Digital strategies for pharmaceutical brands

Boosting integrated marketing strategies in pharmaceutical firms through effective us of the web, email and digital channels

2 Map the role of each channel in helping customers make purchase decisions about pharmaceutical products

The journey a pharma customer makes during each sale is radically different today from 2000, yet the marketing approach remains surprisingly unchanged. Each purchaser discovers their information in different ways, but the web, email, online journals and forums are sure to feature highly. The paradox is that these are typically under-represented in the portfolio of tools used by most pharma brands. Relating each channel to a definable touchpoint in the influencing process behind a sale unlocks the real story of how pharma marketing is working.

Purchase models have become more complicated because the decision makers are better informed, other stakeholders more involved, and everyone more connected. There are more touchpoints and more rigorous processes so the journey a purchaser makes towards a decision is radically different from before the internet started playing the role it has today. Information is easier than ever to access, yet many brands invest large portions of their energy in putting information in places that just don’t get the attention they did.

For brands that have not adjusted their model, it adds pressure to field sales who find it harder to make those appointments, and have greater challenges in condensing the complexity of the therapy and the pitch into ever simpler soundbites. There’s a spiral of inefficiency in play, and as an approach, it’s one that’s well passed its use-by date.

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