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Digital Publishing Specialist at Digital Strategy Consulting.

A multi-award winning digital publishing veteran with 15 years leading digital publishing strategy development for some of the highest profile online consumer and business magazines.

Kevin Madden: background

Kevin is a digital publishing strategist, focused on developing the right approaches for content creation and publishing management to ensure that the web-based media products our clients launch truly engage their target consumers. Building websites is easy, but building deeply engaging online media properties is a rarity. The web has given brands the opportunity to create services and media properties to directly engage consumers and customers, and having award-winning publishing experience on your team is key for ensuring success.

As the publisher of WhatCar magazine’s digital edition, Kevin pioneered digital publishing in the 1990s before becoming a digital publishing director of the parent company, Haymarket.

He has been a leading figure in the UK digital industry, playing key roles in the industry trade associations including the AOP and IAB.

While at Haymarket - before joining our team - he was a client of Digital Training Academy, working with our senior strategists to run the Digital Publishing Strategy Academy for teams across their publishing business, and later a client of Digital Strategy to develop the right content and syndication approaches for their business.

Kevin’s publishing specialisms include B2C, B2B, newsletters, magazines, digital editions – and his digital specialisms include publishing management, content planning, technical strategy, analytics and SEO.

Away from the world of digital strategy development, Kevin is an active cyclist, follower of the arts and lives in London.

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