A new film series from video intelligence examines the linguistics, science and behavioural psychology behind video advertising.

In the series, created by ad tech firm video intelligence (vi), experts from fields including neuroscience, consumer behaviour and advertising, have expressed their views how video advertising affects us.

The ‘Context is Everything’ film series sheds light on a range of topics relevant for publishers and advertisers alike. The videos also scrutinise the importance of contextual content delivery, disruption and the linguistics of marketing.

Each film features a prominent academic in their field:

  • Isabelle Szmigin, Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer at Birmingham University introduces the idea of consumer vigilance and disruption in the field of marketing
  • Sabine Benoit, Professor of Marketing at the University of Surrey examines how consumer behaviour changes from offline to online
  • Steve Spence, course leader in Advertising at London College of Communications delivers a roadmap for brands to marry technology and creativity to tell smart stories to consumers
  • Ali Jennings, Neuroscience PhD at UCL, reveals the chemical effect stories have on our brains, and how publishers can use neuroscience to improve their platforms
  • Margaret Hogg, Professor of Marketing & Consumer Behaviour at the University of Lancaster examines how brands use linguistic techniques to engage with consumers

The films highlight how publishers can create effective environments to reach consumers with compelling content and advertising. All five films contain academic theories and practises that can be applied to advertising in a marketplace saturated with poorly targeted ads.

A ‘Hero’ film offers an overview of all five topics, whilst five individual films allow a deeper dive into each individual subject.

Kai Henniges, CEO and co-founder of video intelligence comments: “As we’ve seen with recent stories around Cambridge Analytica and GDPR, there is more pressure on brands than ever to tell honest, interesting stories with their advertising. Each of these films looks at a different aspect of this, highlighting theories and approaches that publishers should consider when curating platforms that meet the needs of both consumers and advertisers.”

“When we spoke with these scientists and academics we learned that the behaviour we see from consumers is in line with their research findings. Perhaps if we worked more closely with those who understand the effects of our technology, we would be able to design it better.”

vi recently partnered with entertainment site The Wrap to analyse the impact of contextual content, finding that user dwell time increases by 33% when viewing contextual ad content on a page. Contextual content also saw engagement with pre-roll advertising increase by 42% and an overall increase in perception of the content and publisher platform.*