Digital strategies for pharmaceutical brands

Boosting integrated marketing strategies in pharmaceutical firms through effective us of the web, email and digital channels

Digital strategy audit

Boosting your digital marketing strategy with a digital audit

The centre of gravity may have migrated to digital channels, but that doesn’t mean marketing managers are spending digital budgets wisely. In today’s cash-strapped times, an audit of digital marketing effectiveness can be the fast track for uncovering ways to save budgets that are not working, and where to maximise budgets that could work much harder. This short guide gives pharmaceutical marketers some of the key steps in starting that process.

Many firms get less than 40% of the ROI they could from their digital marketing. Minor changes - such as clearer calls to action, simpler sign-ups for email and clearer messaging in banner advertising - can have a dramatic effect on the impact of web marketing. That’s why auditing your digital marketing can quickly unlock where the problems are, and help brand managers move budgets to where they will work hardest

Download: Digital strategy audit

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