Press release: Marketing trade associations urged to back self-regulatory organisations


Brussels - Danny Meadows-Klue urges industry to back their marketing trade associations in their efforts to create a strong model for the self regulation of digital advertising content. "As internet advertising evolves, there's a need to back the self regulatory organisations (SROs) to create the right framework for the online advertising industry", he said. Meadows-Klue was part of the group who established one of the first frameworks for the self-regulation of online advertising and has been a long-time campaigner for the industry to take the lead. Speaking as an independent commentator, he said: "This means that agencies, media owners, advertisers and service companies need to really get behind the trade associations that are developing the online industry to ensure that SROs have the resources and the teeth they need to do the job". on the subject of Audio Visual Media Services Directive he concluded that: "The online industry has been given an incredible opportunity, but now is the time to rise to the challenge of self regulation."

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