Digital strategies for pharmaceutical brands

Boosting integrated marketing strategies in pharmaceutical firms through effective us of the web, email and digital channels

Practical advice for improving ROI in pharmaceutical marketing

Having worked with thousands of marketers from across a dozen industry sectors, and in more than 50 countries, we've distilled down these key steps for improving ROI. For experienced digital marketers they will simply reconfirm best-practice is in place. For those newer to digital marketing they may unlock areas the business has not yet explored.

These dozen tips for best practice digital marketing for pharmaceutical brands are grouped into four areas firms can check and apply quickly

  1. Three ways pharma brands can use the web to build relationships with customers
  2. Three ways pharma brands can harness web media in their online marketing strategy
  3. Three ways pharma brands can reduce field sales force costs
  4. Three ways pharma brands can use web analytics to listen to their customers online
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