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Digital's podcasts - explaining the digital networked society

In times of huge economic and technical change, knowledge becomes a critical success factor. We created these Podcasts to bring you insights from a particular part of this fast changing industry. (Clients wanting archive access should email their account manager for details)

Web Analytics Academy: Get started with this audio lecture

If you're studying on a Digital Training Academy programme, then this short orientation to some of the basic concepts gives you the chance to recap some of the basic concepts in web analytics. For experienced digital marketers it will probably simply reconfirm things you'll already know, while for marketers new to the web it can help focus how analytics can drive decision-making. If you have questions then email your Academy Manager when you finish the session. The audio lecture lasts around 15 minutes and plays straight from the web page.

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Search Marketing Academy: Writing for Google

Getting your brand discovered in search engines demands paying constant attention to best practice. Writing for the web demands translating the language consumers use into language that fits into the key elements of the visible page content on your site. By using headlines you can tell Google and other search engines what is most important and help boost your rankings in natural search results for the terms that matter.

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Social media marketing issues: keynote debate at Technology for Marketing (UK)

Social media marketing issues: keynote debate at Technology for Marketing (UK)For the third year running, Danny Meadows-Klue keynoted at the Technology for Marketing congress and this video from one of the attendees captures some of the ideas and atmosphere. Danny invited YouTube, Facebook, Reuters and the BBC to join him to debate what best-practice means in social media marketing and took questions from participants online during the previous two weeks through the Social Media Marketing Academy pages on the supporting website.

Watch the video of the debate | Social media marketing best practice: Download the 10 Golden Rules for Social Media Marketing

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Digital Media Sales Academy in Sweden

Following the first Digital Media Sales Academy in Sweden, Danny Meadows-Klue recaps some of the key take outs from the TS congress in Stockholm. Copies of some of the support materials are available from Digital's team in London. For details of the next training for media sales teams in Scandinavia, contact the Academy Managers at the Digital Training Academy –

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Across The Sound

Speakers at Central America’s largest internet conference join us for discussion

In this edition of Joseph Jaffe’s ‘Across The Sound’, Danny Meadows-Klue joins other speakers from Central America’s largest internet conference to discuss marketing, the digital networked society, and what Central American firms can expect over the next few years. Jaffe is a passionate digital marketing thinker and feels the whole marketing process needs a rebuild to capture the changes in consumer attitudes.

Listen to Danny Meadows-Klue’s podcast | Meet Digital Thought Leader Joseph Jaffe

Mexico 2007: Reflecting on a booming market

Two years on from helping launch the internet marketing trade association in Mexico, Danny Meadows-Klue returns to for the largest internet marketing conference in Central America. Behind the scenes he has been helping nurture and develop the market throughout, and here he reflects on some of the key aspects of the industry’s growth, and gives his thoughts about what lies ahead.

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Helping our friends at the IAB

June 5th 2007

interact_congress.jpgWe’ve always tried to help trade associations build the industry. From 2001 until the start of 2005, Digital Strategy was hired to accelerate the UK IAB, appointing its first staff, setting up its first offices, launching its first big projects and increasing its revenues 15-fold. Two and a half years ago we began a similar process to boost the European IAB association, and with its revenues more than doubled, and 50 times as many people engaged, we were thrilled to bits with the success of the first major IAB Europe congress – Interact. It marked the association moving into a new phase of its growth.

Watch our summary of the workshops on the first day

Watch our summary round-up of the main Interact Congress

Web analytics Academy @ European Emetrics summit (London) - Introduction to the rules of web analytics

March 30th 2007

Danny Meadows-Klue discusses how Web Analytics have developed over the last few years and how online web analytics has really moved on. The incredible potential of online advertising only works when you get your web analytics right.

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Web analytics Academy @ European Emetrics summit (London)

March 30th 2007

In this one hour lecture, Danny Meadows-Klue shows how to get your analytics sorted for tracking the effectiveness of online advertising. Drawn from our full day Academy, this keynote session tackles what to count, how to count, why to count and even who should be doing the counting. Based on face to face research in Academies across Europe since late 2004, we've identified the common mistakes of publishers, agencies and advertisers. Get web analytics right and it transforms your marketing; fail to tackle it properly and you'll never know what's working. Watch the video lecture and follow the slides by downloading our PDF handouts.

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Approaching search: a few thoughts to get you started

February 12th 2007

If you are interested in learning more about search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM) or search ... all from a practical perspective, then this simple introduction by Danny Meadows-Klue - Digital's CEO - offers a simple overview of some of the issues firms need to get to grips with to get the most from their search. He covers whether to run your search in-house or with an agency, he considers natural search engine optimisation vs. pay per click, and describes the importance of tracking your campaign through web analytics. Filmed as a VIP interview, it's part of a series of resources developed for The Search Academy training courses run by the Digital Training Academy. Ask us about how we can help your team get more from Search Engine Marketing.

Watch Danny Meadows-Klue’s podcast: SEO, PPC, SEM and the Search Market

Watch Danny Meadows-Klue’s podcast: SEO, PPC, SEM the what when and how of Search

Watch Danny Meadows-Klue’s podcast: IAB EUROPE is for clients agencies and media owners

Introducing IAB Europe

January 26th 2007

Digital Strategy was recruited by IAB UK in 2000 to transform the business from the idea of a trade association to become a major player in the media sector, along the way helping drive the internet industry's revenues to overtake those of Radio and Consumer Magazines. After four years at the helm Digital Strategy had delivered a transformed trade association with five times as many members, twenty times the budget, and a solid fulltime staff. At the start of 2005 the team moved on to IAB Europe and as we completed the first 18month acceleration plan, Digital's CEO Danny Meadows-Klue gives an overview of what IAB Europe is delivering. If you'd like more details of how to join then simply email our team.

Watch Danny Meadows-Klue’s podcast

Digital Europe: Tracking the growth of online marketing spend

Digital Insight Report - July 2006, edition 8

Online advertising is changing the nature of marketing. This is happening across the world, but here in Western Europe we're seeing some of the trends that will eventually spread worldwide. The eighth edition of the Digital Europe tracking study provides extended analysis, commentary and deeper insights about how this exciting industry is changing. In our latest podcast feature Richard Eve interviews Danny Meadows-Klue about the study and asks where the industry is today and where it is heading.

Listen to Danny Meadows-Klue’s podcast

Download the report

Is the Golden Age of the Internet over?

Digital's Danny Meadows-Klue and AOL's Karen Thompson argue that the best is yet to come.

It's not just the excitement, it's about changing society. At the time, this was about learning, but let's fast forward... now it's about diagnostics and surgery, public health care provision and education, their knowledge leapt. The future generation of doctors have the latest ideas at the tips of their fingers and this is a permanence.

But over time, this permanence of the Golden Age changes... Today that 'knowledge' for clinicians means text based journals; words on a screen. But we're all on this journey as the internet unfolds new tools for us. How soon before broadband and faster connections unlock the ability to harness video, to have internet-enabled learning, videocast operations, internet based consultations and even remotely conducted surgery. These are the tools of a Golden Age, and one that exists well beyond the confines of the digital world. And this is permanent. A permanent freedom from the tyranny of distance. That's our golden age, and that's what we should all be striving to for together.

Listen to the debate

Read Danny's opening address

World media trends

Extended interview on BBC Radio 4

Digital's Danny Meadows-Klue in conversation about magazine and the web. Our podcast partner is currently moving these files so from time to time you may not be able to access them.

Listen to the debate

The future of marketing

Keynote speech to 1800 Italian digital marketers

Danny Meadows-Klue's most popular 2005 address. Our podcast partner is currently moving these files so from time to time you may not be able to access them.

Watch Danny Meadows-Klue’s podcast

Read Danny's speech

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About the podcasts

In times of huge economic and technical change, knowledge becomes a critical success factor. We created the Podcasts to bring you insights from a particular part of this fast changing industry.

They are independent perspectives on key issues in doing business or marketing in the digital networked economy, and are published regularly. We also publish similar Digital Thought Leadership interviews and Digital Book Club reviews to share the ideas and thinking of some of the people and companies shaping the digital networked world. These often accompany our own talks and training workshops because knowledge and training can unlock the potential of your team.

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Analyst: Danny Meadows-Klue

Danny Meadows-KlueDanny has been a researcher and commentator in the digital networked industries since 1995. He managed the UK's first online newspaper and has helped run web businesses ranging from mass market portals and consumer magazines, to online stores, search and email services. Among his industry roles he is the co-founder and former chairman of the UK and European Internet and Interactive Advertising Bureau, and has been lecturing on digital marketing for more than a decade. He set up Digital Strategy Consulting in 2000 to help firms get the most from the digital networked economy.

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