus is giving teams the edge with competitive training that targets weakness in a rival's strategy.

And in terms of channels, mobile marketing and engagement is finally everywhere; it will dominate our digests this year.

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YouTube tests online video rental market

YouTube is launching a video rental service, initially featuring five movies shown at this year's Sundance Festival, with plans to expand later in the year. The first five films for rent are "The Cove," "Bass Ackwards," "One Too Many Mornings," "Homewrecker" and "Children of Invention." The service will go live on 22 January and will only be available in the US.


21/01/2010  |  Full story...

YouTube seeks sponsor for first live sports coverage

YouTube is to begin streaming live cricket from India’s premier league, seeking sponsors in the process.The move marks the video sharing’s site first foray into live sport streaming, and is the result of a partnership between Google and Cricket’s IPL (India Premier League).

From March, 60 IPL matches will be shown and YouTube are on the lookout for a global sponsor as well as local ones. While this is the first sports event YouTube has agreed to broadcast, YouTube has streamed live concerts before, namely U2’s in October which had 10million viewers worldwide.



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