Press release: Digital launches the first Digital Media Planning Academy in Croatia (February 2008)


After keynoting at Croatia’s first Digital Marketing Academy, in 2007, Danny Meadows-Klue rejoins colleagues in Zagreb to chair the country’s internet marketing congress, and launch the first Digital Media Planning Academy in Croatia. This is an extension to the highly successful FuturAd event and is geared to the needs of both advertisers and their agencies. At FuturAd last year, Meadows-Klue said that “the tumbling price of broadband, the growth of internet access at home as well as at work, and the rapid expansion of entertainment and commercial sites are all creating the perfect climate in Croatia for a marketing switch into digital”. On the launch of the Digital Training Academy, he announced that Digital’s team were delighted to be working with agencies, brands and media owners in Zagreb and that “the smartest techniques in online media planning are now open to all, revolutionising the accountability in media and allowing marketers new levels of insight and control in the way they acquire and retain their customers.” This Digital Training Academy teaches the key steps in online media planning. It is an acceleration course that looks at the general theory, and then focuses on specific media planning challenges firms face. Customised for the Croatian internet industry, it explores the steps and processes behind online media planning and the challenges facing clients, agencies and media owners. The Digital Media Planning Academy shows how media space can work harder on the web and what is worth tracking. Guides and training materials accompany the course, along with additional tuition for planners requesting it. Follow our hints and tips and discover what you need to know.

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