Is the Golden Age of the Internet over?

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Digital's Danny Meadows-Klue and AOL's Karen Thompson argue that the best is yet to come.

It's not just the excitement, it's about changing society. At the time, this was about learning, but let's fast forward... now it's about diagnostics and surgery, public health care provision and education, their knowledge leapt. The future generation of doctors have the latest ideas at the tips of their fingers and this is a permanence.

But over time, this permanence of the Golden Age changes... Today that 'knowledge' for clinicians means text based journals; words on a screen. But we're all on this journey as the internet unfolds new tools for us. How soon before broadband and faster connections unlock the ability to harness video, to have internet-enabled learning, videocast operations, internet based consultations and even remotely conducted surgery. These are the tools of a Golden Age, and one that exists well beyond the confines of the digital world. And this is permanent. A permanent freedom from the tyranny of distance. That's our golden age, and that's what we should all be striving to for together.

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