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Silverpop debuts real-time marketing analytics tool

Marketing firm Silverpop has launched its Universal Behaviors technology, a new customer insight platform giving marketers fuller overview of customer behaviour across any device or outlet.

Built into Silverpop’s existing Engage marketing automation technology, Universal Behaviors gives marketers a full oversight of customer activity in real time, regardless of the channel where they’ve started their journey.

For example, whether a customer is browsing a product in a retailer’s app or directly on their website, Universal Behaviors can track their complete browsing history and deliver them a personalised experience based on what they have been looking at and their position in the purchasing process.

“Marketers are being bombarded with a tremendous amount of data about their customers, which often seems like noise,” said Bryan Brown, director of product strategy for Silverpop. “To deliver highly relevant campaigns that convert, marketers have to not only hear everything, but act on what they learn. Now they can extract individual conversations and engage each person in real-time. Universal Behaviors removes any remaining barriers to the vision of delivering true one-to-one communications to limitless numbers of customers via behavioral marketing automation.”

To make this functionality possible, Silverpop developed a framework inside Engage that stores and processes large volumes of data as individual interactions versus the batch integrations of the past. As a result, these dynamic buyer behaviours can immediately be transformed into highly personalised actions. Additionally, the data is stored in a single customer view rather than being siloed by channel or segment. This single identity allows marketers to deliver a highly consistent digital experience to each individual across multiple channels.

At launch, Universal Behaviors will incorporate data collected through Silverpop partners Webtrends, Argyle Social, Digby and Invodo as well as actions taken via Silverpop’s native PlacePunch and mobile offerings. The partner network will continue to expand and Universal Behaviors can ultimately include any data integration or activity.

“We are excited to be one of the first Silverpop partners to participate in what we believe is a very important step for marketers who are striving to deliver very personal experiences,” said Jeff Seacrist, VP of product strategy at Webtrends. “Today, interacting in the moment is critical as buyers are more connected than ever. Incorporating Webtrends Streams into Universal Behaviors will give Silverpop clients an important advantage in delivering real time marketing to customers.”

“Silverpop Engage is evolving into a centralised marketing platform, transforming the marketing database into an incredibly valuable asset from which all prospect and customer relationships are managed,” Brown added. “The types of communications made possible by Universal Behaviors will make it incredibly clear that the brand is focused on each individual, not just the audience segment they belong to. From delivering an SMS message to a shopper the minute he or she walks into your store, to building a campaign around someone who re-tweeted a specific message to reaching shopping cart abandoners before they even close their laptops—the possibilities are endless.”

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