Digital strategies for pharmaceutical brands

Boosting integrated marketing strategies in pharmaceutical firms through effective us of the web, email and digital channels

1 Pharma brands should reach audiences online where they want to engage

In almost every country doctors and medical purchase decision makers are now heavy online users. It’s no surprise they over-index on web audience research because between PubMed, the journals, Trust websites and pharma sites, the internet has become indispensable. For GPs it’s even become an essential first line of defence as patients present themselves with self-diagnoses drawn from an alarming combination of Google and Wikipedia. Clinicians, medical administrators and policy advisors simply cannot practice without networked computers.

If the first rule of marketing is to understand your customer, then the first rule of media is to reach them in the places they come together. Within today’s regulatory framework of the web there are clear ways to harness web media and the online clinician is readily interested and keen to be engaged. Their use of the web may be at times and places that suit them rather than field sales, but in the hands of smart online media planners, the messages for a pharma brand will only be seen by those interested in the specific therapy. Lord Leverhulm’s adage of ‘half my advertising being wasted, if only I knew which half’ has been answered with surprising clarity.

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