Jobs in digital marketing - How does the Associate Programme for senior directors work?

Jobs in digital marketing

Here's a quick summary...

Our clients need high level thinking and fast implementation. We focus on getting the right strategy for their products, websites, online commerce ventures and digital marketing. We do it fast, and with almost all our energy (and their budget) going into the project team. We structured the business to have low overheads, and for us to be very hands on - that means our clients get the senior consultant's time and energy from the start.

The approach means normally working in teams of 4: the project director (and lead consultant), a research manager, project manager and a support consultant. We keep the teams light and the focus is on our lead consultants to develop the ideas and thinking as well as turning this into language that shows the client-side team what to do and how to do it. We're big on knowledge transfer and the aim of each client project is that their team should be able to deliver without our input. The central team provide all the back office support you'll need, along with access to other consultants and specialists to help develop ideas further.

For Associates the work is intense and diverse. The UK accounts for about a third of our business and the rest is spread from New Zealand to Latin America, China to the USA.

Many Associates also teach with us at the Digital Training Academy.

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