Press release: Annual trading statement from the director of Digital Strategy Consulting Ltd.


Director’s statement

The use of digital communication channels continues to increase dramatically across Western Europe, with more people spending more time online, and marketers shifting their focus to follow. The scale of these implications for companies transiting into the digital networked economy becomes more apparent, and their need for help, more fundamental. Digital Strategy Consulting was created to support firms through this transition by building stronger digital teams (through the training side of our business), and accelerating the digital aspects of the brands (through the consulting practice). Models and approaches we developed from 2000 onwards have been proven to provide the right frameworks to achieve this, and have been successfully built upon, with new layers of ideas, structure and analysis.

Training academies: building stronger digital teams

Investment in the creation and delivery of Digital Training Academy courses continued, with the company meeting its target of developing two new lessons every week, and running Digital Training Academies in more than ten countries. The number of Academies swelled to 20, with the formalisation of clear levels for orientation, advanced and masterclass level participants. Partnerships continued to be run for public access courses with European trade associations, and the first of our own public access training launched. The largest area of business growth became in-company courses, with Digital selected by many leading web firms to provide their own internal training; quite an accolade in such a demanding industry.

Consultancy services: accelerating digital brands

The consulting practice continued to transform the firms it touched, helping engineer new product strategies and new growth plans for firms from ten countries. Our work to accelerate the sector’s trade associations started to near completion, and the UK market (the first for us to tackle back in 2000), yet again broke records, recording the highest percentages of digital marketing spend worldwide. Our client base broadened from the media firms and trade associations who historically used us, and as we diversified our dependency on key accounts. The network of Digital Associates that support the consulting activities grew, and with this, so too did the reach of the news services and marketing platforms we created such as Digital Intelligence and Digital Thought Leaders.


To support this growth, the company moved offices to London’s Covent Garden district, restructured the roles of the team, and took on additional full time employees. All of which was achieved without external funding. We increased the resilience of our infrastructure to support business growth in 2007 and 2008, which included investing in stronger databases to manage our client relationships and launching a series of websites to support both the strategy and training sides of the practice. Separate brand identities were developed for the training and consulting activities, and this has boosted customer recognition and brand preference.

Trading outlook

The need for the services we provide will grow in 2007 in all the geographical and vertical markets we are active in, however, our long term success will demand our services become codified and structured into off-the-shelf products that can scale and be delivered effectively by a wider variety of partners than in the past. Throughout the next year we will be investing in those products, as well as the infrastructure needed to support them, with more developments in our web and email services, while continuing to broaden and deepen the portfolio of Digital Training Academies.

Copies of our full accounts and abbreviated accounts are available from Digital’s finance director.

Danny Meadows-Klue
Founder & CEO
Digital Strategy Consulting Ltd.

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