Digital strategies for pharmaceutical brands

Boosting integrated marketing strategies in pharmaceutical firms through effective us of the web, email and digital channels

Online pharmaceutical marketing: where to start in building your digital marketing strategy

Web marketing can be a daunting array of unfamiliar choices for those new to the scene. From Facebook to search engine optimisation, Twitter to RSS, there is no shortage of calls on the marketer’s time. The ideas in this short summary boil down key takeouts from dozens of management coaching events with leading global brands from many different sectors. They represent examples of commonly missed opportunities and can provide a checklist of quick tactical fixes when marketing budgets are under pressure. They are not intended as a substitute for an integrated digital channel strategy, but simply represent powerful quick-wins many firms have far from fully exploited. Breaking down the complexity of digital marketing choices is intended to give marketers a clearer roadmap for how to improve their performance. By tackling each set in turn, it’s easy to measure the improvements on the business, and the boost to the insights of stakeholders along the way.

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